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Turn website to app in minutes

Achieve maximum potential with minimum effort. Convert your website to Android & iOS app in three simple steps.


Get started in no time by connecting your website and mobile app with a few simple clicks.


Create an app that complements your website and customize it to align with the theme of your brand.


Download your Android & iOS apps for your website and go live on the Google Play & Apple App Store in no time.

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An app maker for every business

A local store or a multinational chain, an on-demand delivery platform or a service provider, build an app for
any business. Launch premium Android and iOS apps without coding.

Restaurant app

Launch an app for your restaurant within minutes and take your business a level up. Create and publish native apps for Android and iOS without coding and offer ease and convenience to your customers.

eCommerce store app

Build powerful ecommerce apps without writing a single line of code. Transform your online ecommerce store into a native app in minutes and publish on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Grocery store app

AppMySite powers you to build responsive & maintenance-free grocery shopping apps within minutes. Get complete design freedom and create no-code grocery apps that fit every budget, business goal and demography.

Convenience store app

Create a premium app for your supermarket or convenience store with AppMySite. Build instantly without coding and launch on Google Play & Apple App store to connect with your customers.

Pharmacy app

Create premium pharmacy and online medicine delivery apps in minutes without writing a single line of code. Publish on Google Play and the Apple App Store with AppMySite’s medicine delivery app builder.

Real estate app

Build premium real estate apps in minutes without writing a single line of code and uncomplicate the development process. AppMySite’s real estate app builder powers you to build Android & iOS apps for your clien...

Clothing store app

AppMySite simplifies fashion app development and powers you to create responsive code-free apps for your online clothing store. Get complete freedom for customization and create zero...

Education app

Turn your education website into an app with AppMySite’s education app builder. Create an educational app in minutes without writing a single line of code and make learning resources easily accessible for students.

Bakery app

Complement your website with a feature-rich bakery app and add icing on the cake. Build native Android and iOS apps without coding and offer the convenience of mobile ordering to your customers.

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Everything you need in an app creator

Mobile app builders simplify app development. Here’s why you need AppMySite’s online app maker
instead of a custom app development project.

No coding required

Build any kind of app - no code & no limits. With AppMySite, you can create a mobile app like you already know how to do it.

Make an app in minutes

Unlike custom app development, create an app within minutes with AppMySite’s online app builder that offers instant app delivery.

Plans for everyone

Whether you are a website owner, a freelancer, or a digital agency, we’ve got plans for everyone who wants to build a mobile app.

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The best way to build an app

AppMySite has all that you need at your disposal to craft the finest apps.

Take complete control

Create customized mobile apps that align with your business goals. Gain control over design and settings as you convert your website to an app and personalize your app content.

Try now. Pay later

Subscribe to a free plan and create, customize, and preview your app. Build your mobile app for free and upgrade to a paid plan only when you are ready to go live on the app stores.

Instant app delivery

Building an app with AppMySite is easy and quick. Make your own app within minutes with our intuitive solution. Preview your app and launch on Google Play & Apple App Store.

Easy app development

Creating apps is an intensive process but not with AppMySite. We have already done all the heavy lifting so you can make your app with minimal effort and have fun while building it.

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Uncomplicate app development with the world’s easiest app maker

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Fast & easy development

Breeze through app development with AppMySite’s iOS & Android app builder and create flawless mobile apps within minutes of signing up.

Quick connection with website

Our intuitive online app creator takes all the guesswork out of connecting your website & app. Integrate your website & your app with just one click.

Simplified mobile app testing

Advanced preview and troubleshooting features enable you to test your mobile apps on multiple emulators & real mobile devices.

Seamless app management

AppMySite’s user-friendly interface makes app management a bliss. Add new features, update settings, and create new app builds.

Convert any website

Convert any website, built on any web technology, into a powerful mobile app. Experience hassle-free,
maintenance-free app building with real-time rendering from any platform.

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Design stunning apps

Elevate your app's aesthetic with AppMySite's spectacular design features. Customize layouts and craft unique
pages enriched with text, video, images, and multimedia.


Build your app, without a developer

Make feature-rich mobile apps that mirror your website. Personalize the
app to complement and empower your business goals.

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Code-free live editing

Get features that help achieve your design goals and offer complete freedom for customisation. Easily design every part of your mobile app with the best no-code mobile app creator and make changes on the go.

Personalize your app content

Personalize your app content to fit your brand goals. Point & click to add features that suit your app type and business category. Control what your users see on the app and manage the app settings with the click of a few buttons.

An app for every website

AppMySite enables you to turn your website to an app, no matter what’s on your website. Build dynamic and powerful apps for blogs, eCommerce stores or CMS websites and a variety of industries and use-cases.

Next-gen app preview

Our free app maker comes with powerful app preview features. Monitor every update you make to the app design in real time & create flawless apps. Make better design decisions & also test the compatibility of your plugins.

An app built for conversions

Be just a click away from your customers and attract more conversions. Create a mobile app
that inspires sales and amplifies engagement.

Robust performance

Build native apps that ensure matchless performance. Create apps as powerful as your website and offer a consistent experience to all your online customers.

Stunning app design

Design aesthetic and attractive apps that please your customers. Keep them hooked to the app and inspire more session-time & activity to increase your traction.

Dynamic home screen

Offer a smart browsing experience to enhance content & product discoverability. Create dynamic app menus & an effective home screen that draws more sales.

Powerful app features

Bring those features to the app that matter for your business and power the journey of your users. Point & click to add relevant features to your app with ease.

Premium apps built effortlessly

AppMySite has the perfect ensemble of dynamic settings and user-friendly features.
Get all that it takes to create high-performing native apps that convert.

