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App Preview Feature Updated: Now get a dynamic preview of your Android and iOS apps

AppMySite is a no-code automated app builder that enables users to create their own app without coding. It is empowering businesses and brands all across the globe.

Many brands have built their own apps that are now available on the app stores. It is committed to the goals of enabling businesses to conquer their space in the app industry.

AppMySite free app builder has also been evolving ever since its launch and is attaining perfection one step at a time. New features and updates are making the solution better and stronger each day.

The newest feather on its cap is the App Preview feature update. Read further and find out all about it. Learn about the benefits and implement them to launch the perfect apps with AppMySite.

What is the App Preview feature all about

The free app build and preview feature is an exclusive and one of the strongest assets of AppMySite. We want you to have the complete value of your efforts and investments.

Hence, you only pay for the package upgrades once you are completely satisfied with the app that you build. So, how does that happen?

AppMySite ensures app preview for the users in numerous ways. Besides the parallel preview pane, where you can track each and every step of the app building progress, you can also test the app under the App Preview section of the dashboard.

Here, users can check the app on the simulator or download the app to test it on a real device. With the launch of the new updates, the App Preview section has become more dynamic. Users can now get better and more varied firsthand experience of the app, as discussed in the article further.

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What is new in the Preview section

The App Preview section has now been enriched with the following benefits:

#1: Preview apps for both Android and iOS

Users can now run separate simulations and preview both Android and iOS apps, separately. It is a winning addition for the businesses who pursue maximum coverage and wish to cover both Android and iOS users.

The two device simulators make it easier to simulate and test the replica of your fully built apps. Get a first-hand experience of the app and check how it will run on both the operating systems. Use the buttons adjacent to the iOS section to preview iOS apps, and the buttons adjacent to the Android section to preview Android apps.

You can just Tap on the screen to play the preview. You can also Restart the preview if it goes off after instances of several minutes of inactivity, or at any time you want.

#2: Take screenshots for promotions

App screenshots are important for a variety of purposes. You can use the screenshots of your fully built app as you list it on the app stores or even to share it in your circle.

Just tap to start the preview and click on the Screenshot button of the desired app build (Android or iOS). You can take one or more screenshots that get downloaded and saved on your system.

You can also retrieve the screenshots and edit them using relevant tools or software. Use the feature to take screenshots of your fully built app and use it for promotions or to enhance the aesthetics of your app store listing.

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#3: Test visibility based on the device type

This is yet another feature update that we are extremely proud of! Now, you can not only test the apps based on the operating system (Android and iOS), but also on the type of the device.

Users can click on the third button displaying the device name and open the drop down menu. Here, they can click on the device type of their choice and preview the appearance of the app on that particular chosen device type.

As of now, you can choose between iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus for iOS app build, and choose between Google’s Pixel 4 and Nexus 5 versions for app builds on the android app creator​. Preview the app for as many device types as you want and launch the perfect app for all your consumers.

Build and test your app for free with AppMySite

AppMySite mobile app builder

That was all about the latest update to the preview feature of our app builder. Stay tuned to this space and remain up to date with the new announcements and launches.

However, if you have still not signed up for AppMySite DIY app builder then do it now! Register now and convert website to apk without any hassle.

Create, customize, and test Android and iOS apps for free. Proceed to upgrade and publish and enter the mCommerce industry effortlessly. Hurry! Join our league of smart customers now!

Did you know that you can preview your app on AppMySite as you build it? Visit our help center and get a complete guide on testing and previewing your mobile apps.

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