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Benefits of building an app for small businesses

Over a few decades websites have superseded the way conventional businesses operated. This trend, however, is beginning to fade and has been overtaken by mobile application which are much more accessible than websites are.

For everything we need, there is an app. How much truth does this statement hold for small businesses? There are obviously some advantages of investing in a mobile app but let’s see how creating an app from website works in favour of your business.

Let’s look at advantages that you can enjoy by building a dedicated app of your own:

1. Stay in touch with customers, at all times

Mobile apps have worked wonderfully for businesses who are looking to constantly stay in touch with customers, personally. Apps are certainly a better version of responsive website because they’re not much faster, they are also a lot more easier to use.

Businesses that only have responsive websites for customers who use their mobile phones more than web, are losing sales. Customers who are really impatience would rather not go to their web, enter the URL and wait for website to load, they would rather just click on the app and start browsing the products and services.

2. Strengthen your brand image

The presence of a mobile app works a great deal for the recognition of your brand amongst your target audience. Customers have a better platform to reach out to your products, services and customer support through an app. Your patrons feel more comfortable if they can reach out to your at any time of the day.

This is great way of improving communication with your customers and boosting your future sales. Additionally, staying connected to your patrons at all times increases the possibility of their loyalty towards you business.

3. Get your customers hooked

In the present day and time, almost every person we know is addicted to using their smart mobile phones. Your customers may have a number of apps on their mobile phones, but if they like what you are offering, they are certainly your recurring customers.

If your customers like your app, they will personally endorse amongst their social circle leading to more downloads. All you need to do is offer excellent user experience to your customers with great offers.

4. Bring down your marketing cost

Businesses that don’t own a dedicated mobile are often found investing in different marketing strategies to reach out to the customers. businesses opt for email marketing, invest in digital marketing that eats up most of their marketing budget.

However, if you own a mobile, you will end up saving a lot of funds that you would have otherwise used. You can always send push notifications to your customers using an app which will surely grab the attention of your customers.

5. Engage more customers

Being on the personal mobile of your customer is everything that you could ask for. The presence of your business, merely when a customer installs your app, remind them if your very existence.

Your customers are more likely to shop from your app than they would if you only offer them a responsive websites. Sometimes, customers often just open up their apps to kill time and end up shopping. You can imagine the number of times your patrons are going to look at the screen of their phones.

6. Stand out in the crowd

There are many businesses that are not willing to create an app from website, and are struggling to gain customer attention through multiple marketing strategies. If you’re in an industry where businesses have still not investing in building an app, you obviously have an edge over your competitors.

Owing an app certainly opens up the doors to many possibilities that were earlier unreachable for your business to grow. Get access to a large chunk of audience by simply building an app for your business.

AppMySite is a dynamic platform that is helping big and small businesses create an app from website. Simply get in touch with us today to build a customized app for your business.

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