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Language support add-on is now live

AppMySite recently launched the Language Support add-on to enable users to translate their app to a different language.

While English is the most commonly used language online, it is not the only medium of communication.

The Language Support add-on now enables you to translate your app into a different language. This will help you localize your app for a given audience and offer an app experience that is closer to home.

Language Support – What does it do?

The apps you build on AppMySite are English by default. Language Support will help you expand your horizons beyond English and move towards catering to a more global audience.

The add-on currently provides support for the following languages-

  • English
  • Spanish

AppMySite eventually plans on supporting all languages that WordPress supports.

The array of languages available can help you localize your mobile app for a given region and audience. This is especially important when you plan on  taking your app to a more global audience and need an app that supports languages besides English.

The following sections provide a peek into how the add-on will work.

Auto sync with website

Auto sync is a unique feature of the Language Support add-on. It will basically ensure your app is automatically translated to your default WordPress website if it is supported by the add-on.

Let’s take an example. Assume you are building a WooCommerce app on AppMySite. The default language of your WooCommerce website happens to be Spanish. Once you purchase the Language Support add-on, your app will automatically be translated to Spanish as well.

Auto sync only underlines the simplicity this add-on provides in helping you translate your app to a new language.

Translated by professionals

When you are localizing your app, the last thing you want is a shoddy and non-context driven language translation.

The Language Support add-on ensures your app is translated to a different language by trained professionals. One of the major drawbacks of automated translation is a loss of context. This add-on ensures your app is translated smoothly into a different language.

All translations are checked and verified by trained language experts. This essentially ensures your translated app localizes seamlessly. You can thus localize your app for a given region and audience on AppMySite besides going from WordPress website to app.

How to get the add-on?

You can easily purchase the Language Support add-on on your AppMySite account. Just follow the steps mentioned below-

  • Login to your AppMySite account.
  • Go to App Add-ons in the left panel menu. You will find the Language Support add-on here.
  • Purchase the add-on.
  • Your app will be translated automatically to the default language of your WordPress website after the purchase is complete.
  • The translation will happen instantly and automatically.

You should note that this add-on will not translate your blog posts, page, and product page content. Other API responses and error messages your website generates will also not be translated. Only content native to the app will be translated.

What does this mean? Let’s assume you convert WooCommerce site to mobile app on AppMySite. Your product page description will not be translated when displayed on your app. It will appear as it does on your website. However, other parts of your app such as section name, button names, and more will be translated to the default language of your website.

Support for the Language Support add-on is available for apps with code version 1.5.0 or higher. 

In conclusion

AppMySite has made it easy for you to create an app and launch it on Google Play and App Store. While developing an app with the online app builder is easy, it is still your job to take the app to a more global audience.

The new Language Support add-on now enables you to translate your app to another language. AppMySite currently supports Spanish, but plans on expanding the add-on to support all WordPress languages.

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