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Top live chat and customer support software for your mobile app

Live chat software have become imperative for online businesses. Whether you have an eCommerce site or an on-demand service platform, having a chat feature is now more important than ever. Moreover, it is equally important to implement a one-click chat support feature in your mobile apps as app users look for less fuss and more ease.

Statistically speaking, more than 60 percent of mobile app users expect live chat feature to be available for them. In fact, 74 percent of internet users prefer live chatbots to support agents as they can get instant answers to their questions without having to wait or deal with limitations that are a part and parcel of manual support.

Chat software and tools can not only bring value to a business, but also support customers in their journey and inspire them to convert. Therefore, it is important for businesses to find the right chat support software and integrate it with their apps. We have prepared a list that will help you with the same. Go through the recommended list of software below and make an informed decision.

7 best chat support software for mobile apps

Here are the best chat support software that can enhance your in-app customer support experience and power your customers to get instant support and assistance:

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is an inclusive platform that enables businesses to manage several aspects of customer support and communications. Businesses can digitalize the entire process and manage customer engagement with much ease and convenience. Zendesk has a wholesome service suite that has everything businesses need to offer 360-degree support to customers.

Businesses can use Zendesk to enable a chat support option on their website, Android apps and iOS apps. Administrators can customize the process and route chats to agents that are capable of solving specific queries. Chat agents can submit a ticket, tag other agents or mangers, collect critical insights, and view the timeline of previous chats for reference.

Price: Starts at USD 19 per month.


LiveChat is one of the industry leaders in the chat software industry. It has a dedicated WordPress plugin that makes it suitable for easy integration with websites. LiveChat can be used for websites, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android applications. It gives agents the freedom to assist customers on the go and easily integrates with other software like WhatsApp, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, etc.

It has abundant features like pre-chat survey forms, ticketing system, widget customization, visitor tracking and proactive chat invitations, agent grouping, multiple branding, advanced reporting, and more. It also has an enterprise solution for medium and large-scale businesses that want an advanced layer of services. LiveChat is easy to install and comes with a free trial.

Price: Starts at USD 20 per month.


Intercom takes the customer support experience a notch up and helps businesses build customer relationships. It offers an exceptional list of features like automation with powerful chatbots and custom bots, smarter inbox management, omnichannel support and reporting, and more. Based on the plan, customers can also unlock features like mobile carousels and personalization.

Intercom enables integration with numerous platforms like Slack, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and others. The plans are divided into intention and goal-based categories like Support, Engage and Convert, and businesses can pick whatever suits them. The platform also offers an enterprise solution that comes with advanced support, HIPAA support, and several other extensibilities.

Price: Starts at USD 74 per month. is an amazing solution for small scale business as it is simple, straightforward, and free to use. It powers businesses to monitor and chat with customers, respond to support tickets, and create a help centre. Despite committing to be “forever free,” offers a list of premium features that can help any business get started with smart customer support.

The platform is an absolute bargain as even the paid features like audio, video and screen sharing and hiring live agents come with a nominal price. offers support for 45+ languages, sentiment tracking, in-chat payments, group messaging, detailed reporting, and more. It is a complete package and highly suitable for several kinds of use-cases.

Price: Free to use with several paid add-ons.


HubSpot is an all-inclusive CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. It offers several products and services that are clubbed under distinct categories like Marketing, Sales, Service, CMS, etc. The automation and customization features are one of the best in the industry and the live chat software can be integrated with CRM to populate all the data with a few clicks.

HubSpot also offers a free version and as a platform it is suitable for both small as well as large scale businesses. While HubSpot is primarily meant for holistic customer relationship handling, the chat feature comes as an added advantage as you can create a whole ecosystem with added features and services. It is easy to set up and deploy and you can get started in minutes.

Price: The basic plan is free and paid plans start at USD 45 per month.


AI-powered automated chatbots are the future. No, we are not talking about ChatGPT – the AI chat assistant, but the chat software exclusively designed for customer support. ChatBot is one such customer service and support software that has all that you need to assist your customers and qualify leads. Businesses can create AI chatbots on the platform’s visual builder without any coding.

It comes with drag and drop elements that helps customers design a user-friendly and customized chat flow experience. ChatBot also gives the option of templates including eCommerce bot template to help buyers, lead generation template for collecting contact information, industry specific templates, and more. It is extremely easy to set up and integrate and is WordPress friendly.

Price: Starts at USD 52 per month.


Tidio is a popular live chat software used by thousands of businesses. The cloud-based live chat and chatbot plugin is an easy solution for businesses that want to ensure a smooth customer experience on their platforms. It offers facilities like ticketing, analytics and multichannel support including live chat widgets, emails, and Facebook Messenger. It is suitable for proactive chats and lead generation.

The integration options and analytics feature are limited when compared to other platforms. However, it comes with over 35 readymade templates that make your work easy. Agents can view customers’ messages in real-time while they are typing, offer round the clock support, and leverage other features. All-in-all it is a reliable support software for small and medium scale businesses.

Price: Comes with a free basic plan and paid packages start at around USD 16 per month.

Create a chat enabled mobile app in minutes

Wondering how to create an app with a chat feature? Ditch the traditional methods of app development and go with AppMySite’s DIY app builder. Here, you can build your own app and enable the chat feature in your app for free. AppMySite lets you turn your website into an app without coding and import all your website data to the app, saving hours’ worth of manual effort.

You can bring your website’s chat feature to the app and integrate any chat software within the app with a few clicks. For instance, you can add the keys/URLs/IDs of chat software like Zendesk, LiveChat, Intercom and or enter custom URLs or custom scripts to integrate a chat software of your choice.

Moreover, you can add other premium features to your app like push notifications, monetization, and analytics, among others. Either create a new app from scratch or add your existing live app to your account and give it a makeover with AppMySite’s no-code app development software. Do not forget to check out our other blogs and learn more about mobile app development.

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