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Boost your brand image with AppMySite’s white label mobile app solution

A mobile app is a good enough proof that you are moving with the trend and investing in the latest technology. AppMySite has empowered small businesses to build affordable mobile apps in a no-code platform.

We understand that mobile apps are the new weapons to give a boost to your sales and brand which is why our app builder is especially designed for businesses who can’t invest an enormous budget in building an app.

While on our journey to extend an affordable app builder, we realised that a white label solution could give businesses a further boost and exhibit a more professional image of their brand.

There are two ways that we made our white label mobile app available to our customers:

1. Mobile app reseller program
2. Annual Pro Plan

Let’s see how you can implement a white label mobile app solution in your business:

Reseller program 

Anyone can become a mobile app reseller with AppMySite. Add a new wing to your business by joining hands with our app reseller program and build high performance native apps.

Build countless mobile applications under one account and manage them too. Design various aspects of your client’s mobile app including app icon, splash screen, login screen, forgot password screen, app theme and your home screen (dashboard).

Your app can be designed and connected to your website within minutes, without you having any technical background.

Start by choosing from multiple flexible plans and register your business. Once you know how many apps you want to build under our reseller program, you can simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you with a suitable discount. This discount can be availed on a recurring basis.

If and when you reach your threshold and build more apps than you initially started with, simply inform us and we’ll apply a bigger discount on your total bill, which can also be availed on a recurring basis.

You can proudly call yourself a mobile app reseller by building white label apps for all your clients under this program.

Annual Pro Plan 

Businesses who don’t intend on registering for a reseller program, but simply want a white label mobile app can opt for this solution.

We understand the importance of branding and the impact it creates on your clientele. Considering while label can give your mobile app a more professional image, we have introduced it as a part of our Annual Pro Plan.

All you have to do it subscribe to our Annual Pro Plan and get a white label mobile app free. Now simply register for our plan to build your iOS or Android mobile app on a yearly basis and get the white label add-on, free of cost.


AppMySite makes it possible for businesses to adapt to the latest technology within reasonable means. Build your white label mobile app for free today!

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