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13 new languages added to the Language Support addon

AppMySite has introduced 13 new languages to the language support addon. Earlier, the language support addon only supported english and spanish. The new languages included in the addon are:

  1. Danish
  2. German
  3. French (France)
  4. Hindi
  5. Italian
  6. Japanese
  7. Korean
  8. Dutch
  9. Portuguese (Portugal)
  10. Russian
  11. Turkish
  12. Chinese (Simplified)
  13. Chinese (Traditional)

Once you purchase the addon, your app will automatically be translated to the default language of your WordPress website. Your app users can switch languages from the My Account section of your app. 

Support for language support addon is available for apps with code version 1.5.0 and above. You can check out our release notes and support article to learn more. 

Visit our addon page to know more about the language support addon.

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