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Top App Store Optimization (ASO) tools for improving your app store rankings

Mobile apps have become imperative for any business, organization, or entity in the contemporary world. As a result, new apps are being uploaded to the app stores daily and the competition is rising by the minute. While it has become easier to develop apps, it is not as easy to stand out in the app stores.

Whether you are planning to make your own app, or you already have a live app listing and you want to give it a performance uplift, App Store Optimization is a crucial step for all app developers and owners. However, not every business or individual has the time, resources, or even patience to carry out optimization on their own.

This is where ASO tools come into play. Such tools can help you identify your app’s strengths and weaknesses, optimize your app listing, gather critical information, take steps for better traction, and more. So, stay tuned and discover the list of such tools that can help you optimize your app product pages and improve your ranks and app exposure.

Before that, if you are new to the concept of App Store Optimization (ASO), then you can also refer to our detailed guide on the subject and learn its basics. Here it is: A complete guide to understanding the concept of App Store Optimization.

You can also find questions related to ASO in the FAQ section below. However, if you already know what App Store Optimization is and you are just here to learn about the best ASO tools, then here we go!

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Top 10 App Store Optimization (ASO) tools for 2024

Go through the list of the top App Store Optimization tools and learn about their outstanding features and pricing. Optimize your mobile app listings on the Google Play and Apple App Stores and gain better visibility and ranks:


AppTweak is one of the top-performing ASO tools available on the web. In fact, it is much more than just an ASO tool and incorporates various functionalities like marketing intelligence, ad intelligence, review management, and more. It is trusted by many leading brands like Ixigo, Farfetch, Razorpay, Games 24×7, and others.

AppTweak is an intelligent tool that helps developers and app owners optimize their keyword strategy and make it growth oriented. The platform focuses on increasing your app’s visibility and empowering you to create high-converting pages. It is suitable for both generic and gaming apps and helps businesses make data-backed decisions.


  • App metadata and creative optimization
  • ASO Timeline and meta data history
  • In-depth keyword research and suggestion
  • Keyword based installs and ranking history
  • Keyword volume and popularity report
  • Keyword impact analysis
  • Keyword translation
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Monitoring visibility score and category ranks
  • App download and revenue estimates
  • Ad intelligence and app analytics


AppTweak offers assorted pricing options. Customers can choose monthly or yearly subscriptions of the following pricing bundles:

  • Starter: USD 69 per month, suitable for beginners
  • Pro: USD 199 per month, suitable for small teams
  • Guru: USD 299 per month, suitable for advertising goals
  • Power: USD 599 per month, suitable for companies
  • Enterprise: Tailored packages customized as per needs

Whether you are a beginner with one or two apps or a large-scale enterprise with multiple applications, AppTweak has a range of pricing options that should suit all kinds of needs.


SplitMetrics is known for customer satisfaction and straightforward solutions when it comes to ASO and other aspects of app intelligence. As a platform, SplitMetrics helps customers enhance their app throughout its lifecycle. It breaks down your journey into phases and helps you master them one by one.

SplitMetrics is especially suitable for Apple App Store centric ASO. However, it offers equally powerful solutions for Android app listings as well. It has one of the best A/B testing functionalities in the industry and helps app owners achieve perfection and eliminate any shortcomings in the early stages. It can be a great choice if you want a test-centric approach to ASO.


  • Intelligent app and A/B testing features
  • Isolated test environments
  • Testing the app against competition
  • Pre-launch app testing
  • Tips for listing optimization
  • Search ad intelligence
  • Emphasis on Apple search ads
  • Dedicated expert assistance for ASO
  • Custom product page creation


SplitMetrics has not declared its pricing. However, as per the information gathered from the web, the prices start at USD 13,600 per year. However, the best approach would be to book a demo and get a custom quote for your business.


AppFollow is a highly popular ASO and app reputation management tool. It has the most extensive list of features and offers a 360-degree solution when it comes to managing your app’s listing, reputation, exposure, and success. It is trusted by industry leaders like Discord, HubSpot, HBO, Disney, Vevo, Lyft, and others.

Despite being feature-rich and powerful, AppFollow offers transparent pricing that is suitable for most businesses. AppFollow can help you gather detailed reports and categorize them based on country and app category. It is one of the best tools for localization and hence suitable for customized ASO content and practices for different regions.


