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Now collect reviews and feedback from your app users

AppMySite has become the choicest app building solution of many businesses across the globe. It is reaching perfection one step at a time and providing the best assistance to the consumers.

Our subscribers are creating high-performing native WordPress apps and WooCommerce apps with ease. They are loving our code-free DIY app builder environment and the AppMySite subscriber family is getting bigger each day.

As we yearn to offer you the best and to evolve and become better, we are adding new features and functionalities to our app builder every day.

This time we are here with the news of the launch of yet another beneficial update for our customers. So, keep reading and find out all about this new update that we are here to announce today!

In this blog

  1. Collect in-app user ratings and reviews with ease
  2. Benefits of collecting user reviews and feedback
  3. Offer a matchless app experience with AppMySite

Collect in-app user ratings and reviews with ease

If you are wondering what the buzz is all about, let us tell you without any delay. AppMySite has enabled the in-app review and rating feature for its users.

Now, when you create an app with AppMySite, you will be able to garner user reviews and ratings for the products, services, etc., within the app itself.

Your app users will be able to:

  • Rate the products, services, etc., out of five stars within the app itself
  • Enter the name and email address and submit a detailed review
  • Submit the review with one click and get a prompt acknowledging the same
  • Express their issues, concerns and grievances without leaving the app
  • Take more informed purchase route or make quick buying decisions

This feature is available by default for both Android and iOS apps with code version 1.5.0 and above.

Benefits of collecting user reviews and feedback

This update will open many new avenues for your eCommerce business. Now that you can easily collect in-app ratings and reviews, you can reap many advantages.

You can collect user ratings and reviews for your products, services or even for the overall app experience and ensure the following benefits:

  • Good ratings and reviews from one user can inspire other customers
  • It can help you acquire new leads & increase the purchase frequency of users
  • It can create a good and authentic brand image and boost conversions
  • Honest feedback can help you improve the services and app experience

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You can check out the blog suggested above and know all about the significance of user rating, reviews, and feedback. Also learn the tips and tricks to garner more reviews effortlessly.

Offer a matchless app experience with AppMySite

collect user ratings and reviews

This is not all! AppMySite free app builder is constantly evolving and ensuring the best for its customers. You can also build an app with us and offer a matchless experience to your users.

All you need to do is join the family of our subscribers. You can start building and customizing your app immediately after the sign up.

So, wait no more. Create, customize and test your app for free and continue to publish it for Android and iOS. Tap into the app market with the best app builder and take your business to a new height.

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