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Now select the pages you want to display on your dashboard

AppMySite now enables you to select the pages you want to display on your App Dashboard. 

The new feature will help you manage page display more effectively and consequently customize your App Dashboard to a greater degree. 

The following points provide an in-depth view on managing your page display –

  • Pages display toggle – Provides you the option to completely remove the Pages section from the app dashboard. Turn off the toggle if you wish to remove the section and turn it on to show your website pages on the dashboard. 
  • Select Pages – Enables you to choose the specific pages you wish to see on your App Dashboard. Clicking on this button directs users to the Home Pages Selection page. There are two options here –
    • Turn on ‘Show all’ toggle – Displays all the pages from your website.
    • Turn off ‘ Show all’ toggle – Choose the specific pages you want to display on your app.
  • You can select specific pages only after connecting your website and app.

The option to selectively display pages on the App Dashboard will be available for mobile apps with code version 1.3.1 and above. Go through our release notes for more information.

Check out our blog to learn more about managing page display on AppMySite. Visit our support article to learn more.

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