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Build your own salon & spa booking app instantly without any coding. Launch enterprise-level apps with AppMySite and make appointment bookings easier for your customers.


How to create a salon app?

Turn your spa and salon booking website into an app in a few easy steps. Manage everything from development to deployment with ease.

Connect your website and app

Connect your website and app and auto-populate content. Sync your website’s payment, shipping, and other settings with the app.

Personalize app design & layout

Customize your app design and manage how your app looks and feels. Add a personal touch to your logo, screens, banners, and more.

Preview & launch your app

Build pixel-perfect apps and preview with our smart emulators. Upgrade to pay and submit your apps on the Google Play & Apple App Store.

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Create a premium salon app for your customers

Create a salon app and give one-touch access to all your services. Launch feature-rich apps for your customers

Easy appointment bookings

Bring all your services under one roof. Enables your customers to book, cancel and schedule appointments with a few clicks.

Enable no-contact payments

Bring your website’s payment gateway to the app. Enable users to make faster payments, redeem coupons, and avail discounts.

Schedule push notifications

Send customized push notifications to your app users. Notify them of upcoming appointments, daily deals, new offers, & more.

Extend in-app chat support

Capture the interest of your users and inspire them to convert. Extend one-click chat support and address their queries & concerns.


Create any type of salon app in minutes

Whether you own a beauty salon or a spa, an app can help you upgrade your business. Bring all your services under one roof and connect with the mobile-loving audience. Cut the queue and expedite your services with a feature-rich app.

Enable your customers to book & cancel appointments, avail discounts, make payments, and schedule visits with a few clicks. Design and launch perfect apps like a professional and take your business from web to app with AppMySite.


Develop with AppMySite’s salon app builder

AppMySite is the best solution for creating premium salon and spa apps. With a world-class technology stack that simplifies and fast-tracks development, ensure your salon app delivers the best experience to your customers.

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Launch feature-rich apps and grow your popularity

Eliminate the need of colossal budgets and a team of experts for building your app. Build, design, preview and test your app on your own. Build your salon apps single-handedly or invite your team to collaborate on your app projects.

Add endless features like push notifications, analytics, monetization, blog integration, and more. Collect reviews and ratings, implement rewards & loyalty programs, and inspire your users to share the app and boost your engagement.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are salon and spa apps beneficial?faqplus

Mobile apps have become the go to tool for almost everything. It is proving beneficial for every business and giving them the desired mileage for growth and expansion. The salon & spa industry is no different. Customers are looking for apps for booking appointments, availing services, scheduling visits, making online payments, and more. Creating an app can help you upgrade your business and reach mobile-friendly customers.

Why should I create an app for my salon website?faqplus

Give your customers one-touch access to a range of services and leverage the benefits exclusive to businesses with apps. You can create an app and ensure the following benefits for your salon and spa business:

  • Build an additional business channel
  • Break-free from third party apps and get full control
  • Ensure easy access to services for customers
  • Make appointment booking, cancellation & payments easier
  • Increase user traction and engagement
  • Send push notifications and run marketing campaigns
  • Monetize app with ads and earn additional revenue

Websites can get you the initial exposure. However, your business needs an app to keep your customers engaged in the long run. Launch apps for Android and iOS and maximize your reach.

What are the different types of salon and spa apps?faqplus

If you are planning to enter the salon & spa industry, there are a variety of options you can choose from. Either turn your own idea into an app or choose from the options listed below:

  • Spa app
  • Hair spa app
  • Salon app
  • Hair salon app
  • Nail salon app
  • Hybrid salon app
  • Beauty salon app
  • Kids salon app
  • Salon app for elders
  • On-demand home service app
  • Salon appointment booking app

You can stick to one special idea or niche or create an inclusive app and list multiple services under one roof. No matter what your goal is, you can create an app for it with AppMySite.

How do I create a salon app without coding?faqplus

If you are looking for a code-free, easy, and affordable solution then create your app with AppMySite. You do not need any prior experience in coding or a colossal budget to build the app of your dreams. Just subscribe and start building your app immediately. It will only take a few minutes. Customize the app’s color theme, design and layout and add endless features of your choice. Auto-populate all the data and preview your apps for perfection. Proceed to upgrade and publish the app on the app stores and go mobile.

What is the estimated cost of on-demand salon app development?faqplus

The cost of salon app development depends upon a range of factors like the design and feature complexities, location of development, method of app development, etc. For instance, an app with complex design and features will cost more than a regular app. Similarly, custom app development will cost you way more than low-code or no-code app development. If you are looking for an affordable and straightforward solution, then go with AppMySite. Here, you can get the best prices and pick a suitable plan to build an app as per your budget and goals.

How much time will it take to develop a spa & salon app?faqplus

Whether you hire your own team of experts or outsource the project, custom app development can take several months to complete. Initial research and prototype alone can take a few weeks. However, if you want to expedite the process of salon app development and reduce your time to market, then create your app with AppMySite. Here, you can build your salon & spa app within minutes and get even better results. Watch your dream app come to life instantly and go mobile in no time.

What are the essential features of a salon mobile app?faqplus

Features determine the overall success and impact of your app. Some significant and advanced features worth adding in your app are as follows:

  • Easy customer onboarding (login via Facebook, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
  • Creating and managing user profiles
  • Interactive menus & categories for services
  • Content search and filter
  • Easy appointment booking & cancellation
  • Multiple payment gateway options
  • User rating, review & feedback collection
  • Blog integration
  • Social media integration
  • Push notification support
  • Usage data analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • Monetization support

Adding these features in your app can ensure holistic growth. You can explore AppMySite for free and build a premium app while incorporating the features listed above.

Why choose AppMySite to develop my on-demand salon app?faqplus

On-demand app development is not an easy feat. It demands extensive resources including time, budget, workforce, etc. AppMySite has been designed to address these issues and uncomplicate app development for all. Anyone can build premium and enterprise-level apps with AppMySite without any coding. You can build and preview your apps for free and auto-populate all the data within minutes. Manage everything from development to deployment yourself and launch the apps on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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