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Get experts to upload your apps to the Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

Publishing iOS and Android apps on app stores can be a tedious process, especially if you have no prior experience with it. The Upload to App Stores add-on is a professional service that allows you to hire our experts to do all the heavy lifting for you.


Easy app submission

Your wish for easy app submission has been heard & granted. Get our experts to submit your app and be at ease.

Google Play Store

Get your Android build created and uploaded to the Google Play Store by experts at AppMySite.

Apple App Store

Get your iOS build created and uploaded to the Apple App Store by experts at AppMySite.

Why buy this add-on?

From uploading builds to fulfilling technical prerequisites, app submission is tricky. Make it easier with our add-on.

Save precious time

App publishing can be time consuming & tiresome. Save time and let us take care of the submission.

Get professional assistance

Get experts to help at every step of the way. We simplify the upload process for you and help you launch your app.

Custom build configuration

Achieve your app configuration goals. From adding social logins, to activating push notifications, we have you covered.

Developer account review

Our team reviews your developer account pre-submission & ensures you are compliant before going live.

We upload your app

Once your apps are configured and are ready for download, we upload them to both your developer accounts.

Rejection handling

If your app gets disapproved or rejected for any reason, we will help you frame a response or submit an appeal if required.

How it works?

Let us do all the heavy lifting and get your apps submitted on the app stores without any effort.

Buy this add-on

Start by purchasing this add-on. This is a one time purchase that gets the ball rolling.

Give us access

You will receive an email with details on what to do next. Have active developer accounts ready to go.

We upload your app

Our experts will get in touch with you and build and upload your iOS & Android apps to the app stores.

3steps 3steps

App Store compliance

Apple has stringent compliance guidelines when it comes to app submission. Our team will perform compliance audits for your developer account to ensure all necessary information has been added correctly, before submitting your app to the app store.

This service also includes creating essential certificates within your Apple Developer account required for submission of your iOS app. As soon as you purchase this add-on, our support team will get in touch with you and get started.


Play Store compliance

Submitting an Android app is not just about uploading your app build. You will also need to complete the internal testing and get feedback for your Android app. This can be slightly challenging for someone without prior experience with app submission.

We will fulfill all the requirements on your behalf and perform an extensive audit of your Google developer account to check if all the information has been correctly entered, before finally submitting your app on the Play Store.


Consideration checklist

  • This is a one-time non refundable service. We will help you upload your app to the app stores once. This add-on does not cover subsequent uploads to the app stores, in case you decide to update your app.
  • You must ensure you have active Apple App Store and Google Play Store developer accounts before you purchase this add-on.
  • To avoid rejection you must test your apps thoroughly before submission. This includes everything from design to features to performance.
  • This service is an attempt to publish your app but does not guarantee it. It is important to understand that the outcome of your app submission is beyond our control. App stores have well defined guidelines which you must adhere to, in order to get your apps approved.

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