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How freelance developers grow their revenue with AppMySite 

Online app builders have been the hot topic in the mobile app industry for a long time. Smaller businesses are already using this tool to create affordable apps in a much lesser time than they could ever imagine.

Another valuable addition to the family of app builders is AppMySite, a reliable medium of making your own app from your website.

Besides helping owners of e-commerce websites and blog websites, AppMySite is powering freelance developers to grow their revenue multi-folds.

Let’s see the main factors that contribute to the growth of freelance developers with AppMySite:

Easy app development

Building custom mobile apps can be very challenging. The complexity of the development process can be elevated if the app is loaded with features.

Web developers and website development companies often get request to build mobile apps from their existing set of customers. Some of these developers hire mobile app developers and make marginal profits. Let’s not forget the trouble of coordinating back and forth between the client and the app developer for negligible revenue.

Besides developing the app, developers also have to take in charge of project management and prepare a flawless scope before the app is put in the development phase. Now again, you either do it yourself or you hire external help to manage the project.

In either case, you are either investing time or money to ensure your customer is happy.

AppMySite is capable of building a high-performance native apps that can be customized end to end without possessing any app development skills or knowledge.

Not only can you provide one window service to your clients but also make a killing. It’s a win-win for both you and your client.

Instant app delivery

How many of us have lost customers because we couldn’t deliver a project in a given timeline? The pain of losing a hard-earned client can be enormous.

If your plate is already full of app development projects, AppMySite is exactly what you need to deliver high-quality mobile apps, instantly. You can create a mobile app out and out within minutes of signing up.

AppMySite is extremely user-friendly, which makes it easy for anyone to build apps within a limited time frame. You can take time customizing your app by designing the splash screen, forgot password screen, app dashboard and much more. Let’s say an afternoon is good enough to build a stunning app.

Once you build your app, you can see how it looks like on a real device by downloading the AppMySite demo app. If you are happy with what you created, you can proceed to submitting it to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Native mobile apps

Maximize profits 

There is nothing better than building a high-performance mobile app in an affordable budget and within a limited time frame, all by yourself.

Additionally, you are not outsourcing the project of app development to another company or individual to do it on your behalf. This way, you are not saving the effort of coordinating and creating a scope but also an enormous fund.

With AppMySite, you can make numerous apps for your entire clientele in a discounted price range. Make the most of this app builder to grow the revenue of your business.

Give your business a new life 

Enroll yourself in our Reseller Program to give a steady boost to your business with our solution. With AppMySite free online app maker, you can build apps for your clients at zero investment and check their performance.

Once you become AppMySite’s Reseller, you can grab an additional discount on all the mobile apps you build with us. Have a look at the features that we offer:

  • Native mobile apps
  • Fully customizable
  • Code-free development environment
  • Instant app delivery
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Flexible subscription plans
  • Reseller support
  • App for Android & iOS
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Social media integration
  • Smart filtering & sorting
  • Search panel
  • Integrated app publishing
  • Multiple app management

Download our demo app to test it on a real device. Once you are happy with the progress you made, submit it to relevant app store/s for publishing.

Build a mobile app and test it on a real device to know more.


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