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Create a church or ministry app and connect with your religious community online. Turn your church website into an app with AppMySite’s instant church app creator and launch on the app stores.


How to make a church app

Develop code-free and premium church apps for Android and iOS users. Connect with the
global audience and grow your community.

Sync your website with app

Just connect your website and mobile app with a click and get started instantly. Build your app within minutes and be ready to roll.

Customize app design

Control how your video conferencing app looks and feels. Customize the screens, color scheme, buttons, app layout, and more.

Preview and publish app

Build and preview your Android and iOS apps for free. Download the fully built apps and publish on Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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Feature-rich church app for your congregants

Upload bible lessons and sermons, run outreach programs, collect funds, and more, with your own church app. Give one-click access and offer convenience to your congregants.

Build app in minutes

AppMySite fast tracks app development and helps you go from idea to app in minutes. Set up your church app in minutes and go live.

Add sermons and blogs

From bible-lessons to religious blogs, bring all your website content to the app. Auto-populate with a click and save time and effort.

Collect donations online

Organize fundraisers and donation drives with ease. Integrate your website’s payment gateway with the app and collect donations online.

Send push notifications

Send push notifications to your community members and keep them engaged. Share sermon updates, service schedules, events, and more.


Launch a church & ministry app and grow your reach

Mobile apps have become dominant in every sphere. People are turning to their smartphones for religious advice and spiritual knowledge. Creating an app for your church community can help you connect more closely with such users.

Give one-click access to your sermons, bible-lessons, spiritual blogs, etc., and bring people of faith closer to your kirk. Streamline your fundraisers, prayer meets, service bookings, and other activities and grow your community beyond limits.


Build with AppMySite’s church app builder

You do not need a big budget, a long timeline, or a team of coding experts to build a church app for your community. All you need is AppMySite’s no-code church and ministry app builder that fast tracks and simplifies app development.

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Engage more members and expand your community

Bring your church to an app and go digital. Upload bible-lessons, sermons and blogs and give your congregants one-touch access to unlimited content. Send prayer invites and event schedules and organize communions easily and effortlessly.

Build your app with AppMySite and control how your app looks and feels. Point and click to add endless features to your app and offer a seamless experience to your community. Engage and interact with more people and expand your circle.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a church app? Does my church need an app?faqplus

A church app brings all the activities of a church at the user’s fingertips. It gives them remote access to your church and its activities and helps you connect with people beyond any boundaries. As most people now prefer accessing everything through their smartphones, your church also needs an app to keep up with the times. You can create an app for your church and let your community easily listen to sermons on-the-go, book and find events, register for services online, read Bible lessons, donate through digital payment gateways, and much more.

What are the benefits of a church and ministry app?faqplus

If you wish to digitize your church activities and make management super-easy, you must create a church and ministry app. The biggest advantage of creating a church app is that it will streamline all your activities and bring it to your people on their smartphones. Your ministers, congregants, and others will be able to access everything with a few taps and interact more frequently. An app can give people an easy and instant access to your church and in turn contribute towards the growth of your community and make it stronger.

How do church apps make money?faqplus

Creating an app can make it easier for you to run donation campaigns and collect funds online. Other than that, you can also make money through your app in several other ways. Sell merchandise and prayer accessories or add some premium and exclusive features and charge people for unlocking those features within the app. Else, earn by showing ads in your app, running affiliate marketing campaigns, sponsor ads, and more.

Can I make a church app without coding?faqplus

Yes, you can make a no-code church and ministry app with AppMySite’s code free church app builder. It is the fastest, easiest and one of the most affordable app development solutions available online. It demands very less time, effort and resources and powers you to create your own app single-handedly. The cutting-edge technology stack ensures a seamless experience while you build your premium Android and iOS apps without any coding.

How do I create an app for my church?faqplus

There are several church app development options available online but only a few of them are worth your time, effort, and resources. Therefore, explore the options carefully and then decide. You can create your church app using any one of the development options listed below:

  1. Create your app with a DIY code-free app builder like AppMySite. This method suits beginners as well as professionals and is the fastest of them all.
  2. Learn programming and build with low-code solutions. This is not suitable for beginners and learning a new programming language and coding your app will take a lot of effort.
  3. Outsource development to an agency or hire in-house developers. This option can cost you a fortune and also delay the time to market by months.

We recommend going with the first option as it is the more advanced way of creating apps in today’s day and age. Save time, efforts and resources and invest them in growing your church community instead of exhausting it all on development.

What are the types of church apps that I can create?faqplus

You can either create an inclusive church app that has it all or design it based on your goals, target audience, and more. Some ideas for building different kinds of church apps are as follows:

  • App based on audience type: Apps for parishioners & clerics, apps for older people, apps for children, and more.
  • App based on your activity and goals: Apps for bible lessons, apps for church funding, apps for booking services, and more.

You can also incorporate all those features and create one inclusive app that has it all segmented inside its menu and categories. The choice is completely yours and there is no fixed formula to creating a church app.

How much does it cost to make a church app?faqplus

Church apps are a big financial commitment and can cost you somewhere around 100,000 to 300,000 US dollars if you go down the road of custom development. The final cost will also depend upon the complexity of the design and features, timeline of development, maintenance charges and the hidden costs of the project. However, if you want a more straightforward and affordable solution then you can create your app with AppMySite. Our packages come with unbelievable pricing and suit all kinds of businesses and organizations. You can explore the plans and pick the one that suits you best.

How long does it take to build a church app?faqplus

Custom app development processes take time. You will need to find an agency that understands your needs and delivers just that. This alone can take a few days. Depending upon your requirements and the complexity of the app, the development process may take several months. This is a problem that AppMySite tackles and gives an unmatchable solution for. Our app builder lets you create your own app within minutes. Create your project now and go from idea to app in no time.

What features are essential for a church app?faqplus

Wondering what makes a good church app? Well, it is mostly the features of the app. Features determine how your users interact with the app and thus, affect the overall success of your app. Some features worth incorporating in your church app are as follows:

  • Easy participant or user onboarding (signup via Facebook, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
  • User profile management
  • Menu and category creation
  • Support for uploading bible, sermons & blogs
  • Payment gateway integration for funding & sales
  • Smooth navigation, UI & UX
  • Monetization support
  • User rating & feedback collection
  • Push notification support
  • Social media integration
  • Usage data analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • In-app chat support

These are some of the features you should consider adding to your app. Depending upon your personalized goals, you can also add more to the list and ensure that your app has them all.

Why choose AppMySite to create a church app?faqplus

AppMySite lets you believe in fewer dependencies and full freedom. It is a truly DIY app builder that brings the power of development at your fingertips and democratizes it. If you already have a website for your church and you want to turn it into an app, then AppMySite is the best solution for you. It is fast, easy, and absolutely code-free. Create and preview your native Android and iOS church apps for free and upgrade to pay and launch only when you are ready.

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