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Three questions to ask before you turn a website into an app

Bravo! You have finally decided to build an app for your website. Now, you must decide what kind of app do you want and how do you want it built. But take a step back and ask yourself this first: what is it that you need to know before you turn a website into an app? In case you are struggling to answer this question, we have broken it down into three simple parts. Make sure you go through them before you take the next step: 

What sort of an app do you want?

You need to have a basic idea about how your app should look like and what all should it be able to do. Do you want a basic web app (a responsive version of your website), a premium native app that has been built from scratch especially for your website, or a hybrid app (that has features of both)? Furthermore, now that you want to turn website into app, do you want to focus on iOS users or Android users, or both? In case you aren’t sure about these questions, read more about them here.

How quickly do you want the app to be available to your users?

Do you want an app within the next hour, day, week, or month? Depending on your answer, you should decide the next step. If you are pressed for time, are not aiming for quality, and need your app to be published as soon as possible, DIY app builders might be the best bet. However, if you have a week or so, getting expert assistance would be the best way to go. For instance, experts at App My Site will deliver a native, dynamic, and fully-functional mobile app for your website within a week. 

What is your budget?

A bit of a no-brainer, but you need to be absolutely clear as to how much you’re willing to spend in order to build the app. If you are absolutely sure that you don’t want to spend a single penny and want the goods for free, brace yourself for subpar quality, lag-prone interface, and a lack of aesthetically pleasing design. You can’t have your cake and eat it too! In order to build an app that serves a purpose and adds value to your website (or business), you will have to make an investment. However, don’t mistake the price tag for the level of quality. Make sure you weigh your options and go for a solution that best suits your budget. Several app builders like App My Site charge a nominal price but build native mobile applications for WordPress and WooCommerce websites that are native, dynamic, fully-functional, and responsive.

It’s best to leave professional work to experts. That is why a team of experts creates mobile applications from the ground-up at App My Site. These questions are simply meant to help you get your thinking cap on. Once you sit and ponder over them, they will inadvertently lead to more questions! What are some other questions you answered before turning your website into an app? Let us know! 

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