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New App Version add-on is now free

As an exercise, check the icon your apps were using two years back. There’s a good chance that the icons have changed over the span of five years.

Apps change. The history of mobile apps began in 2008 and the only common theme is constant yearning for change. New features, fresh ideas, and game-changing ecosystems have together shaped the mobile app world.

The need for change is not lost upon those bringing an app to market.

At AppMySite, we enable app entrepreneurs and small businesses to create premium mobile apps without writing code. We can relate the pulsating urge amongst our own users to offer better features to their clientele with their apps.

This leads us to make constant updates to our online app builder platform. The updates are driven towards one goal – helping our users build an app which fulfills their vision.

One of the new changes we’ve brought to our platform is making the New App Version add-on free. Users can now avail all the benefits associated with the add-on at no additional cost.

First, let’s get the basics out of the way.

What does the New App Version add-on do?

Earlier in the piece, you were asked to check if the icons of the apps on your device have changed. It is safe to say that updating the app icon is standard industry practice.

The New App Version add-on provides users the option to update their app name, icon, and launch screen. Let’s say you build a WooCommerce Android app using the AppMySite free Android app maker. After a while, you want to change your app name and icon as the festive season is around the corner and you’re about to launch a sales campaign.

When you go to your AppMySite account to make these changes, you’ll find these fields are locked and can’t be changed when an app is live.

The New App Version add-on provides users the option to change their app name, icon, and launch screen. Thus, it essentially allows users to make active changes to their WordPress or WooCommerce app.

The New App Version add-on is now free

Earlier, users had to purchase the New App Version add-on by making a one-time payment. We’ve decided to now offer this add-on at no additional cost to our users.

The following steps will explain how to use the add-on-

  • Log-in to your AppMySite account
  • Go to the App add-ons. You will be able to spot the New App Version
  • Purchase this add-on. It is available for free so you don’t need to make any payment
  • After the purchase, you’ll be able to update your app name, icon, and launch screen.

app icon

  • Once these updates are complete, generate a new app build which reflects the changes you’ve made. Then proceed to download the build.
  • Replace the new build with the old one on your respective app store account. Your users will be able to see the new changes when they update your app on their device

The one thing to note here is that you need to be a paid subscriber to get this add-on. This should not be a problem because only paid subscribers have a live version of the app in the first place.

Why is this add-on free?

Our objective at AppMySite has always been to help users create the best possible apps for their clientele.

In keeping with the same objective, we realize the need for our users to continually provide an updated experience to their customers. This means they must be able to change elements like app name, icon, and launch screen with the least hindrance possible.

This is a major reason why the New App Version add-on is now free. Users don’t need to worry themselves about completing a payment to make an update. They can keep updating and changing their app without going through the process of making payments repeatedly.

In conclusion

No one can stand still in the world of mobile apps. We at AppMySite are not an exception to this rule. This is why we constantly update our platform to provide our users the best possible experience.

We’ve now made the New App Version add-on free. Users can purchase the add-on at no additional cost and enjoy all the benefits associated with it.

About AppMySite

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