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Create an app for your healthcare website and grow your engagement manifold. Build your own healthcare app instantly without coding and take your idea to the market in no time.


How to create a medical and healthcare app?

Create your medical and healthcare app without writing any code. Just follow a few easy steps as described here and launch your own health app with AppMySite.

Connect app with website

Build your app around your website and save time & effort. Connect your website and mobile app and auto-populate all the data in seconds.

Customize the app design

Manage how your healthcare app looks and feels. Personalize the screens, layout, color theme, font, banner and more with our easy design tools.

Pick a suitable pricing plan

Build your healthcare app for free and preview every update on a live screen. Upgrade to pay and publish only when you are ready to go live.

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Power your healthcare app with endless features

Digital health solutions are the new normal in the health and fitness industry. Create a feature-rich healthcare app to upgrade your services and offer a seamless experience to your patients.

Make appointment booking easier

If your healthcare service requires people to book appointments, then make the process easier. Let patients book & cancel visits with a few taps.

Enable contactless payments

Manage patient billing, taxes, and invoices the easy way. Integrate your website’s payment gateway to the app and accept payments online.

Send push notifications

Send personalized and timed push notifications to your patients. Notify them of upcoming appointments, health camps, and more.

Extend in-app chat support

Integrate any chat software in your app and offer one-click support to your patients. Extend virtual advice, counseling, assistance, and more.


Build a healthcare app and unlock endless advantages

The global health industry is worth billions, and mobile health services are majorly contributing to it. If you have a healthcare business or a medical center, now is the time to take it to an app. Go mobile and unlock endless advantages that are exclusive to apps.

Give your patients one-touch access to your pharmacy, health and wellness services, professional medical counseling services, digital lab test bookings and results, and much more. Be a part of the digital revolution and make your mark in the healthcare industry.


Create with AppMySite’s healthcare app builder in minutes

AppMySite has the best-in-class technology stack that facilitates effortless and code-free app development like no other. Our healthcare app creator lets you build your own app within minutes. It is super-easy, cost-effective, and fast.

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Launch the best healthcare apps for Android & iOS and grow

A wellness center, a hospital, or just a health & wellness blog, no matter what your healthcare business or service is, you can create an app for it with AppMySite. Launch your apps on the Android and iOS marketplace and reach your audience across the globe.

Manage your patients better, give them more convenience, simplify reception, increase staff efficiency, and grow your engagement. Bring your unique healthcare app idea to life and upscale your presence in the online healthcare industry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I create an app for my healthcare?faqplus

Mobile health or mHealth apps have become a buzzword in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, care & wellness centers, and other businesses and services centered around healthcare are giving importance to mobile apps for managing their day-to-day operations and offering more convenience to their patients. You can create an app for your healthcare business and ensure the following benefits:

  • Give 24x7 access to your medical center
  • Ensure one-touch access to your services
  • Enhance and increase patient engagement
  • Digitize day-to-day operations & services
  • Cut queues and decongest reception traffic
  • Ensure error-free data & diagnosis handling
  • Generate bills and collect payments online

These are only some of the many benefits that you can ensure with an app for your healthcare services. Invest in a mobile hospital management software now and grow your business.

How do healthcare apps help patients and staff?faqplus

While websites are good for getting some exposure on search engines, true ease and convenience can only be ensured with apps. A hospital management app can increase your staff efficiency and make the journey easier for your patients. Here’s a list of benefits that healthcare apps can ensure:

For patients:

  • Easy onboarding and appointment booking
  • Queue-free and hassle-free experience
  • Seamless contact with health professionals
  • One-click access to lab reports and history
  • Easy access to services, prescriptions & medicines
  • Effortless payment and billing processes
  • Safer data transmission and handling

For staff:

  • Easy patient monitoring and handling
  • Reduced manual efforts & activities
  • Remote advice and health assistance
  • Enhanced appointment management
  • Accurate data & diagnosis handling
  • Easy inventory management & bed allocation
  • Effortless billing, invoice & payment management

Clearly, a healthcare app not only simplifies the experience for your patients but also increases your staff’s efficiency by streamlining and expediting the activities.

What are the various types of healthcare apps?faqplus

The possibilities of the mobile healthcare industry are endless. You can either create an app for your own unique idea and niche or follow the one’s created by your competitors. Some popular healthcare app ideas are as follows:

  • Hospital management app
  • Pharmacy & lab management app
  • Urgent care app
  • Diagnosis assistance app
  • Mental health app
  • Chronic disease monitoring app
  • Medicine and goal tracking app
  • Doctor’s app
  • Bed booking & allocation app
  • On-demand doctor app
  • Medical record maintenance app
  • Telemedicine app
  • Patient monitoring app
  • Clinical assistance app
  • Ambulance booking app

As evident, there are endless ideas that you can go with. Create an app that suits your own business and service goals and connects you closely with your patients.

What are the features a healthcare app must have?faqplus

The overall success of your app and the experience of your end users will depend upon the features of your healthcare app. Some essential features that can elevate your user’s experience and make their journey easier are as follows:

  • Effortless onboarding & sign-up (via Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.)
  • Patient profile management
  • Easy appointment and service booking
  • Seamless UI, UX and navigation
  • Intuitive search and filter options
  • Virtual assistance and consultation
  • Easy access to prescription & records
  • Effortless checkout and payment
  • Rating, review & feedback collection
  • Push notification support
  • App usage data analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • In-app chat support

The customized list of your features can be longer or shorter. It all depends upon your app goals and what you wish to offer in your app. Pick and add features that matter for you and power your business goals.

How can I create a healthcare app?faqplus

Healthcare app development has evolved with time. While there is the traditional option of custom app development, there are also more advanced software solutions available for businesses that are done with this expensive and time taking process. For instance, instead of hiring a custom app development agency to build the app for you, you can build your own Android and iOS apps with a DIY and code-free app builder like AppMySite. This process consumes less time and resources and is highly suitable for businesses of all scales and sizes.

How much does it cost to develop a healthcare app?faqplus

Healthcare apps demand huge investments. Such apps are usually complex and require special expertise and features. If you go with the traditional methods of app development, it can cost you around 100,000 to 300,000 US dollars. The extra billable hours, location, timeline of development, etc., can further influence the cost of your app development project and increase the budget. However, if you want a more cost-effective but equally powerful experience, then you can create an app with AppMySite’s free healthcare app builder. Here, you can create your app for free. You only need to pay and upgrade when you are satisfied with what you build and are ready to go live on the app stores.

How much time will it take to develop a healthcare app?faqplus

The timeline of an app development project depends on a range of factors like the development method, design and feature complexity, iterations, and more. Traditional app development can take up to several months or even a year. Even low-code app builders can take a few weeks to deliver your app. However, AppMySite helps you overcome this limitation and makes app development super-fast. Here, you can start creating your app immediately after signing up. The apps can be built within minutes, and you can go live on the app stores faster.

Why choose AppMySite to develop my healthcare app?faqplus

AppMySite is the best app builder for creating white-labeled, premium and feature rich healthcare apps without worrying about constraints like expert workforce, budget, time, etc. It brings the power of app development to your fingertips and lets you take complete control over the development process. Build, customize and preview any type of healthcare app with AppMySite without any coding or preliminary investment. Test and publish your app on the app stores and leverage the benefits of the mHealth industry.

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