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Uncomplicate app development in three simple steps. Be ready with an Android and
iOS app for your website in minutes.


Get started in no time by connecting your website and mobile app with a few simple clicks.


Subscribe and start building your app for free. Customize app layout and monitor every design & content update on the live preview.


Select a suitable plan and upgrade to a premium subscription. Submit to publish your fully built apps on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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Design your app, without a designer

Your business is unique and your app should reflect the same. Personalize your layout with easy-to-use
features and make apps tailored to perfection.

Stunning app icon

Start designing your app on AppMySite as soon as you onboard. Begin with designing and perfecting the app appearance. Creating the perfect and eye-catching app icon will be the first step in this journey.

Beautiful splash screen

The first thing that users see after opening your app is the splash screen. Use powerful tools to design every element of the splash screen. Choose the perfect background, splash colors, play with tint and opacity, and more.

Seamless login & signup

Onboarding screens are a critical junction on your app. Design stunning login, sign up and forgot password screens with the multiple design resources available at your disposal, and help users get through the rocky first mile.

Interactive home screen

The home screen is where an app user’s actual journey begins within an app. Easily manage the appearance and functionality of multiple elements and sections like headers, banner, product, blog categories, webviews, and more.

Connect your website & app effortlessly

Apps created with AppMySite are powered directly by your website and perform best when
they remain in complete sync with it.

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Connect your website &
mobile app

Apps built on AppMySite are powered by your website. Plug AppMySite into your website and see your app sync completely with your website.

Auto-populate products & categories

Adding product, categories, and other info to your app can be tedious. Automatically populate your mobile app with website data instantly.

Boost connectivity with troubleshooting

Technical issues can sometimes affect your website-app connectivity. Troubleshoot your website connectivity to diagnose and fix issues.

Take absolute control of your app

Configure multiple app settings based on your goals and the needs of your end users.
From user-login to checkout, configure everything with a few clicks.

Update app information

Add app details, configure a consent pop-up, enter a custom share link, and more seamlessly.

Customize your app menu

Customize your app’s side & bottom menu effortlessly. Build a native menu or sync one from your website.

Manage user onboarding

Control your app availability and also manage how your users login and sign-up to your app.

Configure product screens

Manage how products are displayed in your app. Enable webviews, discount badges, and more.

Optimize app checkout

Control the options customers have during checkout and offer a frictionless app experience.

Manage posts & pages

Manage how your website’s posts and pages appear in the mobile app and optimize user experience.

Preview your app for perfection

Don’t guess when it comes to your app. See exactly how it looks and works on our mobile
device emulators. Only pay and publish when you’re happy with your app.

Ready for multiple tests

Know how your app looks and performs with different operating systems. Preview your app on Android & iOS emulators and be sure.

Smart device emulators

Choose from a range of Android and iPhone mobile device emulators to test your app’s performance on different simulated devices.

Capture app experiences

Use the screenshot button to capture specific mobile screens within the emulators and use it to validate your app’s design.

Restart app preview

Select the restart button to initiate app preview from the beginning. Save time navigating back to the first screen and test the app dynamically.

Test your app on real devices

An extra assurance never hurts. Download the AppMySite demo app and preview your app on your mobile device to cement the satisfaction.

Get first-hand experience with the AppMySite demo app.

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Android or iOS, you’re covered

Whether it’s Android or iOS, we have you covered. AppMySite enables you to
create and publish perfect native apps for both.

Apps for iOS

Creating iOS apps and publishing them to the App Store can be tricky, but not with AppMySite. Here, you can create and publish iOS apps that are carefully constructed for approval from Apple App Store.

Apps for Android

When creating mobile apps for Android users, you have a huge potential user base to reach. Build and publish the perfect mobile app with AppMySite and go live on Google Play Store effortlessly.


Auto publish your app

Automatically deploy your iOS app to the Apple App Store. Make iOS app submission instantaneous and effortless.

Submit your app with a click

Submit apps to the App Store with a single click. Connect your App Store account, choose an app version, and deploy in no time.

Release new versions effortlessly

Release new updates automatically and eliminate the need to submit apps through your Apple App Store Connect account.

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Track meaningful data with Analytics

Understand your app users better with Analytics. Make better informed decisions for your
app based on actionable data.

mobileappanalytics mobileappanalytics
Monitor key app data

Track your app traffic and downloads effortlessly. Compare Android vs iOS performance, and filter by date range.

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View popular screens & search terms

Learn which posts, pages, products, and categories are viewed most in your app. Also view which search terms are used most often.

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Accelerate engagement with notifications

Reach out to customers effectively with push notifications. Create, schedule and send unlimited push notifications and inspire frequent app opens and traffic.

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Connect with users in their language

Allow users to choose between multiple languages in your mobile app. Reach your audience
in a language they understand with a multilingual app.

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Automatic translation

AppMySite auto-detects the default language of your website and automatically translates your mobile app to the same.

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Translated by professionals

All translations have been verified by Google accredited translators. This ensures your translations are accurate and contextually correct.

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Monetize your app
with ads

Start showing ads in your mobile app with Google AdMob. Connect your AdMob account with your AppMySite app to monetize it.

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Connect your Android app to Google AdMob, and choose which screens you wish to show ads on. Select ad position, ad type, and manage ad visibility.


Connect your iOS app to Google AdMob and select the screens where the ads will be shown. Set an ad position, select ad type, and manage ad visibility.

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Multiple websites. One app.

Connect multiple websites or a multisite network into a single mobile app. Publish one
app for all your websites and simplify app management.

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Connect all your sites to one app

Managing multiple apps can be tedious. Simply connect them using Multisite and create one app for all your websites.

Manage apps in one place

Manage all connected apps from your AppMySite account. Add or remove apps, change countries, and more.

Localize your connected apps

Enable users to choose a country in the app. Deliver personalized experiences based on the country your users select.

Collaborate with your team & clients

Collaborate with your team members and clients in one place. Invite team members to work on
your mobile app and make teamwork simple and effortless.

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Invite your team

Invite team members and clients to your AppMySite account. Reap the benefits of team collaboration and feedback seamlessly.

Assign them roles

Assign roles to the users you invite to your app project on AppMySite and manage their level of access seamlessly.

Manage app users

Add or remove users anytime you want. Change roles to update user access or revoke access if you need to.

We Mobile Apps

Considering how easy it is to build websites, mobile apps shouldn’t be any different. Create dynamic and powerful mobile apps for all kinds of websites and deliver a seamless experience to your mobile app users.

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