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AppMySite is designed to make app development simple. See how we power businesses to build customized apps in a code-free environment.

apps in a code-free environment.


Customize your app appearance

Create your mobile app from scratch with easy-to-use design features. Personalize the app appearance, design and layout & track every change you make.. Monitor real-time progress on a live emulator and design a flawless app.


Create an appealing app icon

Make your app stand out by designing an eye-catching app icon. Design the icon from scratch with custom color, font & alignment options. You can also upload your brand logo or existing artwork.


Design a stunning launch screen

Personalize the logo text and background to custom design your launch screen with a variety of options. Add colors and images from our free library or use existing artwork to design the loading screen.


Personalize login & signup screens

Streamline user-onboarding experience with custom-designed login and sign up screens. Upload your own artwork or customize the logo, background image, button design and overall theme with ease.


Make an interactive home screen

Make the app experience frictionless by offering smooth navigation to your users. Personalize app home screen with options to manage categories, add products, design banners, integrate CMS pages and more.


Easily connect your website to app

Connect your website to the AppMySite online app maker. Auto populate your app with content coming from your website. You can import resources like blog content, categories, menus, product data, and more. It only takes a few clicks to connect your website to your mobile app.


WooCommerce REST API Connectivity

Generate WooCommerce REST API keys and submit them on AppMySite to connect your online store to the app. Seamlessly import all the products on your WooCommerce store to your mobile app.


Connect website & app with WordPress plugin

Download and activate the AppMySite plugin on your WordPress backend and connect your website and app. Establish website-app sync to ensure any change on your website is automatically reflected on the app.


Identify connectivity issues with troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your website-app connectivity and isolate the specific areas that need attention. Check whether your connection passes all the essential tests and discover the areas where you can improve your connectivity.


Configure your app settings

Leverage multiple app setting options to finetune your app based on the needs of your end users.


General settings

Update app details like website URL, website type, privacy policy, app name, custom share link, business email and more.


Menu settings

Use the default menus available on AppMySite or import a customized menu directly from your website.


User access settings

Setup your user onboarding process with toggles to enable social login, guest browsing, and a number of other options.


Product management

Update product listing with options to show discount percentage, additional product info, related products, and more.


Checkout management

Manage checkout settings with options to update profile and show payment options during checkout.


Page settings

Customize page appearance on your app with options to enable web view on internal app screens, activate hyperlinks, and more.

Preview your mobile app

Preview your app on mobile device emulators. Get a first-hand experience of how your mobile app looks and performs.


Cross-platform app preview

Preview your app on both Android and iOS emulators. Get a full picture of your app’s functioning on different platforms.

Multiple device emulators

Choose from a range of mobile emulators to test your app responsiveness in different device environments.


Take screenshots

Use the screenshot button to capture specific mobile screens within the emulator and streamline app testing.

Restart button

Select the restart button to initiate the app preview from the beginning. Save time navigating back to the first screen.

Test app on real device

Preview your app on a mobile device using the AppMySite demo app and test it in a real mobile environment.

Real App

Test your app for perfection

Test your app on a real device. The AppMySite demo app is available on the Google Play Store. Evaluate your mobile app in a real device environment based on factors like performance, design, and more.

Get a first-hand experience with the AppMySite demo app.
Real App

Build your iOS & Android app

Download your Android & iOS builds when you’re done building your app using the mobile app maker software.

Download App

Generate iOS build

Submit essential certificates to initiate iOS build generation and download the IPA file from the free mobile app maker. Complete your app appearance and connect your website and app before initiating iOS build generation.


Generate Android build

Generate the APK or AAB build on the AppMySite free Android app maker. Download your Android build and submit it to Google Play. Complete your app design and connect your website and app before initiating build generation.

Collaborate with your team

Collaborate with your team on AppMySite. Invite team members to work on building your mobile app.

Real App

Invite team members

Enter the email address of the team member you wish to invite. An invite will be sent to the email address.

Assign roles

Assign a role to each team member you invite to collaborate with. The three available roles include Admin, Manager, and User.

Manage access

Decide the level of access you grant to each team member based on the roles. Each role comes with a different access level.

Real App

Multisite - An app for each country

Create a mobile app for your WordPress multisite network with the Multisite add-on. Deliver personalized experiences to your customers based on their location.


One app for your multisite network

Build unique apps for each website in your multisite network and connect them using the add-on to publish a single app.

Manage apps in one place

Connect all the apps you create with a click. Manage them from your account with options to add, remove, choose countries and more.

Customize app experience based on location

Enable your app users to select a country within your app. Deliver personalized mobile app experiences based on the country your users choose.

Premium add-ons

Choose from a range of premium add-ons to supercharge your mobile app. AppMySite delivers a powerful set of add-ons to include additional features and services for your app.

Streamline app design, optimize app store listing, enhance app performance, create a multisite app, and much more with AppMySite’s add-on library.

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Get guidance with our knowledge base

Visit our knowledge base for complete guides & video walkthroughs explaining the process of making an app on AppMySite.

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