  • All-inclusive ASO data and reports
  • Complete keyword intelligence
  • Monitor performance of agents
  • AI-powered semantic review tags
  • Notifications related to app discovery
  • Detailed app data analytics across tools
  • Competitor position analysis
  • Monitor rankings, ratings, and reviews
  • Automated review tagging and translation
  • ASO alerts on Slack and emails


AppFollow has goal-based pricing packages. It offers a free plan that gives customers a sneak peek into its functionalities. The paid plans branch out into several divisions clubbed under the following four categories:

  • Full Suite: Starts at USD 69 per month
  • Monitor: Starts at USD 69 per month
  • Engage: Starts at USD 89 per month
  • Accelerate: Starts at USD per month

Customers can go for a monthly or yearly subscription for all the plans above.


ASOTools is as straightforward as its name. It is a dedicated tool for App Store Optimization and related practices that lets you cut through the clutter and focus simply on enhancing your app listings. It has keyword research tools and tools for monitoring app performance across categories, locations, and other attributes.

The best thing is that it also has a free plan that does a decent job of helping businesses streamline their ASO activities. It has all that you may need for the analysis of critical KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of your own and even for keeping a tab on the performance of your competitors. ASOTools is especially suitable for beginners and small businesses.


  • Essentially free to use
  • Extension available for ChatGPT
  • Detailed app data analytics
  • Keyword intelligence
  • Monitoring rank and review trends
  • App store marketing guidance
  • Competitor app research
  • Support for API integration
  • App MAU (Monthly Active Users) estimates
  • Google search volume reporting


ASOTools offers monthly and yearly plans bundled as the following packages:

  • Basic: USD 9 per month (only monthly plan available)
  • Growth: USD 59 per month for monthly plan and USD 49 per month for yearly plan
  • Business: USD 299 per month for monthly plan and USD 192 per month for yearly plan
  • VIP Enterprise: USD 10,000 per year (only yearly plan available)

Currently, ASOTools is also running a trial on the monthly Growth plan at a cost of 1 US dollar that customers can get for three days.


Asodesk is a full-cycle solution for all your App Store Optimization needs. It is trusted by several leading brands like Yandex, Mamba, Verv, and Kaspersky, among others. It is a wholesome solution for businesses who are looking for solutions to grow their app’s presence and hence, does more than just ASO.

Asodesk is suitable for ASO, Customer Support Automation, Marketing & Product Management, and Analytics when it comes to elevating your app’s presence on the Google Play and Apple App Store and offering a smooth experience to your app-based consumer base. It also gives customized algorithm-based reports that help businesses make data-rich decisions for their app.


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Keyword intelligence and analytics
  • Competitor performance monitoring
  • Comparative ASO reports
  • Keyword autosuggestions
  • Monitoring reviews and feedback
  • Alert for trending searches
  • Support for localization
  • Traffic source analytics


Asodesk has varied options when it comes to pricing. It offers the following prices on annual packages:

  • Pro: USD 47 per month
  • Guru: USD 159 per month
  • Power: USD 239 per month
  • Ultimate: USD 439 per month

The platform offers a 14-day trial on its Pro and Guru plans and customers can also reach out to the team for customized options.


Mobile Action is yet another simple but powerful App Store Optimization tool. It offers a range of tools that can help you up your keyword game. It comes with a big keyword dataset where keywords are gathered from multiple sources like competitor listings, your own app description, and more.

Despite being simple and easy to use, it offers significant data and guidance. It has multiple intelligence functionalities and enables data-powered ASO action. Mobile Action is trusted by many industry leaders like Adobe, Tencent, Atlassian, eBay, and so on. 


  • Keyword intelligence and autosuggestion
  • Keyword spying
  • Visibility report
  • Search ads intelligence
  • Localization support


As per the information available on the web, Mobile Action’s pricing starts at USD 49 per month. It also offers advanced packages and a free trial. Overall, the pricing is affordable and reasonable for different kinds of businesses.


Storemaven is the ultimate ASO tool for those who love number crunching and believe in the absolute power of data. It has a data and conversion centric approach towards ASO and app growth and covers several grounds like dynamic A/B testing, competitor research, listing optimization, localization, and more.

It is trusted by several top brands like Postmates, TikTok, and Uber, among others. While the platform has a learning curve due to its data-intensive approach, it has dedicated guides and an academy to get you through. The platform can be used for extensive reporting and goal-based optimization which makes it suitable for both small and large companies.


  • Data-rich analysis and reports
  • Keyword tools and localization
  • Traffic source reporting
  • Custom product page testing
  • A/B testing and analysis
  • Competitor research
  • Personalized ASO guidance


Storemaven has not declared its pricing on its platforms. You can get a demo and request a customized quote.

Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower is primarily a marketing intelligence tool that also enables its customers to achieve their ASO goals. It is a popular platform that puts special emphasis on security and privacy and empowers app owners to make data-backed decisions for their apps. In fact, it is a wholesome tool that can be used for app store intelligence, user and customer insights, advertisement intelligence, and more.

