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Benefits of converting your eCommerce store into an m-Commerce application

M-Commerce has emerged as a leading tool for marketing and selling. The use of m-Commerce influences many lives of retailers and their potential consumers. 

People like to shop for everything from their mobile devices because M-Commerce allows them to conduct transactions on their mobile devices effortlessly. Therefore, the utilization of eCommerce apps is increasing day-by-day, and businesses are getting a significant amount of profits. 

Introduction of M-Commerce applications helps businesses to approach their target consumers on both Android and iOS platform. Therefore, businesses who are targeting iOS users, are considering building an app on the iOS platform. App My Site is among a reliable iPhone app builders that can cater to your iPhone users. 

If you are still unaware of m-Commerce and its benefits for your respective businesses, we will explain the same in this post. Let’s delve into this –

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  1. What is Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce)?
  2. What are the benefits of m-Commerce application?

What is Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce)?

As the name suggests, mobile commerce is also known as m-Commerce. With m-Commerce, you can address your online business activities through mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets with an internet connection.

Mobile devices have become dominant today, and people are spending more time on these devices rather than traditional computers with internet connections. These days, the utilization of mobile devices is getting more popular with the growth in smartphones technology. 

Users get the advantage of on-the-go shopping experience while moving around places along with their mobile devices. The process of shopping, payment, and delivery of products have become smoother with M-commerce.

According to a survey, the number of smartphone users will reach 2.32 billion by the end of 2019 and might reach 2.87 billion by 2020. It is assumed that over two billion people will make mobile commerce transactions throughout the year.

M-Commerce has increased the accessibility of goods and services with reliable connectivity all the time. 

What are the benefits of m-Commerce application?

Both small- and large-scale businesses have experienced many benefits with m-Commerce, which provide an enormous and thriving marketplace for goods and services. Have a look at the benefits of m-Commerce for all businesses:

Provides easy store access

With the m-Commerce application, customers can quickly discover your available products. Additionally, the need to drive to a store to purchase goods can be reduced as buying daily goods from online stores appears to be a good option for them. 

Mobile shopping considerably reduces the customer’s time, money, and effort. You can take this as an advantage and deliver an app for your business with regular updates. Your target audience is likely to spend more time on your app if you provide them what they want. 

Better user experience

Today, in the eCommerce industry, people know every bit of smartphones and tablets, and their user experience matters the most in this case. People even know how to get the desired products within a few clicks. 

People are likely to share their experience with friends and family or even request or advise a community of compulsive shoppers to choose you if they are satisfied with your products and services. Offering your customers a smooth user experience will help you get better conversion and customer retention rate.

Creating a new marketing channel

M-Commerce helps you quickly sell your products and services to end-users. Besides selling, mobile apps serve multiple functionalities, such as general information, search features, news feeds, product prices, and many more to provide better usability to customers. 

However, one of the most significant advantages is that your customers can access all the information at their fingertips. This information includes exclusive sales and promotions materializing in the business. Push notifications are one of the examples that brings you closer to your customers.

Location tracking & personalized notifications

Mobile applications enabled-with location tracking system benefits your customers. These tracking systems help customers navigate their delivery location directions as well as help them discover the expected transportation services and many more.

Sending push notifications with personalized offers and discounts can re-engage your customers once they have subscribed with your brand. Therefore, customers do like personalized push notifications on their subscribed mobile apps. Push notifications provide two times higher conversion rates rather than emails and even help you increase your sales and bring a higher possibility of conversions. 

Read more about Push notifications, how it helps in business growth.

Traditional retail sales

M-Commerce assists with conventional retail sales. However, if a retail store, for instance, has all the aspects of products that are accessible for their customers, you can consider how would it look. 

With this fact, it will become a cumbersome task for the retailer’s store staff to update the data manually. Scattered products look cluttered and clumsy for everyone from the staff to customers who might come to purchase. Therefore, m-Commerce is growing and evolving at a higher speed to take a leading place in retail trades.

Cost reduction and productivity

Introduction of a mobile app can help you reach your customers at a much faster rate and certainly reduce marketing campaign expenses. These expenses include costly SMS messages, paper newsletters, and brochures.

Incorporating social media accounts in your app can reduce these costly expenses. Sign-ups through social media encourage your customers to take part in spreading the word about your business. Along with word-of-mouth marketing, customers can interact with your business directly through secured, instant, and direct messages. 

Attracts new consumers

Bringing new customers on the board becomes easy with the m-Commerce app. With an optimized mobile application, you can hold your existing customer base and attract new customers if they spend their considerable time on your business app. 

The discoverability of your mobile app will help you increase the chances of getting more business, which is one of the essential ways of attracting new customers. Make your mobile app discoverable through mobile searches instead of drawing attention to your new customers. 

Higher return on investment (ROI)

According to Google’s research, about 67% people said, they would prefer to buy things from a mobile-friendly eCommerce website, and 61% said if the website is not mobile-friendly, they will move away soon to the other platform (s).

Word-of-mouth, as a result, is a robust tool for marketing and selling your products, and an easy way to communicate about your products to your target customers. It is merely free marketing when consumers get an excellent purchasing experience and influence others to purchase from you.

The final word

Mobile commerce continues to expand its wings in marketing. Over one billion people are using their smartphones for everyday shopping; thereby mobile shopping is trending like never before. If we look at stats, about one-third of eCommerce total is mobile-driven. This mobile-driven shopping drive sales and high conversions. 

E-commerce is growing day-by-day with different names, whether you call them eCommerce apps, retail apps or shopping apps. With an introduction of mobile-friendly online websites or mobile applications to provide customers the mobility of shopping, businesses are getting as many profits as they can.

M-Commerce helps businesses gather their potential customer’s buying habits while providing duty-free shopping experiences to them. With a useful marketing tool, like a mobile app, you can increase sales and revenue of your business. Therefore, many businesses consider investing in building an app through a mobile app builder before it is too late to compete in the market. 

If you are running an eCommerce store, it’s not easy to make your customers choose you amongst the crowd of others. You simply need to grab every opportunity that can bring you closer to your customers and help you achieve your business goals. Consider all the possibilities and reasons in your business favour for building an app on both the platforms, Android, or iPhone. 

The occurrence of mobile commerce cannot be ignored. You must understand how important it is to come up with a mobile app by looking at the benefits of e-commerce applications.  

If you want to upgrade your business with m-Commerce, App My Site is a WooCommerce mobile app builder that can assist you in developing a high-quality mobile app for your business. This mobile app will add value to your online business. 

Feel free to contact us if you need any assistance in this exciting step.

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