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Turn your unique video conferencing app idea into reality with AppMySite’s code free app builder. From online meetings to webinars and video chats to videotelephony, launch the perfect apps for any goal.


How to make a video conferencing app

Develop premium Android & iOS video conferencing apps without coding. Start from scratch and scale the app without limits.

Connect website with app

Just connect your website and mobile app with a click and get started instantly. Build your app within minutes and be ready to roll.

Personalize app design

Control how your video conferencing app looks and feels. Customize the screens, color scheme, buttons, app layout, and more.

Preview and publish app

Build and preview your Android and iOS apps for free. Download the fully built apps and publish on Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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Create feature-rich video conferencing apps

Run online classes, organize meetings, conduct seminars, and more. Create a feature-rich video conferencing app and cater to any audience.

Quick & easy development

AppMySite fast tracks app development and makes it super easy. Build without coding and go from web to app in only a few minutes.

Endless customization

Get complete control over the app’s look and feel. Customize the screen design, add your logo, pick color theme and font, and more.

In-app chat support

Video meeting apps are incomplete without a chat button. Integrate any chat software with your app and extend one-click support to users.

Push notification support

Send push notifications to your users and keep them engaged. Notify them of scheduled meetings, invites, webinars, discussions, and more.


Online meetings made easier

Video conferencing apps have gained popularity in almost every sector including education, trade & commerce, business, governance, and more. It has become one of the best mediums to connect and interact with people.

Create your own video-conferencing app without coding and give your people the freedom to have enriched conversations online. Create an app for use within your organization or build an app like Zoom or Google Meet and start a business.


Build instantly with AppMySite’s video
conferencing app builder

If you have an idea for a video conferencing app, turn it into a reality. AppMySite is an automated and no-code app builder that is truly DIY. Take control of the development process with AppMySite through powerful no-code features and fast workflows.

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Launch enterprise-ready apps in minutes

Offer the best experience to your clients and to each participant using your video conferencing app. Ensure easy onboarding via multiple login options like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc., and an amazing journey onwards.

Customize the app the way you want and add endless features with easy point and click options. Send push notifications, collect usage data, extend chat support, run in-app ads, and more. Create a powerful app and grow your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a video conferencing app and how does it work?faqplus

Video conferencing apps or virtual meeting apps are used to connect with people online. Usually, participants from anywhere in the world can connect with each other through video conferencing platforms. Video conferencing apps like Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc., are being used for online classes, team meetings, webinars, job interviews, product demos, online video verifications of customers, and more. The app uses phone camera, microphone, and other devices to capture and transmit video in real-time. The use of video conferencing apps has risen since the pandemic, and it has now become the go-to technology for connecting with people online.

Is it profitable to create a video chat app?faqplus

The use of video conferencing software has increased in recent years. It eliminates the geographical boundaries and other limitations and lets people connect with others anytime, anywhere. If you are wondering why you should invest in video chat apps, the answer is simple. It is the present and future of online communication. The need and demand for video chat apps is growing and if you have your own idea of an app, then this is the time to turn it into a reality. Creating a feature-rich video chat app can be highly profitable and you can either launch it for your own organization or put it out there for public use.

How do video conferencing apps make money?faqplus

Video conferencing apps can make money in many ways. For instance, you can charge people for app downloads, premium features (adding a larger number of participants, unlocking avatars, background templates, blur feature, or more), recording services, and more. You can also earn by streaming ads in your app or running affiliate marketing campaigns.

Can I make a video meeting app without coding?faqplus

Yes, you can make a no-code video meeting app with AppMySite’s code free video conferencing app builder. It is completely and truly DIY and lets you create your own app. You can design your video chat app from ground up and add endless features of your choice. AppMySite does not require you to learn any programming language or coding and anyone, even without any prior experience in development, can create an app within minutes.

How to develop a video conferencing app like Zoom or Google Meet?faqplus

Video conferencing, meeting, and chat apps like Skype, Zoom, and Goole Meet have taken the world by storm. These apps are often slightly complicated and require more development effort than a regular eCommerce or blogging app. Some methods of development that you can opt for are as follows:

  • Make your own video conferencing app with a code-free app builder like AppMySite. This will take less time and not cost you a fortune like other development methods.
  • Create your app with low-code app makers that require a fair amount of coding or programming knowledge. This process has a complicated learning curve and is not suitable for beginners or those with little time to invest.
  • The third option is to develop your app the conventional way through coding. You can hire an in-house team of developers or even a professional agency to build the app for you. This process demands more time and resources and is not very suitable for small businesses.

Pick whichever option suits you the best and create your own video conferencing app. Do not forget to assess your budget, workforce, timeline, and other factors before making the final decision.

What are the types of video conferencing apps that I can create?faqplus

A video conferencing platform can either be based on one unique idea or it may incorporate several features and functionalities. It all depends upon what you want from the app and what your goal is. Here are some popular types of video conferencing app ideas to choose from:

  • Virtual meeting and meeting room apps
  • In-house/Internal video meeting apps
  • Classroom video apps for students and teachers
  • Apps for video conversations, webinars & events
  • Video conferencing apps for medical professionals
  • Video conferencing apps for governance

You can either learn from the heavyweights of the industry like Zoom and Skype and create an app like theirs or turn your own unique idea to an app. It totally depends upon you.

How much does it cost to develop a video conferencing app?faqplus

The cost of app development depends on a range of factors viz., the development tool or software, app feature and design complexities, targeted user-base and location, etc. Usually, custom app development costs somewhere around 100,000 to 300,000 US dollars if you want to target both Android and iOS user base. The extra billable hours and hidden charges can also add to the budget. However, if you want to create a video conferencing app without spending a fortune then you can go with an app builder that is cost-effective and efficient. For instance, AppMySite offers the best prices in the industry that suit all kinds of businesses. You can pick from a range of affordable package options and create your app.

How long does it take to build a video conferencing app?faqplus

The timeline of app development depends upon a variety of factors like development method, complexity of the app, features, and functionalities, and more. For instance, if you handover development to an agency, they may take a few months to deliver. In-house developers can also take almost a year to develop a full-fledged app. However, with an instant app builder like AppMySite, you can create your app within minutes and reduce your time to market.

What features are essential for a video conferencing app?faqplus

A video conferencing app should have all the essential features that make the end user’s journey smooth and frictionless. Here’s a list of features that you should consider incorporating in your video conferencing app:

  • Easy user onboarding (login via Facebook, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
  • User/participant profile management
  • Ability to leverage device features (camera, microphone, etc.)
  • Smooth navigation, UI & UX
  • Real-time audio and video support
  • Customer rating, review & feedback collection
  • Push notification support
  • Usage data analytics
  • Multilingual support
  • In-app chat support

In addition to the features listed above, you can also add some other features based on your customized requirements. This can include a poll and survey feature, in-app monetization, in-app messaging, screen sharing, and more.

Why choose AppMySite to create a video conferencing app?faqplus

AppMySite is the best code-free app builder that makes citizen app development easy like no other tool. Here, you can build an app around your website and turn it into an app within minutes. All the data can be auto populated from website to app saving you hours’ worth of effort. Manage everything from development to deployment on your own and launch zero-maintenance Android and iOS apps. Build, preview and test your app for free and upgrade to pay and launch on Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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