Sensor Tower is trusted by global industry leaders like Warner Bros Games, Hershey, Allstate, Chanel, Revolut, Duolingo, etc. It is essentially suitable for large enterprises and corporations that are looking to unify their reporting and performance analytics. At the same time, it is also ideal for simplified goals like competitor research and keyword optimization.


  • Marketing centric reporting
  • Data-rich insights
  • Competitor data analysis
  • Keyword intelligence
  • App store intelligence
  • Ad intelligence
  • User engagement data


Sensor Tower is not very upfront with its pricing. However, it offers a demo and a 14-day free trial. Its smallest plan likely begins at around USD 80 per month.

App Radar

App Radar is a well-known AI-based all-in-one tool for all your App Store Optimization needs. It is trusted by customers around the world. In fact, the best thing about the platform is that it breaks down the journey of optimization into simple and result-based segments and helps customers achieve their AOS and advertising goals under one roof achieve their AOS and advertising goals under one roof.

From market intelligence to keyword research, ASO workflows, rating & review management, and performance tracking, App Radar enables it all. The platform can be used for both organic and paid growth and acquisition campaigns. It is also great for competitor analysis and research. If needed, you can also get personalized expert guidance.


  • Market intelligence and insights
  • In-depth keyword intelligence
  • ASO workflow and optimization
  • Ratings and reviews management
  • App performance tracking
  • Ad performance tracking
  • Localization management
  • GDPR compliance


The plan designed specifically for ASO starts at USD 69 per month. However, if you want added support for Ads, AI review summaries, etc., then you can go for bigger plans. App Radar also offers a 7-day free trial on most of its plans and an enterprise solution for personalized business needs.


Gummicube is an Airship company that is a leader in the mobile experience realm. It is trusted by some bigwigs like Microsoft, LinkedIn, Gameloft, and McAfee. It is a complete ASO solution that helps you optimize your listings on the app stores and measure the impact of ASO across your entire marketing funnel.

From search optimization to conversion optimization and A/B multivariate testing, paid search, and ASO technologies, Gummicube offers it all. It also enables customers to create focus groups and validate their app ideas and listing assets like icons, screenshots, descriptions, etc. It is a simple and reliable tool that makes ASO suitable for one and all.


  • Keyword optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Optimization of creative assets
  • A/B testing
  • App reputation management
  • App store ads management
  • Attribution and reporting
  • Focus groups and surveys


Gummicube has not declared its pricing publicly. It may be available upon request.


These were some of the best App Store Optimization and app intelligence tools that have made it to our list. We have tried to make the listing as comprehensive as possible. If you need more guidance and information related to app listing, optimization, or even app development and marketing, you can let us know in the comments below.

Optimize your apps to perfection and launch them on the Google Play and Apple App Stores. If you are new to app development, you can create your app with a no-code app builder that lets you design your apps in a guided environment and minimize the risks of rejections and failures.

This is the best way to design app store-ready apps without coding and without breaking the bank. You can explore AppMySite and learn more about no-code app development. Moreover, scroll down to the FAQ section below and get answers to your questions related to App Store Optimization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App Store Optimization or ASO refers to the process of optimizing an app’s listing on the app stores (Google Play Store or Apple App Store) to improve its visibility, ranks, and overall appeal and get more downloads and conversions. It involves several steps like optimizing the metadata (keyword and copy), creative assets (app icon, screenshots, etc.), localizing the listing, and more. You can refer to our detailed guide on App Store Optimization and know all about it.

Why is App Store Optimization (ASO) important?

App Store Optimization is to apps what Search Engine Optimization is to websites. There are millions of mobile apps in the app stores, and it takes added effort for apps to stand out, gain exposure, and get discovered by potential users. This is where App Store Optimization comes into play. It is extremely important for any app as it helps in the following:

  • Capture the interests of potential users
  • Boost the ranking of the app
  • Improve visibility on the app stores
  • Get higher ranks in search results
  • Amplify organic user acquisition
  • Reduce user acquisition costs
  • Reach targeted users (global or local)
  • Drive more downloads and conversions
  • Increase revenue through apps
While each app has its own success journey, a strategic approach towards ASO can help you ensure the advantages listed above. It gives you a strong head start and helps your app stand out amidst stiff competition. Moreover, as you create assets for your app like the icon, screenshots, preview videos, description, etc., it helps you with outlining your app’s vision and goals and creating a brand identity and awareness.

How does App Store Optimization work?