Meaningful analytics

Analyze app downloads & usage data to make informed business decisions.

Real-time sync

Turn your website to app and migrate all the data to app in real-time.

Auto publish

Submit your apps to Google Play & Apple App Store with minimal effort.

Push notifications

Send unlimited push notifications to your users and keep them engaged.

App Monetization

Monetize your mobile apps with the best global advertising networks.

Team Collaboration

Invite your team members to work on your app and assign separate roles.

Fast native apps

Be where your customers are. Build your app and deploy it anywhere. Use simple point-and-click features to
generate your app build and go live on any browser, app store, or distribution platform.

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Build Android apps

Strategically built to comply with all Google Play Store guidelines, our free Android app maker creates both APK & AAB versions of your app. Simply create an app, generate the build with the click of a button and publish to the Play Store.

Build iOS apps

Publishing iOS apps is complicated but not with AppMySite’s free iOS app maker. Create builds for your iOS apps and push them to the App Store. Generate essential certificates as per App Store guidelines, go live & push new app versions with a click.

Progressive web apps

Transform your app into a progressive web app. PWAs offer the best of both worlds; the functionality and user experience of a native app, with the discoverability and reach of a website.

We Agencies

AppMySite is built to fast track app development and empower agencies to deliver projects seamlessly. Create
dynamic and native mobile apps for all your clients without coding.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?faqplus

AppMySite takes care of all your app development needs and powers you to build the perfect apps with minimum resources. In fact, all you need to get started is a website. No matter which platform your website is built on, you can create an app for it. If you already have your brand assets, you can add them to your app design, or create everything from scratch. Our app builder is extremely intuitive and makes the app development process really simple. Our app builder is extremely intuitive and does all the heavy lifting for you.

I am not a programmer. Can I still build an app?faqplus

Certainly. Most low-code or no-code app builders come with some amount of learning curve, but we’ve designed AppMySite differently. It is a true no-code DIY app creator. This means that you don’t have to write a single line of code to build an app. Therefore, you are not required to learn any programming language. In fact, the app building process remains the same for any one and suits even those who are not willing to go through any technically intensive process.

What types of apps can I create?faqplus

You can create any type of app with AppMySite. Our app maker is designed to convert any website to a mobile app. You can build apps for almost any industry. Whether you wish to build an app for a retail website, dating website, LMS or any other type of business, you can do it without coding. You can add blogs, pages, posts, products, etc., and modify your app settings and features accordingly. The app can also be synced with the website to pull the data and bring it to the app.

What type of websites are supported?faqplus

AppMySite offers support for all kinds of websites. No matter which technology you’ve used to build your website, you can create an app for it. We also offer deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce and if you have websites built on these platforms, you can opt for the same. This will unlock more features and functionalities. Else, you can create apps for websites powered by any other technology or CMS platform as well.

How much time does it take to build an app?faqplus

You can build a mobile app in minutes. AppMySite is designed to expedite every step of app development with point-and-click design options and seamless preview features. Therefore, the process becomes really easy and quick. However, you can spend as much time perfecting your apps as you want. Ideally, it only takes a few minutes to put the app design and features together.

How easy is it to build and maintain mobile apps?faqplus

You can easily build and maintain your mobile apps even if you don’t have a technical background with mobile apps. Since AppMySite is a no-code DIY platform, all workflows are automated and don’t any form of coding. In general, your app’s speed and security will largely depend on your website. As long as your website is fast and secure, your app will also work smoothly, thereby eliminating the need for any additional maintenance work.

What is a no-code app builder?faqplus

A no-code app builder is an app development platform that eliminates the need for coding and allows you to create mobile apps on a visual editor. No-code app builders are created to facilitate citizen development and normally don’t require you to learn how to create an app. AppMySite’s code-free app builder makes it even easier and allows you to design and develop your app in a completely guided and intuitive environment.

What is a native app?faqplus

A native app by definition is a software that’s designed to work for a particular operating system or device. For example, an iOS app is designed to work on iOS devices while an Android app is designed to work on Android devices. Most native apps are capable of using the hardware and software resources of the device they are installed on. Native apps can ensure optimized performance and leverage technical features better when compared to web apps or cloud apps that are more generic and not device or platform specific.

Will you charge a commission on my sales?faqplus

The one word answer would be a straight forward “No”. Unlike many other app builders out there, we do not charge any commission on sales made through the apps. Whether you earn by selling physical products and digital products or monetize your app through affiliate marketing or advertisements, it will remain commission free. You are only charged for the package or the added services you purchase on or through our platform.

Can I migrate my current app?faqplus

AppMySite enables you to build your app from the ground up. However, if you already have a live app on Google Play and Apple App Store, you can migrate it to AppMySite and give it an uplift. You can migrate both Android apps as well as iOS apps, just by following a simple process. As you proceed to publish the app, your current app listing will be replaced with a new one. Your users will be able to see the new version as soon as they update the app on their device.

How much does it cost to build an app?faqplus

One size does not fit all. Hence AppMySite has been designed to cater to all kinds of businesses, individuals and organizations and our packages suit different types of development goals. You can build an app for as low as USD 3/month. The best part is that you can create your app and preview it for free and you are only required to upgrade to a paid plan when you’re ready to commit. Visit the pricing page and know how much it costs to build a mobile app with AppMySite in detail.

I have a question that is not listed here.faqplus

Didn’t find your question listed here? Nothing to worry about. You can reach out to us directly via our contact page or visit our Help Center to learn more. There is also a dedicated community for AppMySite and you may find your answers there as well. Just drop your queries and start a conversation on the forum. Our seasoned customers and forum members might just help you out.

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