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Create an app for your directory website without coding and bring all your profiles and listings in one place. Build your app instantly with AppMySite and go mobile in minutes.


How to create a directory app?

Create premium and white-labeled apps for your directory and listing website in a few easy steps. Launch your apps on Google Play & Apple App Store and grow your business.

Connect your website and app

Connect your website with your mobile app and mirror all the data with a click. Automatically sync your listings and other settings.

Personalize app design & layout

Control how your app looks and feels. Use our easy design tools and personalize the screens, color theme, buttons, banners, and more.

Preview & launch your app

Build and preview your Android and iOS apps on our emulators. Upgrade to pay and publish when you are ready to go live on the app stores.

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Features that will super-charge your business

AppMySite is your one-stop solution for developing directory and listing apps. Create feature-rich apps with our instant and easy app creator and scale your business.

Build app for any industry

Property listings, job listings, matrimonial profile listings, business reviews directory, & more. Build premium apps for any industry niche.

Add unlimited profiles & listings

Auto-populate all your website data to the app with a few clicks. Add endless profiles and listings and give varied options to your consumers.

Integrate any payment gateway

Bring your website’s payment gateway to the app and ensure fast transactions. Implement discount & reward programs and increase user loyalty.

Send push notifications

Accomplish your marketing and communication goals with push notifications. Schedule and send messages to keep your users informed and engaged.


Build a directory app and upscale your business listings

Every business needs an app for an ideal mobile experience. Complement your directory and listing website with the perfect apps and transcend your customers’ experience. Launch for Android and iOS and enter the mobile marketplace.

From job listings to business listings, matrimonial profiles to profiles of professionals, no matter what your niche is, create an app for it with AppMySite. Give one-touch access to endless listings & entries and grow your business manifold.


Why build with AppMySite’s directory app creator?

AppMySite is the best code-free app builder to develop powerful directory listing applications. With easy point-and-click features and no-code workflows, you can easily build and launch directory listing apps in minutes.

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Launch for Android and iOS and grow your presence

Create your business listing app with AppMySite and watch your idea come to life in minutes. Customize the app design and align it with your business theme. Point and click to add endless features of your choice and enrich your app.

Get support for social login, guest browsing, unlimited listings, online payments, loyalty programs, blog integration, usage analytics, monetization, rating & review collection, and more. Launch the perfect apps and grow beyond limits.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a directory app?faqplus

A directory is a listing of information for niche-based categories like job listings, service listings, matrimonial listings, real estate & property listings, etc. It may include a list and information of businesses, services, professionals, etc., that consumers can access based on their requirements. A directory app, as evident, is a more advanced version of such classified listings. A directory mobile app brings the same information and experience to mobile devices and enables users to access the listings with a few taps. If you have a listing or directory website, you can easily create an app for it with AppMySite and launch it on the app stores.

Why should I create an app for my directory?faqplus

Websites are good for exposure on the web. However, every business needs an app in the long run. It helps you streamline your business and bring it on mobile devices while making it easily available and accessible for your customers. Apps also give you the power to leverage mobile device features and collect better usage analytics. You can also understand your users better and design a rewarding and seamless experience for them, away from the competition on the web.

What are the various types of directory apps?faqplus

The directory and listing industry has evolved and expanded over the years. It incorporates several verticals, and many industry niches make use of directories and listings to enlist their business, services, data, etc., for the customers. Some popular types of directory & listing apps are as follows:

  • City directory app (tourism, guides, etc.)
  • Governance directory app (contacts of officials)
  • Local business directory app
  • Professionals’ directory app
  • B2B (Business to Business) directory app
  • B2C (Business to Consumer) directory app
  • Business listings app
  • Matrimonial profile listing app
  • Coupon directory app
  • Rating & review listing app
  • Classifieds directory app
  • Yellow pages directory app
  • Real estate & property listings app
  • Events directory app
  • Job listings app
  • Travel directory app
  • Hotel/Restaurant/Café directory app

These are some of the many directory and listing app ideas that you can choose from. Create an app that suits your business goals and connect directly with your customers.

How do I create a business directory app?faqplus

App development industry has changed rapidly over the years. Businesses, organizations, and individuals are choosing low-code and no-code app development software solutions over custom methods of app development to save time and money and get better results. No-code app builders eliminate the constraints of long delivery time and massive budgets that affect the custom app development industry. You can create your own business directory app with a no-code app builder and go from concept to app in minutes.

Which tech stack is required for developing a directory app?faqplus

AppMySite is the only tool you need to build a premium and white-labeled directory app. It comes with a cutting-edge technology stack that powers you to make your own app without writing a single line of code. It ensures app development at lightning fast speed and budget-friendly packages. Manage everything from development to deployment at a go and scale your directory and listing business beyond limits.

How much does it cost to develop a directory app?faqplus

Traditional methods of app development and maintenance are a costly affair. Even a minimum viable product can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Depending upon feature and design complexities and the timeline of the project, the cost can go further up. However, if you are looking for a more straightforward and affordable option, then go with AppMySite. We have packages that suit all kinds of budgets and goals. You can create and test your app for free and only pay to upgrade and publish when you are ready to commit.

How much time will it take to develop a directory app?faqplus

The timeline of an app development project depends on several factors like the development method, design & feature complexities, content & resource compilation, and more. For instance, custom app development projects can take several months to complete. On the other hand, you can create an app on AppMySite in only a few minutes without compromising on the design or quality front. It can reduce your time to market and help you save valuable hours that can be invested in expanding and promoting the business.

What are the general & advanced features of a directory mobile app?faqplus

A directory app must have all the features that make it easier for users to find the listings they are looking for. From smart search to one-click chat support, your app must have it all. Here’s a list of features that are worth incorporating in your directory and listing app:

  • Effortless customer onboarding and login (via Facebook, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
  • User profile creation and management
  • Unlimited listings and entries
  • Smooth navigation and interface
  • Smart & intuitive search bar
  • Easy filtering and sorting
  • Quick payment & checkout
  • Customer rating, review & feedback collection
  • Loyalty program, referral, and coupon support
  • Blog integration
  • Social media integration
  • Push notification support
  • Usage data analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • In-app chat support
  • Monetization support

These are some of the features that you can include in your directory and listing app. Offer a feature-rich experience to your users and inspire them to scroll more and engage more with your app.

How to monetize a directory app?faqplus

Apps can open several avenues of growth and income for any business. Apart from earning commissions for paid listings, you can also sell services and commodities. Also monetize your app by implementing the freemium model. Here, the basic features or content can be made freely available whereas users can pay to unlock a more advanced and premium experience. Other than that, you can also earn by showing ads in your app. For instance, AppMySite lets you integrate your app with the best ad networks. You can show ads from Google and earn for every impression and click. You can also run affiliate programs, sponsorships, etc., to earn revenue through your apps. All the earnings remain yours as AppMySite charges no commission on the sales or revenue made through your app.

Why choose AppMySite to develop my directory app?faqplus

AppMySite is the best code-free app builder for businesses that have a website and want to complement it with an equally powerful app. It lets you build your own app without going through the intensive processes of custom app development. You can create premium, native and zero maintenance apps within minutes of signing up. All the data on your website can be auto populated to the app and everything from development to deployment can be managed under one roof. Build and preview your Android and iOS apps for free and pay to upgrade only when you want to. Launch your app on the Google Play and Apple App Stores when ready and enter the mobile market with minimum effort and investment.

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