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Launch your own branded social networking application without any coding. Build a premium networking app with high-end features and create your own community.


How to create a social network app

AppMySite makes social network app development as simple as it can be. Just go through the few easy steps described here and build premium Android & iOS apps.

Connect app with website

Connect your social networking website and app and be ready in minutes. Auto-populate website data to the app with only a few clicks.

Customize app design

Implement endless customizations and match your app with your brand’s theme. Customize the screens, banners, color scheme, & more.

Preview and launch app

Create and preview your social networking app for free. Upgrade to pay and publish only when you are ready to commit and go live.

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Feature-rich apps that power your goals

AppMySite makes it easy to build feature-rich apps. Create a versatile social network app and build your own community online.

Instant & easy development

We uncomplicate app development for all. Design any kind of social media or networking app within minutes and get started in no time.

Unlimited content support

Inspire unlimited downloads and make onboarding easy. Build a huge community and enable endless users to join and interact with others.

Usage data analytics

Identify popular content, screens, search terms, and more. Track user data with app analytics and make informed decisions for your app.

Send push notifications

Send push notifications to your users and keep them engaged and interested. Notify them of new posts, member requests, comments, & more.


Think beyond the web & go mobile

Social networking apps are the new medium of communication, networking, marketing, and business. If you have a unique idea for a social networking app, you can now turn it into reality with AppMySite’s code-free app builder.

You can build an app for a dedicated community or for the global audience at large. Else, create a discussion forum for your users, clients, customers, etc. Whatever your plan is, you can bring it to life on an app of your own.


Build your community with AppMySite

AppMySite is the easiest app development solution to build social and community networking mobile apps. Go from a simple social media idea to a fully functional app within minutes and launch on Google Play & Apple App Stores.

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Launch a feature-rich app and grow

Break-free from third-party services and launch your own social networking app to ensure security and exclusivity. Reach your customers easily and directly and give them one-touch access to your unique services, forum, community, etc.

Pick and add features to create an ensemble that suits your goals. Select from a range of options like in-app chat, monetization, social login, user management, review & rating collection, multilingual-content support, analytics, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of creating a social networking app?faqplus

Whether it is an app for internal networking of an organization or an app to connect with friends across the globe, social networking apps have become increasingly popular. Some advantages of having a social networking app for your own platform are as follows:

  • Build niche networks and power your audiences to access the network with a few taps only. Stay connected with them 24x7.
  • Connect directly with your community members, employees, clientele, customers, or any kind of targeted audience.
  • Cut the third-party noise and endorse your ideas, campaigns, products, services, etc., directly to your preferred community.
  • Create close-knit communities and ensure more security, exclusivity, and privacy.
  • Run targeted promotional & marketing campaigns, narrow down & classify your recipients, and capture better leads.
  • Collect insightful user-data and first-hand information and analyze it to make better marketing and business decisions.

How to develop a social networking app without coding?faqplus

Developing a social networking app is not easy. However, code-free app builders are a better option if you want to streamline and simplify the development process. You can create your own social networking app with AppMySite’s code-free app builder in a few easy steps as described below:

  • Subscribe to the platform and start with entering your details and connecting your website to the app.
  • Customize the app screens, banners, buttons, etc., using easy in-built design tools.
  • Point and click to add the desired features and configure your app’s settings.
  • Preview your app on Android and iOS emulators and see how your app looks and works.
  • Download ready-to-publish app builds and submit them to the Google Play &/or Apple App Stores.

It is as simple as that. You can develop your own social networking apps within minutes. You can also try out AppMySite for free and only pay to publish your apps when you are ready to commit.

How much time does it take to develop a social networking app?faqplus

Creating a social networking app can take several months if you go with the traditional methods of app development. Conducting research and finding a good software or agency can also take a few days. However, with a code-free app builder like AppMySite, you can set up your app projects within seconds and build your app in a few minutes. It addresses the shortcomings of traditional development methods and brings a world-class ground-breaking technology stack at your fingertips. You can subscribe to the platform and go from web to app in no time.

How much does it cost to develop a social networking app?faqplus

Custom app development demands a lot of time and monetary investment. Even a basic app development project can take up to a few months to complete. Furthermore, developing nuanced and feature-rich social networking apps requires more hours and effort. This adds to the development budget and can end up costing you a fortune. However, AppMySite comes with packages that are highly affordable and suitable for all kinds of budgets and business goals. Here, you can also build your app and then pay later. Select any suitable pricing plan and get started with AppMySite instantly.

Why choose AppMySite to create my social networking app?faqplus

Create your app with AppMySite if you want to go with a more modern and advanced method of development that is quick, cost-effective, easy, and super-efficient. It brings the best technology stack under one-roof, and lets you go through the end-to-end development process with ease. If you have a website, you can turn it into a native and white-labeled app with AppMySite and run the two in synchronization. So, break free from third-party solutions and build your own social networking app instantly without coding. Launch on Google Play and Apple App Stores and grow your community.

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