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User management feature is now live

Two buzzwords tech evangelists often use when describing the modern digital space are change and disruption. By all estimates, they’re not wrong.

The tech space neatly borrows its proclivity for change and disruption from the second law of thermodynamics. Yes, entropy and change is the only constant in the world of tech.

There is however a more important lesson which sometimes gets ignored. Change is good, but it has to be meaningful. Disruption doesn’t mean replacing good apps and features with bad ones.

At AppMySite, we understand this distinction well.

This understanding guides our efforts to improve the overall app building experience of its users. The many updates we make to our online app creator reflect the same. This is not counting the additional features we keep adding to drive general functionality up a notch.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new user management feature. This will enable AppMySie users to invite their team members to work on their app projects on AppMySite.

Let’s discuss the role of collaboration and teamwork in app development before delving into this new feature.

The role of collaboration in app development

There are a number of stages in the life cycle in the development of a mobile app.

  • Entrepreneurs first validate the app idea and conduct market research.
  • Developers proceed to build the mobile app.
  • Designers then work on app design.
  • App testers look for various bugs, design issues, and performance obstacles.

Someone familiar with the process can add additional steps to the points listed above.

As you can notice, each of these steps requires a different kind of skill. Gone are the days when a single professional could perform all these tasks effectively. Companies these days have separate teams to handle each of these tasks.

Even when you’re using a free online Android app maker or an iOS app builder​, you cannot hope to create an ideal app design if you’re not a good designer.

The solution? Create an environment and collaboration to create the best app possible.

Custom app development agencies have separate teams. Big companies create different development, design, and testing teams to ensure the final app build meets essential quality standards.

App builders cannot ignore the innate importance of teamwork and user collaboration.

This brings to the core subject of this piece. AppMySite recently launched a new user management feature to enable users to invite their team members to the app. This feature will help scale user collaboration on AppMySite.

The following section provides a guide on using this new feature. Readers will furthermore learn the importance of this new feature in the development of a premium mobile app.

The User Management feature

The new user management feature is now available on the AppMySite dashboard. The following points explain how you can start using this feature.

  • Log-in to your AppMySite account.
  • Go to the new Users section.
  • Select the Add User button in the top right corner.
  • Enter the name and email ID of the team member you wish to invite. Also assign the role you wish to assign to the team member you’re inviting.
  • You can choose from three possible roles –
    • Administrators – Best for business owners and company administrators.
    • Managers – Best for people who will need to manage the app, without access to Billing or subscription.
    • Users – Best for users who will need to manage the app but not require access to billing, subscription, or user management.

The number of team members you can invite depends on the subscription plan you’re on. Upgrade to a new plan in order to start inviting your team members to AppMySite.

Why is this feature important?

Let’s assume you’re building a WooCommerce app on AppMySite. You want to launch a pharmacy app on the Google Play Store. It makes perfect sense to use the best WooCommerce Android app builder in the market in AppMySite.

The hesitation on your part lies in app design. Although AppMySite provides easy to implement design options, you want to make the most of the features available to you.

In such a situation, it makes sense to invite a professional designer to your AppMySite project. A designer can use the customization options on the platform to their full potential.

This example clearly points to the inherent importance of collaboration and teamwork when building an app on AppMySite. The new user management feature is thus a very important addition for anyone who wants to build pitch perfect Android and iOS apps.

How to start using this feature?

The new feature is now live on the AppMySite platform.

AppMySite users can start inviting their team members and colleagues to their app projects. The number of team members that can be invited depends on the plan a given user is on. In some cases, users may need to upgrade their subscription plan in order to invite other users.

Here’s a guide that you can refer to and manage users on your AppMySite account with ease.

In conclusion

Modern-day app development is driven by teamwork. One lone developer rarely creates an entire app these days. Each part of the process is handled by a professional trained for the same.

This piece provides a breakdown of the new user management feature on AppMySite. Users can leverage this feature by inviting their team members and creating the best possible app on the platform. Furthermore, users can specify the level of access they wish to grant to each team member they invite.

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