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How to convert a website into an app?

Fastest. Sleekest. Simplest. AppMySite is all you need to create the perfect apps. Turn your website into an
app in a few minutes and get the ball rolling.


Get started in no time by connecting your website and mobile app with a few simple clicks.


Create an app that complements your website and customize it to align with the theme of your brand.


Download your Android & iOS apps for your website and go live on the Google Play & Apple App Store in no time.

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Apps that tell your story

We believe in fewer dependencies and full freedom. Design the app the way you want and let it
reflect your business theme and goals.

Bring your website to app

Your color palette, your fonts & other branding elements define your business. Bring those elements from your website to app with a few clicks.

Harmonize web-app theme

Match your app’s theme with your website without intensive design efforts. Give a familiar feel to your existing customers and impress the new ones.

Preview for perfection

Preview the changes you make to your app and ensure everything is in order. Track all the updates on live emulators and ensure perfection at every step.


Easy configuration. Zero maintenance.

Made your website with love? Now bring all that awesomeness to an app. Get onboard with AppMySite
and easily turn your website into a mobile app.

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Establish connectivity

AppMySite’s robust, intuitive and frictionless infrastructure does all the heavy lifting for you. Just connect your website with your app and get started on your journey immediately.

Pull & add data

Save hours of manual work and add all the critical data from your website to the app with a click. Automate changes and reflect all website content edits on your app in real-time.

Troubleshoot errors

Keep a check on your connection & rectify any errors with our in-built troubleshooting feature. Schedule automated-periodic checks and maintain smooth website-app connectivity.

Create apps you are proud of

Inspire more eCommerce sales or captivate content consumers. Design personalized apps that
fit your goals and appeal to your target customers & audiences.

Support for any platform

No matter which CMS platform you’re using, convert your site into a mobile app without any coding. Sync effortlessly and watch your website come to life on your app.

Multiple sign up options

Extend multiple login & signup options to your users and make onboarding easy. Allow guest browsing or enable user login with email, Facebook, Google or Apple accounts.

Super-smooth navigation

Let your users sail smoothly through the app screens and fulfill their goals with minimum effort. Make their end-to-end journey frictionless and inspire more app sessions.

Easy content management

From product inventory to blogs & CMS pages, manage everything within your app on the fly. Add smart menus & pages to make app content easily discoverable for users.

Smart browsing & shopping

Set up a full-fledged eCommerce store or create a blogging app. Enable customers to read content, buy products, make payments, apply coupons, execute checkouts, & more.

Support for social sharing

Invite users to drop ratings & reviews and build social proof. Add an app share link and allow users to share your app in their circle and earn the benefits of referral marketing.

Bridge the gap between web to app

Awesome app experiences can strengthen business-consumer relationships and play a pivotal role in your success. AppMySite’s cutting-edge website to app converter makes it super easy for you to build apps that inspire users.

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Powerful features for your app

AppMySite has the perfect ensemble of features that fit all kinds of apps. Power your journey with apps that adapt to your growth.

Invite your team

Invite your team of professionals or clients to collaborate on app projects. Work and manage apps together and achieve all your business goals faster.

Localize your apps

Reach your app users in a language they understand and localize their experience. Enable users to select their preferred language with a click.

Extend chat support

Address your users' concerns and queries and turn them into loyal customers. Extend chat support on any screen of your app and capture more leads.

Merge multiple apps

Create a network of multiple apps for all the websites you own and merge them. Manage all the apps together under one unified dashboard.

Send push notifications

Stay connected with your app users, anytime and anywhere. Send engaging push notifications and inspire more in-app action, sales, and conversions.

Monetize your app

Show advertisements to your app users and monetize your app. Enable AdMob integration and display relevant ads from Google in your mobile app.

Build perfect apps with our website to app converter

Hundreds of apps are created on AppMySite every day. Whatever your website or niche is, get onboard and build a stunning app for it.

Restaurant app

Launch an app for your restaurant within minutes and take your business a level up. Create and publish native apps for Android and iOS without coding and offer ease and convenience to your customers.

eCommerce store app

Build powerful ecommerce apps without writing a single line of code. Transform your online ecommerce store into a native app in minutes and publish on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Grocery store app

AppMySite powers you to build responsive & maintenance-free grocery shopping apps within minutes. Get complete design freedom and create no-code grocery apps that fit every budget, business goal and demography.

