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Create an app for your weather forecast website and give one click access to weather reports, alerts, and more. Build instantly with AppMySite and launch on the app stores.


How to create a weather app?

Manage everything from development to deployment under one roof. Create premium apps for your weather forecast website in a few easy steps.

Connect your website and app

Connect your website with your mobile app and get started immediately. Bring all the data from website to app and save hours’ worth of effort.

Customize app design & layout

Personalize the app design and manage how your app looks and feels. Customize the design, color theme, layout, buttons, banners, and more.

Preview & launch your app

Build and preview your Android & iOS apps on live emulators. Upgrade to pay and submit your apps on the Google Play & Apple App Store.

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Create feature-rich apps for your website

Create premium and white-labeled apps instantly with AppMySite’s weather app builder. Point and click to add endless features of your choice and offer a smooth browsing experience to your users.

Instant development

Convert website into a white-labeled mobile app without writing any code. Connect your website and mobile app and get started instantly.

Auto-populate data

Bring all your website data to the app with a few clicks. Sync your website content and settings with the app and reflect updates in real time.

Localize app content

Translate your app content into your website’s language and localize the experience for your users. Switch between languages with a click.

Send push notifications

Send push notifications to your users and keep them engaged. Schedule alerts for rain, storm, poor weather conditions, forecasts, and more.


Transcend web experiences with a premium weather app

Mobile apps ensure an ideal experience for your users. Create a weather app that complements your weather forecasting website and ensure one-touch access to reports, announcements, alerts, and more.

From daily weather reports to long term forecasts, give one touch access to unlimited information. Create market-ready apps and launch on Google Play and Apple App Store. Reach more users online and grow.


Develop with AppMySite’s weather app builder

Eliminate the need for coders and developers and build your own app with AppMySite without coding. Use no-code automations and powerful design features to build a weather app your users can rely on.

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Launch for Android and iOS and grow your reach

Create apps that power your business goals and launch for Android and iOS. Bring weather news and forecasts at your users’ fingertips and grow your following. Add features of your choice and watch your app idea come to life in minutes.

Offer multiple login options, integrate blogs, monitor usage analytics, monetize with in-app ads, collect user reviews and ratings, and add endless such features for a seamless experience. Launch the perfect apps and reach your goals faster.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a weather app?faqplus

Weather apps or weather forecasting apps, as the name depicts, are meant for weather forecasting services. Such apps are used to know about the weather and climate of different locations, to get prior alerts about storms, rains, and other erratic conditions. You can also create a weather app for your weather forecasting website and provide real-time temperature data, predict location-wise weather conditions, show periodic trends (hourly, weekly, monthly data), and more.

Why should I create an app for my weather broadcast website?faqplus

Weather news has been one of the most popular beats since ages. However, instead of reading about it in newspapers or watching the prediction on tv news, most people now turn to their smartphones. Whether it is an important workday or a vacation, most of us start our journey by checking the outside temperature and weather conditions on our phone. Therefore, if you have a weather forecasting website, you must turn it into an app in order to offer easy and convenient data access to your users.

How do I create a weather app like AccuWeather?faqplus

You can create your own weather app using any development method or software solution. Some popular options that you can go with are as follows:

  • Create your own weather app with a DIY and no-code app builder like AppMySite.
  • Learn the basics of programming and develop your app with a low-code app builder.
  • Hire an in-house team of developers or outsource development to professionals.

Custom app development demands a lot of investment and time. Low-code app builders also come with a learning curve and are not very suitable for beginners. Therefore, if you are looking for a more affordable, quick, and easy solution then go ahead with code-free app builders.

How much does it cost to develop a weather app?faqplus

The app development industry is highly divided when it comes to the cost and budget of development. However, a high-performing app that meets the expectations can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. The costs can further increase based on the design and feature complexities, timeline of the project, hidden charges, and other related factors. On the contrary, AppMySite offers a straightforward and affordable solution to this problem. Here, you can build your app for free and then choose your preferred plan from a range of options. Pay only when you are ready to commit and launch your app on the app stores.

How much time will it take to develop a weather app?faqplus

There are several factors that influence the time taken for an app project to complete. For instance, a sharply designed app with complex features and functionalities may take longer to develop. The method of app development that you choose can also affect the duration. For instance, custom app development may take several months, and low-code app builders may take several weeks. Very few app development methods in the market are as fast as AppMySite, as it lets you create your own app instantly. You can create your weather app in only a few minutes and save valuable business hours.

What are the essential features of a weather mobile app?faqplus

Your weather app should make it easier for users to fetch the data of their choice and view real-time reports and forecasts on the go. Here’s a list of features that you should ensure in your weather app:

  • Easy customer sign up and login (via Facebook, Gmail, Apple, etc.)
  • User profile creation and management
  • Real-time weather reports & data streaming
  • Intuitive search bar
  • Location-wise filtering & sorting
  • Customer rating, review & feedback collection
  • Blog integration
  • Social media integration
  • Push notification support
  • Usage data analytics
  • Multilingual & localization support
  • Monetization support

These are some of the features that you should incorporate in your weather app. You can also create projects for your weather app with AppMySite for free, and test how your app looks and performs.

How to monetize a weather app?faqplus

You can monetize your weather app and explore several avenues of income and revenue. Some popular methods of monetization that you can use are as follows:

  • Promote local businesses within your app and charge commission for each sale
  • Show ads from popular ad networks or affiliates and earn for every impression
  • Implement the freemium model and charge for premium app data & features

Other than these popular methods of monetization, you can also enable eCommerce features within your weather app and sell merchandise.

Why choose AppMySite to develop my weather app?faqplus

The traditional methods of app development pose several challenges like long delivery time, high costs, demand of expertise, and more. AppMySite has been designed to solve all these problems and make app development super easy, affordable, and easy for all. Anyone can create premium, native and zero maintenance apps within minutes. Everything from development to deployment can be managed under one roof and it only takes a few seconds to auto-populate all the data. Create and preview your Android and iOS apps for free and upgrade to a paid plan only when you are ready to commit.

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