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Social login feature is live: Now make app onboarding effortless

AppMySite has introduced the social login feature to enable you to provide Google and Apple login options to your app users.

Most major platforms these days have social login features. Since most people these days have accounts on platforms like Google and Apple, it makes sense to use these accounts for signing up for a bunch of other platforms.

This makes for a much more optimized user experience.

As an AppMySite user, you can now build an app that offers a seamless onboarding experience. The following sections explain the importance of social login options for mobile apps.

Why is social login important for mobile apps?

Onboarding is a major part of a typical user journey. There are many reasons you should introduce social login options and radically change the user onboarding experience you offer.

Some of the advantages have been discussed below:

  • Faster onboarding: Typing an email ID and password is less preferable to simply clicking a button to enter the app. This also results in a greater number of user signups,
  • Password management: With social login, your app users can avoid the task of remembering the password they set for your app.
  • Fewer signup failures: When entering an email and password for logging in, a lot of things can go wrong. Your users may enter an invalid email ID or fail to follow the prescribed guidelines of setting a password. You can help your users avoid login and signup failures with seamless social login options.

The process to enable social login varies for both Android and iOS apps.

You can currently enable Google login on your Android app and Google & Apple logins for your iOS app.

In conclusion

AppMySite enables you to build WordPress and WooCommerce apps for your users. With the new social login feature, your customers can easily access your app with one-click onboarding.

Need some help managing user-onboarding and social login feature for your apps built with AppMySite? Refer to our guide and make onboarding effortless and smooth for your users.

Support for social logins is available for apps with code version 1.7.0 and above.

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