Convenience store app

Create a premium app for your supermarket or convenience store with AppMySite. Build instantly without coding and launch on Google Play & Apple App store to connect with your customers.

Pharmacy app

Create premium pharmacy and online medicine delivery apps in minutes without writing a single line of code. Publish on Google Play and the Apple App Store with AppMySite’s medicine delivery app builder.

Real estate app

Build premium real estate apps in minutes without writing a single line of code and uncomplicate the development process. AppMySite’s real estate app builder powers you to build Android & iOS apps for your clien...

Clothing store app

AppMySite simplifies fashion app development and powers you to create responsive code-free apps for your online clothing store. Get complete freedom for customization and create zero...

Education app

Turn your education website into an app with AppMySite’s education app builder. Create an educational app in minutes without writing a single line of code and make learning resources easily accessible for students.

Bakery app

Complement your website with a feature-rich bakery app and add icing on the cake. Build native Android and iOS apps without coding and offer the convenience of mobile ordering to your customers.

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See how AppMySite works

AppMySite has been designed to make app development accessible, simple and fun. We power you to build customized apps in a code-free environment and unleash your true potential.

Get a first hand experience of AppMySite and enjoy new age app building. Checkout AppMySite and sign up for a free experience.

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Checkout features that power your app

Features play a vital role in your app users’ experience. With AppMySite, you can pick and add suitable app features from a range of options.

The apps mirror your website and help you retain the essence of your brand. Checkout the features of the apps built on our platform and learn how your app is powered.

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The best tool for turning your websites to apps

Break free from custom app development methods and build the apps you want. Experience true DIY technology with AppMySite and create your own app for any kind of website.

Ready in record time

Save months and years worth of time & resources. Create apps with AppMySite’s instant app maker and reach your users in record time.

Create for Android & iOS

Create apps for both Android and iOS users. Reach your targeted audience on all popular devices and grow without any limitations.

Zero code. Zero hassle.

Not a tech wizard? Do not worry. With AppMySite, anyone can create stunning & robust mobile apps without writing a single line of code.

Free until you commit

Explore the platform and have fun building your app. Only pay when you are satisfied and ready to launch your apps on the app stores.

We Agencies

AppMySite is built to fast track app development and empower agencies to deliver projects seamlessly. Create
dynamic and native mobile apps for all your clients without coding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to convert a website to an app?faqplus

With AppMySite, you can easily go from web to app in minutes with easy-to-use features and fast automations. You can build and design your app effortlessly with simple point-and-click features. To power your app further, you can integrate native features with your app such as push notifications, social login, customer chat, etc.

How can I update my app with new features?faqplus

You can integrate every feature of your app with a few simple clicks. When a new app feature is introduced, you will need to create a new build of your app within your AppMySite account. Once you submit the new build to the app stores, your app will reflect the new feature(s). Before submission, you can also preview the new feature in the Preview section and smartphone devices.

What are the basic requirements to convert my website into an app?faqplus

To build an app on AppMySite, you only need to have an active website with a reliable & trusted SSL certificate. Once you connect your website, the app will automatically render content from your site.

Will my app look similar to my mobile website design?faqplus

Our web to app solution renders your mobile site in the native app interface. Your mobile site will be displayed in a mobile app interface, within which you can add native elements like bottom bar, customer chat features, push notifications, etc.

What kind of support do I get after the app is developed?faqplus

You can always reach out to our support team for any assistance you need regarding our app. Whether it’s technical issues or basic assistance with your app, refer to AppMySite’s support documentation or raise a support ticket from within your account.

How many apps can I build?faqplus

The number of apps you can build and publish depends on the plan you’re on. AppMySite offers both ‘pay-per-app’ and ‘unlimited’ plans. With an unlimited plan, you can build as many apps, while with a pay-per-app plan, you can create and publish one app. Visit the pricing page to learn more.

Will it slow down my website?faqplus

AppMySite will simply render your mobile site in the app. It will not affect your website’s performance and speed in any way.

Can I convert my store website into an app?faqplus

No matter what type of website you have, you can render it in a mobile interface. Whether it’s an online store, listing website, or a learning platform, display any type of website in a mobile app interface.

Will my app be affected by new iOS and Android updates?faqplus

Our development team at AppMySite is always working on new features, improvements, and upgrades. This includes compatibility updates to ensure our app is compatible with any new OS updates rolled out by Android and iOS. Your app will not be affected by any new Android and iOS updates.

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