ASO is all about enhancing the listing of your app on the app stores and building user trust in your app. Most users discover apps on app stores and a better visibility ensures higher chances of download and conversions for your app. Similarly, even when you lead users to the app listing page, what they see and read should be engaging and tempting enough for them to download the app. Moreover, the app stores should deem your app fit to be shown for related queries and keyword searches done by users on the app. These are all the areas that ASO helps you with. To ensure the same, you can optimize and play around with certain factors related to the app. Some elements that you can optimize are as follows:

  • App name & title
  • Keywords
  • App descriptions (short & long)
  • App icon and images
  • App screenshots and preview clips
Other than optimizing the above elements, you can also aim to get better app engagement, reviews, and ratings. Stay away from the common myths of App Store Optimization and move straightforwardly.

What are ASO tools and ASO agencies?

App Store Optimization is a tricky, time-consuming, and complicated process. Every app owner may not have the time, means, resources, or knowledge that is required to optimize apps on the app stores. In this case, app owners and developers can use ASO tools or hire ASO agencies to expedite and simplify the process of App Store Optimization. Such agencies and platforms often offer a comprehensive solution that takes care of all your optimization needs. Else, you can also go with a tool that targets specific goals like keyword and asset optimization, search ads optimization, A/B testing, and more. Pick an ASO tool from the list above or hire an agency to take care of your customized ASO needs.

How can ASO tools help you?

App Store Optimization can be intensive, tricky, and challenging for even the best of app experts. However, this is where ASO tools can help you. Based on how powerful the tool is, it can ensure several benefits for your app and app listings. Some advantages of using ASO tools include:

  • Getting relevant content and artwork for listings
  • Monitoring of keywords and other assets
  • Tracking and handling of ratings and reviews
  • Gauging user sentiment and collecting activity insights
  • Identification of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Intelligent reporting and access to data dashboards
  • Monitoring and analyzing competitor performances
These are some of the many benefits that ASO tools can ensure. You can look for the right ASO tool to partner with and ensure more success and growth for your app.

What to look for in ASO tools?

The choice of your App Store Optimization tool should depend upon your customized goals and expectations. However, you can look for basic features like the ability to research keywords and get suggestions for keyword optimization, track competitor listings and assets, content localization features, setting up various A/B tests, and more. To sum up, you can look for multiple features and offerings when finalizing your ASO tool. Some of those features and benefits are as listed below:

  • Keyword research: Competitor keyword study, keyword optimization, finding relevant keywords, analyzing difficulty score for keywords, keyword suggestion, etc.
  • Product page optimization: Creating relevant artwork (screenshots, videos, etc.) for the listing, writing engaging copies for descriptions, metadata optimization, optimizing the page for better viewability, and so on.
  • Testing of assets: A/B testing all elements before app store listings, isolated test environments, testing apps against competitors, supported for related tests, and so on.
  • Localization: Customization and translation of content for a localized appeal, optimizing keywords and content based on local language, multi-lingual support, etc.
  • Analytics and reporting: Actionable data collection and reporting, keyword performance reports, overall app performance insights, ad intelligence, keyword intelligence, and so on.

How are apps optimized for app stores?

App Store Optimization for apps is highly similar to Search Engine Optimization for web pages. In order to optimize app listings, one can optimize the assets associated with the listing such as app name, keywords, description, screenshots, etc. (as discussed above). The key lies in understanding who your targeted visitors are and what they want. Make sure your app offers the same and your listing gives them enough information about it. Do not stuff keywords and over-do with optimization but make the content visually appealing and helpful.

Is app store optimization effective?

ASO is not exactly an empirical science. However, it definitely allows you to set some goals related to your app’s success and growth and helps you achieve the same. For instance, it may ensure that your app is discovered by the right kind of audience. When done in the right manner, ASO can considerably increase app installations, making it a success. Furthermore, organic installs attract genuine and loyal users who contribute to better engagement and conversion rates. This gives an overall boost to your growth and performance metrics and creates a robust image of your brand among your customers, stakeholders, and even competitors.

How can AppMySite boost your ASO efforts?

AppMySite is an all-inclusive no-code app development tool that enables customers to design and deploy feature-rich native apps. You can create your apps in minutes and reduce the time to market. This gives you enough time to optimize your app assets for the app stores. Here, you can design the finest artwork for your app and chisel them to perfection like a professional. You can use these assets to optimize your listings on the app stores and capture your users’ attention. Additionally, AppMySite has ample resources on app development and monetization that you can use to create app store-ready apps for your business. Moreover, you can always drop your queries in the comment section below and we will be more than happy to help you. 


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