Here’s why building a native app incurs high costs (and how to build it cost-effectively)

Jan 17, 2019 | Mobile App Builder, WooCommerce App Builder, WordPress App Builder

It is no secret that app building is an expensive and resource-intensive activity. Leading organisations spend months, sometimes years, perfecting their app before making it public. However, small and medium businesses neither have the luxury of the budget or time to undertake the same. So who do they turn to? Either they appoint a third-party firm to develop their app at a high-cost, or they use one of the many DIY app makers online and compromise with quality in the process.

But what if there was an expert mobile app builder for wordpress websites that were simple, economical, and delivered a premium native app? Before answering that question, it is critical to understand why most building approaches today are cost-intensive.

1. Expertise

Building a native app is no child’s play. There is a reason why professionals are compensated handsomely for their skill and expertise, because quality app designing and development comes with experience. That’s why taking a crash-course of app building will do you no good. It is for this same reason why an automated app creator that generates ‘instant’ apps in a cookie-cutter approach will never be able to compete with expertly-crafted apps. Many of these app creators also provide DIY drag and drop tools to design unique apps, but fail to recognise the fact the process requires design, development, and technical sensibilities and is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are a few dedicated app builder organisations that, however, deploy experts to create mobile apps, more on that later.

2. Time

Say you somehow, miraculously, put together a talented team of professionals who are committed to making an excellent app for you, even they won’t be able to reduce the entire process to a few days. The designing mock-ups, iterations, development, testing, and publishing of the app can go on for a few months, even if 7-8 hours shifts are put in everyday. In other words, even after burning a deep hole in your pocket, the end-product will be delivered months after you actually want it. Again, a regular mobile app builder for wordpress will give you quicker results, but deliver a subpar app that won’t serve its purpose of engaging your users and visitors.

How to build an app in a limited budget?

The amount of time and expertise needed to create a native mobile app are two of the biggest reasons why building an app doesn’t come cheap. But what if there was a way to develop a native app within a few days, under expert guidance, and without compromising on the quality?

As it turns out, there is.

There are a number of expert mobile app builders that have dedicated teams to oversee the app creation process. Unlike the readily available ‘instant’ app builders in the markets, such app creators automate the simple parts of converting a website to an app, and pay close attention to things like design, interface, and user experience. AppMySite is one such leading Mobile App Builder for WordPress. which is known for delivering premium native apps for existing websites within a week. If you’ve been looking for a reliable, cost-effective, and simple mobile app builder online, do have a look at AppMySite, its features, and pricing.

Thus, while app building is a complex and resource-heavy process, advancements in technology have allowed simple and hassle-free conversion of existing WordPress websites into engaging mobile apps. Now that you are aware of the intricacies of the app creation process, make an informed decision and invest in an app builder that delivers quality in a cost-effective and time-sensitive manner.