Make customer support more accessible on your mobile app.

Enable the chat feature in your app and address customer concerns, queries, and complaints more efficiently. Be easily available for your users and win their loyalty and their hearts.


Enhance communication, win your users

Make it easier for your app users to reach you and win them over with a matchless support experience.

Chat with customers

Be all ears and chat with your users to guide them and resolve their issues.

Offer real-time assistance

Ensure 24x7 availability with chat support and help your users when needed.

Integrate chat software

Integrate popular chat software of your preference from endless options.

Engage customers on your app

Extend frictionless support to both Android & iOS app users and lead every customer to a smooth start.

Offer 24x7 customer-support

Automate & expedite support with round the clock availability.

Analyze user sentiment

Analyze the sentiment of your users and offer suitable help.

Power your support agents

Mobilize agents to respond using your existing chat software.

One-click access for users

Add the button to chat feature on any screen of your app.

Solve problems in real-time

Attend to users and solve their issues as and when they need it.

Drive action with information

Capture & qualify more leads by turning user intent to action.

How it works?

Enable a chat support channel that suits your goals. Select the best software and get started in no-time.

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Select chat software

Set up a chat software on your website and bring it to the app.

Enable chat feature

Set up the chat software for your app on your AppMySite account.

Engage your customers

Start using the chat feature to engage with your mobile app users.

Elevate customer-satisfaction & engagement

Extend the chat feature in your app and keep up with the evolving trends of communication & support.

Reduce churn rate & close more deals

Most app abandonments happen at the start of a customer’s journey. Use the time to capture the attention of new users, address their doubts and concerns, educate them about your products & services and inspire them to stay.

More satisfied customers, more success

Satisfied customers are equal to booming business. Avoid piling up tickets and support requests with instant and automated help. Increase your staff’s productivity and expedite consumer resolution to grow your earnings.

Add-on services for your app

Customers can easily view and update information on the app. Enable users to modify contact details, profile image,
shipping and billing address and other details in the ‘My Profile’ section.

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