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The unlimited benefits of integrating chat feature in your mobile app

Communication and support play a key role in strengthening business consumer relationships. Integrating features like live chat support in your app can help you harness and excel in both the realms.

With a robust chat software in picture, you will be able to communicate your goals and ideas to your consumers; address their complaints, concerns, and queries; resolve consumer grievances; and also inspire them to convert or increase their purchase value and loyalty.

Therefore, if you are planning to turn your WordPress website into a mobile app, then also consider enabling this amazing feature on both your website, and your mobile app.

Stay tuned and explore the blog to learn about the fascinating benefits of having a chat feature for your customers. Read till the end and also discover bonus tips to create a mobile app in the most affordable and effortless manner. Let us begin!

In this blog

  1. Significance of chat feature: A statistical overview
  2. 15 outstanding benefits of integrating live chat in your app

Significance of chat feature: A statistical overview

Live chat support has become one of the most popular and in-demand features in recent times. There are ample studies, reports, surveys, etc., that agree with the same and highlight the importance of having a chat feature in your app.

For instance, we can consider the following statistics to understand the same:

  • More than 41% of customers expect live chat on a website. (Forrester)
  • 62% customers expect live chat to be available on mobile devices. (ICMI)
  • Customer satisfaction levels can go up to 73% with chat support that otherwise stand at 61% for email and 44% for phone. (Econsultancy)
  • 63% of consumers admitted that they are more likely to return to a site that offers live chat. (Emarketer)
  • 42% of consumers say they prefer live chat over other support functions as there is no wait or hold time. (Inc)
  • Live chat can increase customer retention rates by 5% and raise profits by 25%-95%. (Harvard Business School Report)

These were some statistics complied to help you in gaining an empirical understanding of the benefits of having a chat feature available for your customers. Clearly, having chat support in your mobile app can amplify your success and open the door to many new opportunities.

15 outstanding benefits of integrating live chat in your app

Chat feature is not just limited to support and resolving consumer issues. A powerful chat support system can also strengthen business-consumer relationships and inspire more sales and conversions.

Let us discover some of these obvious yet outstanding benefits and get some detailed insights about the same:

#1: Low-barrier accessibility

Chat is one of the easiest methods for customers to establish contact, especially for app users. They can connect with the brand representatives with the click of a button, without leaving the app.

Unlike emails, phone calls, etc., it does not have any wait time or technical nuances that makes the access even more effortless and frictionless. It is also easier to offer chat support to people in their preferred languages, thereby reducing linguistic and demographic barriers.

#2: Cost-effective & efficient

Integrating chat software can be more beneficial and cost-effective in the long run when compared to other communication and chat tools. It can also be better than email marke ting as it has more potential to reach every user and does not go unnoticed.

Listening to users on the go and addressing their concerns then and there makes it one of the best communication and support mediums. Statistics, as listed above, also prove that chat is one of the most efficient tools when it comes to customer resolution and communication.

#3: User-friendly & convenient

No customer wants to endure long wait time on email complaints, queued calls, etc. Waiting on hold and listening to robotic voices requesting to wait further can be infuriating for any customer. Chat support can help you deal with it and offer a more easily approachable medium.

Besides, not every customer has the time or will to pick up the phone and talk to executives or write complaints and email follow-ups. It becomes easier for users just to click on a button and type in their message as if they were chatting with an acquaintance.

#4: Secure & streamlined support

Brands that do not ensure immediacy and security in terms of support tend to get more negative reviews as looking for support on multiple platforms and waiting for response can frustrate customers.

By offering a chat support button on your app, you can reduce the volume of messages coming form other platforms like social media, emails, comments, calls, etc., and streamline your support system. As the conversation happens one on one, and remains documented in your software, this medium also becomes more secretive and secure for the users as well as the brand.

#5: Smarter sentiment analysis

Chat feature gives your executives and agents ample opportunity and time to assess the customer’s sentiment. This prepares you to anticipate the users’ reaction and next move and prepare the response accordingly.

Additionally, it also enables you to redirect the users on the right path and help them achieve their goals more easily. This increases your chances of lead qualification and conversions and gives a boost to your overall quality of customer support and assistance.

#6: Personalized assistance

Chat creates the impression of an extremely personalized experience. It makes every user feel that your brand offers a dedicated assistance and hence, garners more trust. It enables you to treat every customer differently and resolve their issues more easily and effectively.

Besides, it also enables you to understand and process their persona. Your agents and executives can use this space to push personalized suggestions to customers and turn every visit into a sales opportunity.

#7: Successful user journeys

A great chat feature in place can make customers feel more empowered and satisfied. Imagine a new customer landing on your app for the first time with a focused goal. If you can manage to help them move in the right direction, they will be able to accomplish more than what they have planned.

For instance, let’s say you own an online bakery. If a customer gets stuck with the process of customization, you can help them and tell them how they can order the perfectly customized theme cakes and also push favorable and saleable ideas alongside. This will not only make every consumer journey more successful but also increase your profits.

