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Should you make an app for your website? – Pros and Cons of building apps

We often meet business owners and managers who can’t make a decision on whether they should make an app for their business or not.

Despite of availability of online app makers like AppMySite, which enable businesses to create native apps for existing websites at very little cost, there are challenges and doubts that keep managers hanging in a decisional limbo.

As we all see the rising use of mobile devices by users, we realize that there is a large opportunity for businesses with customers who have access to mobile devices and the internet. Therefore, we should explore the Pros and Cons/challenges of building apps for businesses to understand how valuable it is for businesses to create apps for mobile devices.

Pros of making mobile apps for websites

1. Wide business reach

With the help of mobile apps you are able to reach new and existing users repeatedly. New users are able to discover your mobile app on search engines and app stores. Also, if you promote the app on social media and through influencers, you can gain access to a wide audience.

Existing users who do not visit your website or store often due to various inconveniences involved are encouraged to avail your services through an app that is easy to access and use on mobile phones.

2. Easy access for audience

With an app, you enable a large audience to reach you easily, as more and more people have access to mobile devices. Mobile apps can be opened with just a tap on a mobile screen. This helps users to visit your selling or publishing platforms with ease.

Also, native apps work efficiently on mobile phones as compared to websites, which face a lot of limitations when opened on a mobile device through mobile web browsers. Therefore, having an app enables your users to access your platforms more frequently.

3. Retention of customers

Apps are more likely to be used by customers for a long period of time. When users install your app on a mobile phone, they tend to use it for a long period of time. Apps make it easy for you to stay directly connected with customers without any hassle or obstacle.

Through apps, you can send direct messages and push notifications to customers to bring them back to the app and to help them purchase larger baskets of goods with you.

4. Low cost of customer engagement

With an app, you can engage customers easily and cost-effectively. With various native mobile app features, you can push relevant content to users at apt times. You can also send them location-specific content and offers. This will help you keep customers hooked and get good results.

You can add a blog or activity section in your app to engage customers. A lot of companies gamify their loyalty and purchase programs to keep customers hooked.

5. Cost-effective marketing

One very important reason why businesses should build an app is to be able to do marketing in a focussed and cost-effective way. Apps allow marketing managers to send relevant marketing messages to users. Such deep optimization of marketing campaigns helps save a lot of money.

Also, tools like push notifications, location services, and contact sync help carry out effective marketing campaigns, so that the right users get the right messages at the right time.

6. Easy payment collection

A lot of times, customers become reluctant about purchasing with you through your website, as they are not able to complete their orders due to lack of a preferred payment mode. With apps, you are able to offer various kinds of easy payment options to your customers.

You can collect payments through credit & debit cards, net banking, mobile wallets, cash, etc. with the help of a payment gateway and inter-app integration in your app.

Cons/Challenges of making mobile apps and how to tackle them

1. Cost involved

It is true that, generally, it takes a lot of money to develop native apps for your website. Traditionally, you will have to hire an app development team or company and let them help you build an app. This can take a lot of your time and money, taking away focus form your main business goals.

However, with services like AppMySite, you can develop Android and iOS apps at a low cost and in little time. This helps you save both time and money.

2. Managing team or following up

If you build an app on your own or hire a team of developer to build a traditional app for you, then you will have to give your time and effort in managing, guiding and following up with those teams. Besides management of teams, you will be required to assess the development of the app, too.

To ensure you save your time and effort, you can use AppMySite’s service. They just take your website’s URL and extract data from it to make an app that works in perfect sync with your website.

3. App efficiency

It is important to develop an app that works efficiently, so that users using the app undertake desired actions. This helps businesses achieve set targets and objectives for the app. In case of an inefficient app, you will lose customers and business.

To ensure that your app is efficient and works perfectly, you can employ services of expert developers who can understand your business goals and create an app that helps you meet them.

4. Updation of content

One challenge that content managers and merchandisers face when managing an app and a website are that they have to do duplicate work to ensure that the content on both the platforms is consistent. This leads to waste of time and money for the business.

You can create an app that works in perfect sync with your website, so that any content changes you make to the website reflect in the app automatically. AppMySite can help you with that.

5. Testing and maintenance of app

Another challenge that businesses face after development of an app is to ensure that the app is bug-free and works perfectly. If your app is not efficient and has functional issues, then you might put off your customers using the app.

One way is to let people in your team test the app and give feedback to developers. When you hire AppMySite to build apps for you, they test the app before sending it to you for approval.

6. Publishing app

Once your app is developed and tested, you will need to create app developer accounts on app stores like Google Play and Apple app store. This requires initial payment to set up accounts and then effort to maintain accounts and create pages.

AppMySite team publishes a developed and tested app on your behalf. They add appropriate description and graphics to the app store pages, so that people are convinced to download your app.

The above Pros and Cons of developing a business app will help business owners and managers come to a sound decision on building apps. An online app maker like AppMySite can help businesses build cost-effective iOS and Android apps for existing websites in no time.

With AppMySite, you can convert a Woocommerce and WordPress website to mobile app.

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