No-code Food Delivery App Development

Deliver food on demand and grow your business. Create your own food delivery app with AppMySite without any coding and let your customers place mobile orders with a few taps.


How to create a food delivery app

AppMySite’s DIY app builder is the best software solution for building a food delivery app. Create your app in only a few steps without any coding.

Connect website with app

Get started by connecting your website and mobile app with a few simple clicks. Turn it into an app and get going in no time.

Customize app design

Create an app that complements your website and brand theme. Customize the color scheme, screen designs, banner, and more.

Preview & launch the app

Create and preview your Android and iOS apps for free. Upgrade to pay and publish only when you are ready to go live.

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Food delivery app features that will power your goals

Get premium and cutting-edge features in your mobile app. Ensure a smooth experience for your customers and inspire them to scroll more and order more.

Easy & instant development

App development is not just for tech wizards. Design and customize your mobile app like a professional and be ready to roll in minutes.

Automate order processing

Make food ordering super-easy with one-click menu access and smart payments. Process orders swiftly and win at customer experience.

Extend chat support

Integrate a chat software in your app and extend one click support to users. Address their concerns & queries and make their journey easier.

Send push notifications

Send push notifications to your customers and engage them frequently with the app. Keep them updated on order status, new offers, and more.


Deliver food on demand with a premium app

Vanilla apps are not enough for engaging fast-paced users in the competitive food market. Create aesthetic and premium apps that have it all. Pick and add features that add more value to your business and power your goals.

Offer the convenience of mobile ordering to your direct customers or become a restaurant aggregator platform and deliver food from multiple joints. Build a customized mobile app that completely aligns with your business model.


Build with AppMySite and ace development

Get rid of all the limitations and simplify food delivery app development. Create feature-rich Android and iOS apps with AppMySite’s instant & code-free app builder without worrying about budget, time, and expertise.

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Launch feature-rich apps and attract more foodies

Build low-maintenance and feature-rich apps and invest your time and effort in scaling your business. Offer a smooth and advanced mobile food ordering experience to your customers and make them fall in love with your app.

Bring your website’s data to the app, integrate any payment gateway, translate the app to your preferred language, run discount campaigns & loyalty programs, monetize with ads, collect user-data, and explore endless more possibilities.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I create an app for my food delivery service?faqplus

The food delivery market is getting more and more competitive each day. Not having an app in the age of smartphones can make you lag behind your competitors. You can launch an app for your business and reach out to online customers that want the convenience of mobile ordering. Offer one-click access to multiple restaurants, menus, and services and unlock all the benefits that are exclusive to mobile-based businesses.

How can I create an app like Uber Eats and DoorDash?faqplus

Whether you aim to build a restaurant aggregator platform or create an app for your own kitchens, you can fulfill any goal with AppMySite’s food delivery app builder. While creating an app like Uber Eats and DoorDash can get complicated using traditional methods of app development, AppMySite simplifies it and makes it feasible for all. Our platform powers you to build premium, white-labeled, and feature-rich apps for Android and iOS. You can create your app within minutes and experience new-age app development for free.

How much does it cost to develop a food delivery app?faqplus

Traditional methods of app development can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars. An app with multiple customizations and iterations can make the project more expensive. You may also have to suffer the hazards of hidden pricing. On the other hand, if you want a more affordable and transparent solution, then you can go with a code-free app builder. For instance, AppMySite enables you to create affordable apps at prices that are suitable for all. You can go through our pricing plans and subscribe to the one that best suits you.

How much time will it take to develop a food delivery app?faqplus

Custom app development demands a lot of time and patience in addition to a huge team of technical experts. A project dedicated to building a basic app with optimal booking and payment features can take up to several months or even a year. This is a development issue that AppMySite addresses and resolves with its intuitive and instant app builder. Anyone with or without prior experience in development can create an app on AppMySite within minutes. Try it to believe it and watch your app idea come to life in no time.

What key features should I include in my food ordering app?faqplus

Features determine the user experience and the overall success of an app. Make sure that your food delivery app consists of all the essential features along with extra perks that add more value to your platform and enhance your users’ journeys. Some features that should be included in your food ordering app are as follows:

  • Easy sign up and login (via Facebook, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
  • Customer profile & data management
  • Smooth navigation and interface
  • Easy restaurant/item/cuisine search and filter
  • Digital menu and ordering
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Order management and history tracking
  • Customer rating & review collection
  • Push notification support
  • Usage data analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • In-app chat support

Create a flexible app with all the features listed above. Make sure that the app is scalable and matches the growth and expansion of your business.

Why choose AppMySite to develop my food delivery app?faqplus

AppMySite brings the power of app development at your fingertips. Our app builder enables you to create the perfect app for your food delivery business without coding. It is super quick and easy and gives you complete control on your app projects. If you have a website, you can easily turn it into an app and auto-populate all the data from your website to the app and save hours’ worth of time and effort. With AppMySite, you can build and preview your app for free and only pay to upgrade and launch your app when you are ready to commit.

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