No-code daily deal application development

Promote daily deals, coupons, vouchers, and other promotional offers on your daily deal and coupon app. Build a code-free mobile app in minutes with AppMySite.


How to create a daily deal application in minutes?

With no-code features and fast automated workflows, build a daily deal app in minutes. Start promoting your deals, offers, discounts, and more in minutes.

Connect deal website and app

Populate all your website’s deals in the mobile app by connecting your website and app. Any new deals or discounts will be reflected in the app automatically.

Personalize the app

Customize your daily deal app’s screens and sections with easy-to-use design features. See how every design decision changes the way your app looks on live screens.

Publish on the app stores

Preview the app on live Android & iOS emulators and smartphone devices. Publish your mobile app on Google Play and the Apple App Store when you’re ready.

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Promote deals, coupons, and offers on your premium app

Want to build apps like Groupon and NearBuy and take your business to the next level? Leverage AppMySite’s easy-to-use design features and point-and-click options to build a stunning and feature-rich daily deal app.

Classify deals and coupons

Simplify deal discovery by syncing your coupon and deal categories to the app. Make it easy for customers to find deals and discounts.

Send push notifications

Inform customers about campaigns such as deal of the day, promotional offers, and discount campaigns via push notifications.

Easy sign-up and login

Integrate Google and Apple login with your app. Offer profile update features to make account management easy for customers.

Sync deal categories

Classify deal offers and discounts into suitable categories. Allow users to easily find deals via smart search in the app.


Convert your daily deal website into an app

Transform your daily website into a premium mobile app. Listing every deal one at a time on your app can be time consuming and tedious. With AppMySite, simply sync all your active deals and discount coupons with the app in minutes.

You can also find point-and-click options to design the app as per your brand’s aesthetic, and add features to power the overall user experience. Integrate functionalities like customer chat & push notifications, and offer deal hunters a fast and optimized mobile interface.


Why build your daily deal app with AppMySite?

AppMySite cuts through the challenges of daily deal app development. From making design simple with easy-to-use options to adding features in a few clicks, build a promotional app for deal hunters in minutes with AppMySite’s daily deal app builder.

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Advantages of creating a daily deal mobile app

Why should you jump into app development if you already have a thriving website? Mobile app usage has been growing for many years now. To attract deal hunters looking for discounts and promotions on their smartphones, a mobile website is not the best medium.

Mobile apps enable you to deliver the best possible browsing experience to your deal customers. They are ideal for fast-loading screens, easy discovery, and native functionality like push notifications and chat.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a daily deal mobile app?faqplus

AppMySite enables you to build a daily deal application in a few simple steps:

  • Start by creating an account and setting up your daily deal app by entering a few basic details (app name, website URL, etc).
  • Personalize your app icon, launch screen, login & sign up, and home screen. You can ensure your deal website’s theme, colors, and artwork are reflected on these screens with the powerful design tools available.
  • Connect your website and app to populate all your site’s deals, promotions, discounts, and other important pages to the app.
  • Configure the app settings to manage how your deal customers interact with the app.
  • Preview the app on both live emulators and real devices to see if the application works as it should. You can go back and make design and setting adjustments to ensure your deal customers are able to easily interact with the app.
  • Generate ready-to-publish app files in your AppMySite account, and later download & submit them to Google Play and the Apple App Store.

What is the cost of daily deal application development?faqplus

The cost of building a daily deal depends on the development method you choose. Custom app development can cost you somewhere between $50-70K. The cost is generally this because your development team has to build features & workflows, design the app, and do testing to ensure your app works smoothly. All these tasks require a significant investment of time, which is why the cost is so high.

The alternative is to sign up for a DIY app builder like AppMySite. The platform enables you to build daily deal apps using your existing website as a foundation. It’s completely no-code, which means you can create the app even if you don’t know coding. All you need to do is create the app, and when you want to publish on the app stores, choose a subscription plan that best suits your needs.

How much time does it take to create a daily deal app?faqplus

Daily deal app development can take anywhere between four to six months if you choose custom app development. The main reason for a long timetable when it comes to custom app development is that developers have to build every part of the app from scratch.

The solution is to sign up for a no-code DIY app development option like AppMySite. The platform’s easy-to-use features and automated workflows make the development process fast and efficient. You can have your daily deal app ready in minutes.

Is a premade template needed to create a daily deal app?faqplus

With AppMySite, you can develop a daily deal app without a premade template. Once you connect your deal website, your site’s content will be synced with the app. All your site’s content – deals, promotions, discounts, posts, and pages will reflect in the app automatically. You can also design the app to ensure its look and feel matches the type of theme you’re going for.

Which features are essential for your daily deal mobile app?faqplus

Some of the feature your daily deal app needs are:

  • User login & signup
  • Deal & discount details screens
  • Deal discovery features (category classification, smart search, etc)
  • Push notification features
  • Website-app sync
  • Account management (update profile, settings, etc)
  • Analytics (view the high-performing deals in your app)
  • Customer chat feature

You can add these features to your app in minutes with a few clicks. Whether it’s push notifications, customer chat, analytics, or search features, develop a premium daily deal app for your website.

Why is AppMySite the best for daily deal app development?faqplus

There are a number of tools available that help you build daily deal applications, so why AppMySite? Firstly, adding every attractive deal on your website manually, one at a time, takes a lot of time. Ideally, you want a tool that’s able to sync your deal website into an app.

AppMySite not only syncs your website’s deals with an app interface, but also provides features and integrations that further power your app. Easily build a deal app that provides the best possible discovery and browsing experience to your customers and audience.

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