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How to design the App Store Screenshots of your mobile app

You will barely get a few seconds before customers decides if they want to download your app or not, that’s the power of first impression. Fortunately, Apple gives you a fair opportunity to drive decent downloads through App Screenshots.

The only way to get into minds of people within seconds is ensuring that you visually appeal to them. App Store Screenshots do just that. Before skimming through the description of your mobile app, a potential app user will glance through the screenshots of your app to see how it looks.

While you make your own app with AppMySite, we want to ensure that you don’t go wrong with the designs of your App Store Screenshots.

This post is dedicated to people who don’t want to hire a resource to design their App Store Screenshots. Let’s get started:

Large captions 

The entire exercise of creating perfect page on app store is to ensure you catch the attention of the target audience. Certainly images are not enough for customers to know what you’re selling. That’s why the captions.

If you want to convince the user in the minimum time possible, use large captions. Rather than using too many characters, try including not more than 2-3 words, specific to the service you offer.

Have a look at App Store Screenshots from Glassdoor:

Brand image 

You don’t create a mobile app just to make profits anonymously. A very important aspect of creating mobile apps is building a brand image. If you are successful of creating one, there will be more downloads than you imagined.

The first step towards establishing yourself as a reputed brand is ensuring you add unique elements to the screenshots. For instance: try using the same colour theme and font style that you use on your wpebsite. Besides creating screenshots with the same colour palette, it is ideal that your app is also designed in a similar theme.

Not only will this work well in creating a brand reputation but also help existing customers recognise your app in a glance.

Take a look at how beautifully snapchat goes with the same colour theme to create it’s screenshots:

Fuse screenshots

Design screenhsots

We agree that there’s restricted space to add the best screenshots available to you. Your probably desire to add more than the number you are already given. However, there’s certainly a trick around this too.

Numerous big brands have been fusing together screenshots to make the most of the space available to them. Furthermore, this technique creates a stunning effect of your app on the App Store and also makes the screenshots more noticeable.

The screenshots by Skyscanner – travel deals, are a great example to see how you can combine screenshots to create a striking impression on your potential app users:

Highlight features 

Like we said, this is one place where you can convince your customers to give your app that special space on their smartphones. Imagine how you use the landing page of your website to win over a customer.

Treat your App Store page precisely like your landing page. The first motive should be to highlight every prime feature of your app through App Store Screenshots. This is possible when you make use of every screenshot to display a single prime feature of your app.

Let’s take a look at Splitwise app, that helps split expenses:

Exclusive feature (optional) 

You don’t want to miss out features or functionality in your mobile app that your competitors don’t offer. Including a unique feature on your screenshots may add to the USP of your app.

Since this is the only place where a user decides to be your customer, you want to make sure that downloading your app should be worth it.

The screenshot below is by Bumble, a popular dating app. You will notice that they use the first three screenshots to showcase what their app does and the fourth one talks about a unique feature.

Reviews and ratings

Users are more inclined towards seeing what other users have to say about your app, than you saying it yourself. Incorporating one of your screenshots to include reviews from your current customers can help build trust.

You can add reviews or testimonials in one of your App Store Screenshots to help your potential users confide in your brand. Think of where you display reviews on your website. Most successfully companies add reviews and testimonials on their homepage which is where customers land.

It has been proven that companies that use testimonials from their customers have seen a boost in their app downloads. Additionally, this also results in high rankings on App Store.

Cyclemeter – Cycling & Running uses one of its screenshots to express what people think of their app. They have even gone to the extent of changing the colour of that screenshot to black to highlight the reviews by their existing app users.

This is also a great way of explaining important features of your app, in a single screenshot.

Video Preview

Video preview

Images are more interactive than content, the reason why App Store Screenshots are given so much importance. But you know what’s more engaging? A well made video. Including an app preview video in this section can significantly help in engaging more audience than you ever thought. Even Apple recommends including videos to display more information to your target audience.

The best part is that you don’t have to go to a professional to create that video for you. The app preview video can simply be the simulation of how your app works and the unique features it offers. You can stay within the app and avoid showing videos of the making of the app and other instances.

You can go about adding graphics to this video by including elements such as touch spots to explain how the app can be used. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

To enhance this preview video, you simply include a professional voice over to guide your audience through the entire video. Ideally, you must also include subtitles so that people can both read and watch.

For Apple App Store, you will need to submit a video that ranges between 15 -30 seconds with a following resolution:

  • iPhone S: 1080×1920
  • iPhone X: 886×1920
  • iPad: 1200×1600

You are all set to design perfect App Store Screenshots 

If you know how to make use of the space that you are allotted to showcase your app screenshots on the App Store, you can get started.

Keep in mind, that every mobile app gets the opportunity to woo its target audience by ensuring they exhibit their app perfectly, but not everyone succeeds. If you don’t want to be on the list of app failures, optimize every space on the screenshot to grab customer attention.

While you are at it, adhere to the guidelines that Apple lays down and make use of the tips that we discussed in this post.

If you can make your own app, how hard would it be to design your App Store Screenshots.

Need professional help for getting the best screenshots designed for your app listing? Here’s a guide to our App Store Design addon that can help you with same.

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