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Let’s Build: A WooCommerce native app in 5 days

Creating a WooCommerce mobile app doesn’t always mean that you have to invest an exorbitant amount of fund or energy in getting professional developers on board.

A great alternative to building a native mobile app in a much lesser time can be done if you decide to convert WooCommerce website to mobile app. You can simply go with an app builder to make a mobile app within days of signing up.

Currently, native app development is probably the most reliable platform to create a mobile app for your business. Businesses prefer building apps on this platform because they are more efficient and are created from scratch, unlike hybrid and web view apps.

App My Site is great tool that helps create a robust native app for WooCommerce in a matter of 5 days of signing up on the website. The apps delivered through AMS are well constructed and thoroughly tested.

Have a look at the two-step process for building your mobile application:

Turn website into app in two easy steps

Creating a mobile app is as simple as buying a pair of denims online. Since this platform is not DIY, you can be assured of receiving a professional app that is developed by a team of developers by converting your website into an app.

All you have to do is visit the website to finalize a plan that suits your requirements the best. You can choose to build a WooCommerce Android app, iOS app, or both, from a monthly or a yearly plan. Both the plans come with the same set of services, including creation of the app along with its maintenance, with significant saving opportunity in the yearly plan.

Once you sign up with a relevant plan, you can simply fill out a form that will include a detailed description of your website which can then be handed over for a mobile app to be built within 5 days.

You can create your account with a secret password and fill out your basic information, such as your billing address and website URL to get started immediately. Your personal account will henceforth be used for managing and tracking the development and maintenance of your app. Additionally, you will be able to renew the subscription of your mobile app through this account.

The dynamic account will allow you to add or delete the products you want to continue with in the future. Payment can be done from multiple payments gateways such as PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card or Net banking.

The second step revolves around submitting the details of your website by filling up a form that the team will send you right after you sign up. The app created will use the banner images and logo of your website, which can certainly be changed if you desire so.

The entire process will be completed within 5 days and your app will be ready and fully operational for your customers to start using.

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Three-step process we follow

Instantly after you have shared all the details of your e-commerce website, App My Site will follow three easy steps to curate your shopping mobile application.

Building the app is carried out after you hand over the CS/CK (account specific) keys. The team then extracts all the data from your website to create a mobile application on a native platform. The application made after we turn website into app, is an imitation of your e-commerce site.

The second step involves testing the app thoroughly on both automated and manual platform to check if all the features of your app are working perfectly. Since the app is created on a native platform, we make sure that the app uses complete efficiency of the device it is run on. Once the development, design and testing team is satisfied with the efficiency and the look of the app, it is delivered to ensure your customers interact with a seamless application.

The third step starts only after the app receives your blessings. If you are happy with the look and feel of your app, you can take the help of our support team to publish the app yourself or have it published. You can choose to go with an add-on plan to optimize the content of your mobile app which is a one-time investment. This services empowers businesses to rank on the relevant searches of the app store.

Your app will be live within 5 days of signing up, after which your customers can simply download it and start buying from it.

Amazing features of your WooCommerce mobile app

Robust native apps 

Like we said, native apps are amongst the strongest compared to any apps you will come across. The best part of building apps through this platform is that your app will fully utilize the features and efficiency of your device to perform better and offer a seamless customer experience. These apps are not only faster but are quick in adapting changes made to your website.

Intuitive filter and search options

If your website consists of innumerable products, there is a possibility that your customers will be unable to find a particular item they are looking for. In situations like these, it is very important for e-commerce website to have smart search and filter option where customers can find their products easily. Your app will be equipped with search and filter option to make it more user-friendly.

Seamless checkout experience

Offer a smooth shopping experience to your customer by allowing them to add several products in their cart, which will allow them to take a quick look of the products within the cart. The shopping app that you build will also come with multiple payment options for a secure transaction, including debit card, credit card, net banking, multiple wallet integration, cash on delivery and PayPal.

Dynamic Dashboard 

Every time you make a change to your website, it will automatically be updated on your mobile app too. This means that your dashboard will populate itself when you add or remove products on your website. Additionally, you can change images and content of any product on your website that will also be changed on your app. This feature not only helps in saving the maintenance cost and time but also offers a unified version of the app.

Personalized customer screen

Give your customers a personalized account and profile which they can make changes to any time they want. This feature will help your users change or add billing address, contact details, profile pictures and more. Here, you can enable customers to also have a look at the detailed history and logs of the orders they have purchased with you before. Your previous customer data will also be reflected in the app.

Ending note 

The process to convert WooCommerce website to mobile is easy and takes much lesser time than the normal app development. App My Site offers turning your website into an app within 5 days of signing up within a very small budget.

View the WooCommerce page to find the most frequently asked question, the pricing of the plans and the features of the app that you will get.

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