No-code business app development

Want to promote your business online? Build a business app for your company without writing a single line of code and reach clients & customers on their smartphones.


How to build a business mobile app in minutes?

Build business apps in minutes with easy-to-use features and automated workflows to expedite the development process.

Connect business website and app

Populate your app with product & service pages from your business website. Auto-populate website updates on the app in real-time.

Personalize the app

Fully customize your business app with the cutting-edge design features. Configure page layout and personalize your app effortlessly.

Publish on the app stores

Test your business app on live emulators and smartphone devices. Publish your apps to the app stores when you’re ready.

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Power your business app with premium features

Integrate the best features in your business app and promote your products & services. Allow prospective clients and customers to discover content in a native interface.

Sync product & service pages

Show all your website’s product and service pages in the app. Showcase all the details of your company’s solutions in a native app.

Leverage various use cases

Whether your business is an SMB, enterprise, or startup - build any type of app in minutes without writing any code.

Integrate client & customer chat

Directly chat with clients and customers on your native app. Integrate popular chat software like Zendesk, Intercom, and LiveChat.

Build for Android & iOS

Develop business mobile apps for Android & iOS and allow clients & customers to find you on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


Turn your business website into an app

Most businesses have a website. While a site is essential for reaching customers online, it’s not the best medium to find clients and customers on smartphones. A native app is ideal for prospective clients looking for you on smartphones.

AppMySite enables you to turn your business website into an app. Sync your website’s key landing pages and content to the app. Integrate features like chat, multilingual support, and push notifications and track app success with in-built analytics.


Benefits of business app development

Making a great impression on potential clients is crucial and a mobile website is not exactly built to work on smartphone devices. Building a native business app is a great way to showcase your services and portfolio in a fast and interactive interface.

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Create with AppMySite’s business app builder

Why is AppMySite the right solution to create a business app? Not all app development solutions enable you to sync your existing service and product pages to a native app interface. If you already have a functional business website, you ideally want to sync your existing pages to a mobile app.

AppMySite enables you to bring all your site pages to a native app. When you add a new page or post to your website, the app will automatically reflect it in real-time. There’s no limit on the number of pages you can sync with the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a business mobile app?faqplus

Creating a business mobile app only takes a few minutes on AppMySite. Here’s how the process works:

  • Sign up for an AppMySite and set up your app. It basically involves providing basic details of your app.
  • Design your app with features that enable you to style your app in a way that matches your brand’s color theme.
  • Connect your business website to start populating your pages, posts, and other content in a native app interface.
  • Configure your app’s settings and change the way users interact with your mobile app.
  • Test your app on device emulators and smartphones and see if it works as you expect. Check if all screens are working as they should.
  • Create a build of your Android and iOS app. Once your build is ready, submit the app files to Google Play and the Apple App Store.

How much does business mobile app development cost?faqplus

The cost of business app development is generally somewhere between $30-50K. The cost can be higher or lower depending on the type of app you’re trying to build. For some businesses, the cost of custom app development may be too steep. The alternative is to sign up for a no-code platform that enables you to build native apps at an affordable price. AppMySite is one such platform that allows you to create mobile apps by signing up for sustainable subscription plans.

How much time does it take to develop a business app?faqplus

Business app development can take a lot of time if you’ve hired an agency or a team of developers to build an app for you. On average, it can take somewhere from three to six months to build a business mobile app. If this timeline seems unviable, you can decide to sign up for a no-code alternative like AppMySite that allows you to create business apps in minutes. You can use easy-to-use features to fully build and design your app.

Is a premade template needed to develop a business app?faqplus

Building a business app on AppMySite does not require you to have a premade template. Once you connect your website, the app will populate your site’s pages and content in the app automatically. You can further design the screens and set a color theme to style to personalize your app based on your brand’s aesthetic.

Which features are essential for your jewelry store app?faqplus

Looking to integrate features with your business app? Here are some of the top features your business app needs:

  • User login & signup
  • Product & service pages
  • Website-app sync
  • Push notification features
  • Payment gateway and integration (if you sell directly on your website)
  • Account management (update profile, orders, etc)
  • Cart & checkout screens
  • Chat feature

Integrate these features with your app to ensure your clients and customers are able to learn everything there is to know about your business.

Why is AppMySite the best for business app development?faqplus

Why AppMySite? With our DIY and automated app development platform, you can build the type of app your business needs, without coding. Instead of waiting weeks and months to get a glimpse of your app, AppMySite empowers you to be ready with a ready-to-publish app in minutes.

Besides sustainable pricing and fast development timelines, AppMySite enables you to add essential features to your app. From customer chat to push notifications and language support, you can integrate every important feature with a few simple clicks and build a premium business app that helps you grow and meet your business goals.

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