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Create an app for your news website instantly without coding. Launch the perfect news apps for Android and iOS and give one-touch access to unlimited content and updates.


How to create a news app?

AppMySite simplifies and fast-tracks app development. Create your own news app in a few easy steps and launch on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Connect your website and app

Start with connecting your website to the app with a few clicks. Bring all the data from website to app and keep your news feed updated.

Personalize app design & layout

Personalize the app design and control how it looks and feels. Customize your screens, logo, color theme, layout, buttons, banners, and more.

Preview & launch your app

Build and preview your Android & iOS apps on live emulators. Upgrade to pay and submit your apps on the Google Play & Apple App Store.

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Create premium news apps for your viewers

Create an app and offer unlimited news and content at your user’s fingertips. Launch premium news apps for Android and iOS and grow your reach.

Develop in minutes

AppMySite uncomplicates and simplifies app development. Create your own news app without any coding and go from idea to app in minutes.

Add unlimited content

Bring all your website content to the app with a few clicks. Add news, updates, alerts, blog posts, announcements, and all kinds of content with ease.

Categorize news & data

Create multiple categories for different kinds of news and organize your app content. Make search and navigation effortless for your readers & viewers.

Send push notifications

Share real-time information, breaking news & updates, and more. Send push notifications to your users and keep them engaged with your news app.


Create any type of news app in minutes

Apps have become a popular tool for the news and entertainment industry. You can also grow your audience by launching a premium news app and giving your viewers and listeners the power of one-touch access.

Whether you own a newspaper, news website, press agency, local media channel, sports channel, or any other kind of news & information website, you can create an app for it with AppMySite and go from idea to app in minutes.


Develop with AppMySite’s news app builder

AppMySite brings the power of news app development at your fingertips. You do not need any coding expertise or a colossal budget to create your app with our news app maker. It is fully code-free, easy, and affordable.

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Launch feature-rich apps and grow your popularity

Think beyond the basics and power your news app with advanced features and functionalities. Offer multiple login options to users, add unlimited content, customize news feed, and segregate data in multiple categories.

Add your blog posts, integrate chat software, monitor usage analytics, monetize with in-app ads, collect user reviews and ratings, implement loyalty & rewards program, and more. Launch apps that promote engagement and grow your presence.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start an online news portal?faqplus

The online media and entertainment industry is growing in leaps and bounds. You can create any kind of online news portal and enter the industry with ease. Start with conducting research and identifying the best niche for your news & entertainment business. For example, you can create a sports news app, entertainment news app, local news app, finance news app, tech news app, or more. Once you have identified your niche, go ahead, and set up your news website. We recommend WordPress as it is one of the most inclusive and popular website builders. Next, go ahead and turn your website into a news app and launch for Android and iOS. While your website news portal will give you the primitive exposure, apps will ensure a smooth experience for your readers and viewers.

Why should I create an app for my news website?faqplus

Apps can help you in gaining a competitive edge and technical advantage. You can complement your news website with an app and ensure the following benefits:

  • Create a channel of your own with unlimited content
  • Exercise complete control over the content & layout
  • Ensure easy and instant access to news & updates
  • Increase user traction and engagement
  • Send app notifications and run promotions
  • Monetize app with ads from streaming networks
  • Grow your presence and increase popularity

Websites are good for initial exposure, but your news portal needs an app to keep your users engaged in the long run. Create an app and unlock all the advantages exclusive to mobile-friendly businesses.

What are the types of news apps that I can create?faqplus

The news & information industry is vast and there are endless business ideas to choose from. Some popular news app types are as follows:

  • News aggregator app like Google News or Apple News
  • News blogs or podcast app
  • Local or community news app
  • Tech & gadget news app
  • Business & finance news app
  • Global news app
  • Sports news app
  • Entertainment news app

These are some of the popular niches that you can center your app around. Else, you can create an inclusive app and share local or global news for different beats. No matter what your news app idea is, you can turn it into a reality with AppMySite.

How do I create a news app without coding?faqplus

AppMySite’s DIY app builder is the best solution for creating apps without writing any code. You can build any kind of news and information app with our instant news app creator. Sign up and enter a few basic details to start building your app. Customize the design and add premium features of your choice. Also connect your website with the app and auto-populate all your existing website data to the app and save hours’ worth of effort. Experience new-age app development like never before and go from idea to app in minutes.

How much does it cost to develop a news app?faqplus

The traditional methods of app development can cost you a fortune. The budget of developing a news app can go up to 300,000 US dollars. This estimate may vary depending upon your app type, design & feature complexities, timeline of the project, hidden charges, and other related factors. You can do your research and prepare a budget accordingly. However, if you are looking for a more affordable and straightforward solution then go with AppMySite. Here, you can create your news app for free and upgrade to publish only when you are ready to go live. Choose from a range of affordable package options and build your app in no time.

How much time will it take to develop a news app?faqplus

Traditional methods of app development can take several months to complete. The timeline of app development may also depend upon the UI & UX of the app, features & functionalities, and other such related factors. AppMySite tackles this issue and fast-tracks app development. The cutting-edge technology stack enables you to create your app project in minutes. Build your app instantly and effortlessly and save valuable business hours.

What are the essential features of a news mobile app?faqplus

Features affect your end user’s experience and determine the success of your app. Some essential features worth ensuring in your news app are as follows:

  • Easy sign up and login (via Facebook, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
  • User profile creation and management
  • Interactive news and content feed
  • Smart menu & multiple news categories
  • Content search and filter
  • User rating, review & feedback collection
  • Blog integration
  • Social media integration
  • Push notification support
  • Usage data analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • Monetization support

Create feature-rich and market-ready apps and ensure a smooth and robust start. Add all the essential and advanced features with AppMySite and launch the perfect app for your readers.

How to monetize a news app?faqplus

It is fairly easy to get sponsors and advertisers and create additional revenue streams for a news app. Some popular methods of monetization that you can implement for your news app are as follows:

  • Get business endorsements and advertisements
  • Show ads from popular ad networks or affiliates
  • Charge for premium features and content

Monetize your app the way you want and earn revenue. You can also launch paid apps for Android and iOS and earn profits. Pick a monetization method that aligns with your business goals and implement it in your app.

Why choose AppMySite to develop my news app?faqplus

AppMySite has been designed to democratize app development. It is affordable, quick, and easy and has all that you need to create the perfect news apps. If you have a news portal or website, you can easily turn it into an app without any coding. Get complete control over the design, layout, features, and settings and shape your app the way you want. Build, customize and preview your app for free and upgrade to pay and publish only when you are ready. Pick a plan that suits your goals and launch the perfect news apps for Android and iOS.

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