The best mobile app you’ve ever seen

The native apps built with AppMySite come with endless features to make user-experience matchless. Get a bird’s eye view of the apps built with us and know your mobile app inside out.

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Personalised app icon & splash screen

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Right from the very first interaction, your customers engage with your brand.

Add a personal touch to the app icon & splash screen that reflects your brand & instantly connects with customers.

Fully customizable home screen


Manage categories

Customize the appearance of categories and enhance product discoverability. Showcase your categories in different styles like list, tiles and more.

Add products

Showcase sale items, featured products, new products, and more. Easily manage the home screen and let your customers enjoy a consistent user experience on the website and the app.


Access blogs

Manage blog layout and accessibility with customizable settings. Enhance blog aesthetics and readability with scrollable banners and lists.

Integrate CMS pages

Integrate the CMS web pages with your mobile app. Add pages like - about us, privacy page, terms & conditions, brand story and more to keep your users engaged.

Sync your website & app menu

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The mobile app makes the menu, categories, and subcategories available from your website. The product information also mirrors your existing website content.

Any modification made to your website automatically reflects in the mobile app.

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Add email & call support

Offer immediate help to app users with email and call support features. Enable customers to contact you through integrated email and call buttons within the app.


Enable app sharing

Encourage customers to use your app and share it in their circle. Get a share button in the app menu to inspire immediate promotions and publicity.


Social media connectivity

Get extensive marketing and branding support with connectivity to any social media platform. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and more.

Integrate your CMS pages


Ensure 360 degree branding by creating a multi-channel experience for your consumers. Get a personalized mobile app that complements your website.

Turn your CMS website into a high- performance mobile app with AppMySite’s app builder.


Support for your blogs


Create a mobile app for your WordPress blog website. Offer one touch access to entertaining blog posts, announcements and updates.

Automatically push posts on your mobile app as soon as you publish them on your website.

Complete compatibility with WooCommerce

Real App

Product listing

Help your customers achieve their goals with intelligent categorization and product listing. Auto-populate your product inventory, information and more.

Filtering & sorting

The app assists customers in achieving their shopping goals with intelligent sorting and filtering. Let buyers sort products by their brand, name, popularity, price and newest arrivals.

Smart search

Smart search makes it easy for users to discover products, blogs and other content on the app. Allow customers to find exact products based on the type, SKU, name, color, and more.

Real App

Social Login

Enable social login and offer easy onboarding to users. Allow customers to sign up for the app using their Google or Facebook account.

Sign in

Registration & sign-in

Users can get on-board effortlessly with one-step registration and sign in. Also allow potential buyers to explore the app and shop as a guest user without signing-up.


Password management

Allow users to change account password if they forget it, change device or have any other log-in issue with the ‘Reset Password’ feature.


Detailed product information


Let users take more informed purchase decisions. Add all the product information like features, price, images, size, availability, customer reviews and more.

Ensure a holistic experience for your users and keep the app in complete sync with the website. Auto-update all product information.


Smart cart

Products added to the cart are displayed at checkout & can be modified any time before payment. Customers can add countless products to cart, view order details and invoice.

Dynamic checkout

Customers can shop for products, checkout and make payments seamlessly. Also enable them to explore the app and shop for products as a guest user.

Coupon & rewards

Allow users to apply discounts, redeem coupons, and make their shopping journey rewarding. Boost customer loyalty with customized offers, deals and discounts.


Support for all payment gateways


AppMySite supports all payment gateways that your website supports. Integrate any payment gateway and accept payments globally.


View order details & history


Enable app users to access order details and check the status of pending orders under “My Orders” section. Add important details like transaction ID, price, payments, and delivery status.

Users can add and modify order related information, apply discounts, redeem coupons, and add delivery & payment details.


Customer account & profile settings


Customers can easily view and update information on the app. Enable users to modify contact details, profile image, shipping and billing address and other details in the ‘My Profile’ section.