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How to enter a new mCommerce market: A guide to mobile app localization

Digitalization has played an instrumental role in the growth and evolution of businesses. It has also impacted their strategies of expansion and outreach.

As technology is bringing the world closer, brands are also learning the new language of glocalization. Appealing to the local market has become as significant as having a global presence.

You can make use of technology to turn website to apk effortlessly. However, entering a new market and winning the hearts of local buyers takes a little extra.

Explore the article and discover some sure shot tips and strategies for mobile app localization. Get a thorough and helpful guide and take your success several notches up.

The importance and benefits of localization

Let us first discover the importance and benefits of localization very quickly!

You can harness a local market in an infinite number of ways. The primitive advantages and significance are as listed and discussed below:

#1: Focused Marketing

As the targeted market becomes more concentrated, it becomes easier to endorse your app and products.

The marketing initiatives become more focused due to a more unified and homogeneous audience, and thereby, more impactful. The different geographical barriers like location, varied time zones, etc., also get eliminated. Thus, creating ads and campaigns becomes easier.

#2: Enhanced personalization

The analytical burden gets reduced when your target is a local audience. Hence, it becomes easier to monitor the demography and the nature of the audience.

You can easily segregate your audience and monitor their preferences and behavior. It also becomes easier to create personalized campaigns for the audiences based on the local data and information.

#3: Boosts globalization

As you internalize and prepare your app for a new market, you are ultimately spreading your territory and expanding your brand’s authority and presence.

Thus, localization not only boosts your appeal in a particular region or location, but also prepares you for a new market, thereby making you more global.

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Five simple strategies to localize your mobile app

Implement smart tips and strengthen your local appeal. Follow the strategies listed below and ensure a robust launch of your app in a new market:

#1: Know your potential audience

The first key to any new initiative is extensive research. You must know the market that you want to enter. An inside out knowledge is extremely crucial and necessary.

Use survey and research tools to carry out competitor analysis, audience research, and more. Also learn about your prospects in the industry or the niche you cater to, for that particular area.

Proceed to create relatable advertisement campaigns based on this information and deduction. This will make your app and your content more impactful.

#2: Curate relevant offers for local buyers

All the great and well-established brands have a personalized approach when it comes to curating relevant offers for the potential buyers. This becomes especially important when you are catering to an audience that is more uniform in nature.

Take local references, instances and examples into account, when you create special offers, deals, discounts, coupons, etc., for your buyers. For example, for app referral rewards or as a launch gift offer, you can give away discount coupons to a local spa, salon, etc.

#3: Localize your ASO strategies

Narrow down your play area and targeted audience demography to get better results. Filter your audience and design campaigns and strategies accordingly.

Take a local approach in your SEO and ASO initiatives and target keywords relevant to that area. For expert assistance, you can also consider working with a Local SEO agency.

Level up your local marketing initiatives and see what is trending in that region. Focus on the local culture, traditions, influences, references, etc., and try to use them in your content marketing plans.

For instance, if you put filters on social media or news websites, you will be able to know about local trends, trending topics, etc. You can use these findings to leverage moment marketing or join an ongoing social conversation.  

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#4: Keep an eye out for local events

Local events and existing brands can become a great aid and you should have a keen eye for them. You can leverage such opportunities in a number of ways and make use of the existing clientele or footfall of such events.

You can also sponsor one such event and run your app promotions in it. You can also host launch events in local restaurants, malls, parks, and other public places as per your suitability.

Else, you can simply run advertisements in local newspapers, radio, etc., and organize an on air or digital event. The goal should be to interact with local influencers and brands that have a good hold over the area.

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#5: Translate app in local language

Creating an app in the local language can help you overcome many barriers. It can also strengthen your chances of driving more traffic and downloads.

There are many online tools and software available in the market that can enable you to translate content into your preferred language. You can make use of these tools and translate your app.

For instance, you can easily get an app translated into a local language with AppMySite’s DIY app builder tool. You can build an app without coding and then get the add-on solution to publish the app in your preferred language. Many popular languages are to be added to the AppMySite’s list of languages in the coming days.

Make use of technology to learn the nuances of the language and culture to connect with your audiences even better. Strengthen your appeal & impact, and grow your profits.

Wrapping up!  

New mobile app

That was all from our end today! Create a localization strategy for a new or existing market and rule it without any hassle.

Implement the tips above and make your app popular among the people of a particular region or demography. Let your app be the go to solution for your potential buyers and become the king of the local market.

However, if you feel that your app is not competitive enough and you need to build a new one, then join the family of our subscribers now!

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