Create an event app in minutes, without coding

Showcase live events, seminars, and webinars in a premium native event app. AppMySite’s event app builder enables you to build powerful mobile apps without coding. Simplify event app development with AppMySite and go live on the app stores.


How to create an event mobile app in minutes?

Easily develop an event mobile app with point-and-click features and dynamic workflows. Populate your app screens with event details from your website.

Connect your event website and app

Establish connectivity between your event website and app. Populate your website’s event listings, posts, pages, and media in the mobile app.

Design your app effortlessly

Personalize the app with powerful design features. Harmonize your app’s design with your website & brand’s theme and aesthetics.

Go live on the app stores

Preview and test your app on live emulators and smartphones. When you’re ready, submit the app to Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Uncomplicate event app development with easy-to-use features

You never have to worry about coding with AppMySite. Design and build your event app with no-code easy-to-use features and automated workflows.

Showcase any type of event

Sync any type of event on your website with your mobile app. Showcase conferences, live & virtual events, webinars, and seminars

Stream events in real-time

Live stream any kind of event in your mobile app. Sync your website content with the app and show updates in real time.

Send event notifications

Inform your users and audience about upcoming events, passes, ticket discounts and more with unlimited push notifications.

Build for Android & iOS

Develop an event app for your business for Android and iOS. Go live on Google Play and the Apple App Store


Turn your event website into an app

Transcend your event business from web to mobile in no time. AppMySite’s event app development platform is built to work with to populate your website’s event listings, details, pages, and posts with a native app interface.

Once you establish connectivity with your website, the app will be populated with events, live streams, and all other types of content. You can further power the native interface with features like notifications, language support, audience chat, social login, and more.


Why build your event app with AppMySite?

With AppMySite, you have the ability to build powerful apps without coding in minutes. From intuitive design features to powerful setting configurations and seamless workflows, find everything you need to deliver an immersive event experience to your users.

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Advantages of creating an event app

Do you need an app if you already have a thriving event website? Websites are a great medium to build an online presence, but they’re not exactly an ideal medium to attract smartphone users. Mobile apps, in contrast, are built for fast screen-loading times and optimized experience on smartphone devices.

Besides speed and performance, apps are also a great tool for attracting and acquiring new users. Another medium to attract users and build a wide customer base can help take your business to the next level. To top it all off, you can build apps effortlessly with DIY tools like AppMySite without writing code.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to build an event app ?faqplus

AppMySite enables you to build an event app in a few simple steps:

  • After setting up your account, set up your app by entering basic information like your app name, website URL, etc.
  • Design the app’s icon, launch screen, login & signup, and home screen. Use simple design features to personalize every screen and section of your app. At every point, you can see how your app looks on the live preview screens.
  • Establish connectivity between your event website and app. Doing this will populate your app with content from your website.
  • Manage your app settings to change how users interact with your application.
  • Preview every screen of your app and see if everything looks and performs as you expect.
  • Generate Android and iOS builds of your app and submit them to Google Play and the Apple App Store.

What is the cost of building an event app?faqplus

The overall cost of custom event app development can be somewhere between $30-50K. The number may seem a little steep. Developers generally end up building and designing every aspect of the app as per client requirements, which naturally takes time and costs more.

Signing up for a DIY app builder like AppMySite is more efficient financially. With flexible pricing plans for all businesses, you can ensure you don’t need to speed thousands of dollars to get an app. Visit AppMySite’s pricing page for more information.

How much time does it take to make an event app?faqplus

Event app development can take somewhere between three to six months. Since developers need to develop and design the app from scratch, it can take over a thousand hours to get a ready-to-submit app. Such a long timeline may be unviable for some event businesses who need a faster turnaround time.

The alternative is signing up for a no-code platform like AppMySite. You can build an app in minutes with easy-to-use features and fast automations that expedite the development process significantly.

Is a premade template necessary to build an event app?faqplus

You don’t need a template to create an app with AppMySite. Once you connect your event site, the app interface will start showing content from the site. From event details & listings to seminars and conferences, sync everything with your app. Further personalize and power your app with features like push notifications, social login, language support, customer chat, and more.

What are the features you need to create an event app?faqplus

The features you need to develop an event app are:

  • User login & signup
  • Event listing screens
  • Event streaming features
  • Event discovery via categories and smart search.
  • Push notification features
  • Website-app sync
  • Profile management (update profile, settings, etc)
  • Analytics (view your app’s most popular events)
  • Customer chat options

These features can play a big role in optimizing your user experience. With AppMySite , you can integrate all these features with your app.

Why is AppMySite your best choice to develop an event app?faqplus

You can build event apps with many DIY tools, so why AppMySite? Not every tool allows you to automatically sync your website and app. You’re required to build and design every screen from scratch. The app creation process thus takes more time than expected.

If you already have an event website and quickly wish to launch an event app, AppMySite is the ideal solution. The platform is built to sync your existing website with a native app interface. You can further customize the interface with design features and feature integrations to optimize the user experience.

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