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Explore the salient features of AppMySite WooCommerce App Builder

The intricate and technical process of building an app can become a cakewalk with the right assistance. The salient features of AppMySite are designed to help you convert website into an app in the most seamless way possible. Businesses are now enhancing their online presence by converting their WooCommerce website into app. It is the features of their apps and the ease of usability that makes them stand out. Read and find out how you can make the best use of a mobile app builder for WooCommerce.

Versatile WooCommerce App builder 

AppMySite WooCommerce app builder is a versatile and pocket friendly alternative to all the app builder services available online. It covers all the necessary features required to build an app from the website. You can easily get your app for Android and iOS without dealing with the nuances of coding. Developing an e-commerce mobile app​ from website had never been this easy.

When looking for the perfect app maker, ease and quality should be the priority. AppMySite WooCommerce app builder service assures quick delivery and consumer-friendly experience. The enviable features cover a wide range of areas. These features make AppMySite the wholesome solution one requires to convert website into app

Economical Pricing Plan that assures value for money

Budget is the first ladder, when a business decides to build an app. It is important to find an economical alternative that does not burn a hole in your pocket. AppMySite’s pricing plans are designed to be sustainable for all businesses.

The pricing plans are structured based on the different requirements every business has. For businesses looking to create an application for android​, a Starter plan is ideal. For those looking to launch both Android and iOS apps, the Pro plan is ideal. Finally, businesses looking for top-of-the-shelf features for their app such as Analytics, Language Support, Merge Apps, Chat, and so on, the Premium plan is available.

Build a native WooCommerce app and scale from scratch to sky

AppMySite offers native app building solution. It means that your app has more features and is more convenient to use. Native apps have multiple advantages over Hybrid and Mobile Web Apps. 

Native apps are built from scratch and are developed according to the operating system.

Native WooCommerce apps outperform the other two options. They have a considerable higher performance efficiency and add to your brand credibility. AppMySite is the most suitable option if you are looking for a budget friendly native WooCommerce app builder.

Real-time sync with website

AppMySite offers real-time sync feature between websites and apps. This means that any change made on the website will instantaneously reflect on your app. All the updates regarding products, offers etc., get updated on the app parallelly. It makes your app sync completely the website and thus enhances the performance.

Engaging user interface keeps consumers tied to app

Ever wondered why a few apps keep you engaged for longer time and make you come back every time? It is the interface that makes an app alluring and easy to use. The interaction of the customer with the app depends upon the interface. A user-friendly interface ensures that customers engage more with the app and spend quality time on the app. 

Apps built on AppMySite have a visual and aesthetic appeal. The customization options made available by AppMySite allow you to make navigation within the app smooth and effortless.

Social Login enabled for personalized experience

Apps with social login feature appear to be more dynamic and are easier to use. AppMySite incorporates the feature of social login to simplify the process of login for costumers. They can use their social media accounts to log in to the app. 

It is tedious for new users to create an account for every platform they want to use. AppMySite ensures that your customers don’t feel the same. With social login, users can sign up for your app using their Google or Apple accounts. This makes onboarding much more smooth and seamless.

Cross platform product menu that widens the options

The debate between mobile users about Android and iOS is unending. However, you can have an app that allows any user to avail your services. AppMySite ensures that your products reach a wider consumer base irrespective of their operating environments.

Apps built on AppMySite are carefully constructed to get approval from both Google Play and App Store. They’re furthermore designed to work smoothly and deliver similiar experiences in both Android and iOS environments.

Cross platform product menu widens the options and expands your user base. 

Smart product search & sort for easy discovery

Easy product discovery is essential for making optimizing the user experience of a typical ecommerce app.

The apps built on AppMySite are designed to make product discovery simple and effortless. Costumers can achieve desired results and discover the best products with a few simple clicks.

Efficient cart checkout that steers happiness 

Shopping is like buying happiness! But, with AppMySite, shopping also brings ease and satisfaction. With our efficient cart checkout, you’re better placed to earn more conversions on your app. A cart full of your products is sure to steer your customers’ happiness in the right direction. 

Paying is playing, with multiple options at the payment gateway

The more, the Merrier! Allow your costumers to buy happiness in ways they want to. Apps built on AppMySite sync your WooCommerce website’s payment gateway with the app. In short, you can provide all payment options in your app that are already live on your website. 

AppMySite makes app publishing easy

When aiming to convert website into app, publishing is a concern. However, with AppMySite it is easy to publish an app and to optimize it to a great extent. Publishing app is easy and seamless here. 

Through extensive documentation and video tutorials, AppMySite enables you to learn the ins-and-outs of publishing your Android and iOS apps to the app stores. Additionally, you can subscribe to the Upload to App Stores add-on and get AppMySite to publish your apps to the app stores.

Study your customers with Analytics

As they say, in the age of information technology, data is the winner. Studying the performance of your business through the app can help you move in the right direction. It can improve your business and brand reputation.

It is crucial to understand how your customers use your app. Key data points like app traffic and downloads point to the overall growth of your app usage and audience. Furthermore, popular screen data allows you to see which app screens are most popular with users

In conclusion

It is important to understand the need of your customers and the scope of your brand. This will help you in building the best app for your e-commerce website.

So, build a mobile app for your e-commerce website with AppMySite’s mobile app builder for WooCommerce website and launch an app on Google Play and App Store. 

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