#8: Quicker customer resolutions

Traditionally, an email or a phone based support takes huge time to get a ticket closed and involves a lot of to-and-fro communication. Sometimes the loop becomes unending and infuriating due to lack of immediacy.

On the contrary, a chat button in your app can expedite customer resolutions and help you reduce the volume of tickets and complaints in no time. As a result, the issues can be resolved quickly and the number of negative reviews can be reduced, leading to a more positive brand image.

#9: Reduced agent fatigue

Chatting is way more playful, easier, and fun than handling phone calls and emails. It not only reduces the cognitive load on your users, but also makes things easier for your agents and executives.

You can implement automated chatbots and resolve many queries, concerns, and complaints without involving manual assistance. Your agents can help in cases where personal assistance becomes necessary. Even then, they can easily push help articles, transfer issues to related departments and manage everything more easily and efficiently.

#10: Data harvesting opportunities

Chat software can actually turn out to be a great tool for data collection. Many software requires users to enter their personal details and order or purchase related details before they begin the interaction. The chat also tells a lot about the customers’ behaviors and psyche.

Therefore, you can use these chats to harvest important data and analyze it effortlessly. This information and experience can be used to make strategic chances to the product, take important business decisions, plan marketing campaigns, and more.

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#11: Faster lead qualification

It becomes easier to qualify leads and convert people if you have a robust chat support system. As users land on your app, you can engage them and ask about their specific requirements. This holds the users and also pushes them forward in the sales funnel.

You can assess where a consumer is in their purchase journey, and use chat opportunities to convince them to move further. Thus, it becomes easier to turn more guest users into regular customers and increase their session time and order value.

#12: Increased sales & conversions

All the benefits listed above boil down to the fact that the chat feature in an app can give a boost to your performance and increase your sales and conversions. AI powered bots or agents can expedite and increase lead qualification and hence, multiply conversions as well.

Live chat popup integrations can be used in the apps to grip a user and inspire them to take desired actions. Chats can also bring in a lot of experience and tell you what works for your users. This empowers you to make favorable decisions and attract more sales.

#13: Minimized churn rate & abandonments

Statistics show that most users abandon an app in the very first few seconds of their interaction (refer to the blog suggested below). This usually happens because the user feels lost and confused or thinks that their goals cannot be met with the app.

This can be tackled with a good chat support system. You can engage users as soon as they land on the app and make the initial seconds of their app journey informative and meaningful. This can help you minimize the risks of abandonments and reduce your churn and uninstall rate.

#14: Satisfied & loyal consumer base

Chat software can be used to collect immediate and honest feedback without any surveys, additional prompts, requests, etc. It can also help you convince them to share their experience with a community or other users, and motivate them to get onboard.

In a nutshell, a great support and communication medium can help you turn your regular users into a more satisfied and loyal consumer base. This can have a huge positive impact for your business in the long run as every customer retained is worth so much more than a newly earned customer.

#15: Edge over competitors

Now this may come as a no brainer, but we could not afford missing out this point from our list. Having a chat button in your app can help you get an edge over your competitors who do not offer this feature to users.

Additionally, it can also tell you what your prospective customers expect of you and help you enhance and grow. Above all, you can attract more sales, consumer loyalty and positive reviews that can give a boost to your brand image, app ranking, visibility, and overall growth.

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How to build an affordable app that has live chat feature

mobile app with chat feature

The answer is simple: Sign up for AppMySite!

Ditch the traditional and age-old methods of app development that require you to hire development agencies, spend huge amount of money, efforts, and time, and yet remain somewhat reliant on third parties when it comes to design and feature related decisions.

Instead, take the smarter road and build your app on an affordable budget without writing a single line of code. You can subscribe to AppMySite and build your own app the way you want to. Make all design and content related decisions without any disruption and shape your app the way you desire.

You can also build and test your app for free before purchasing any paid plan. Additionally, as you connect your website and app, you can auto populate all the content and also integrate your preferred chat software from a range of options. This includes popular software and tools like Zendesk, Live Chat, Intercom,, and more. Everything from adding content to enabling such features, can be managed with the click of a few toggles and buttons.

You can also integrate other features like Language Support, App Monetization, Push Notifications, Analytics, etc., and make your journey more powerful and productive. You can use the huge pool of resources offered by AppMySite and get all the help you need as you build your own app!

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Wrapping up!

That was all from our end today! Now that you know all about it, go ahead and build Android and iOS apps for your business. Turn your website to APK or AAB (Android) and IPA (iOS) files and submit them on their respective app stores.

While you are at it, do not forget to enable the smart features like chat, push notifications, monetization, and more. There is a myriad of options on AppMySite’s platform so handpick all the features and benefits that are suitable for you.

Create and launch your app and make sure that you promote it well. Reach your potential users and turn them into regular and loyal customers with an amazing mobile experience. You can also refer to our other blogs and learn all about mobile app development, marketing, and more.

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