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5 things that can make any eCommerce website an instant success

The web has emerged as the ultimate marketplace and there is a proliferation of online businesses.

The competition obviously is IMMENSE! So, how can you stand out?

The answer is simple. By doing what other successful businesses are doing, while continuing to do something that has been working for you.

Does it sound ‘not so simple’? Do not worry. We are here to help you.

Our experts did their research and compiled some sure-shot success formulas for eCommerce business.

So, stay tuned as we unravel our top five strategies. Let’s dive right in!

1: Eye-catching & helpful content

Content and data are the two most powerful tools today.

The latter can be mined successfully only when you are at your A game at the former one.

Yes, we are talking about mastering the art of Content.

There are a lot of factors that can influence the quality of your content like the writing, the placement and also the choice of media that complements the content. For example, knowing how to effectively edit photos can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your content.

The content you place on your website (or other platforms), should be clear, concise, crisp, eye-catching and helpful for your potential visitors.

You will have to write content for the website pages, meta information, product pages, and so on. Nail all of them!

Write interesting and creative copies that help and motivate your visitors to proceed forward in the right direction.

Share compelling media, testimonials, brand stories, etc., and create a coherent picture using all such assets.

Focus on satisfying your customers and conversions will happen by default.

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2: Motivation & direction for visitors

“Take this home” vs “Add to cart”.

Which option do you familiarize and relate with? Which one is easier to grasp in one look?

The latter one, right? That’s because you are used to seeing it and it states the obvious without being too dramatic.

While being creative and dramatic can make your website fun and interesting, you will have to pick your moments.

You cannot experiment with critical sections like checkout, payments, etc.

Your primary goal should be to reduce the cognitive burden on users and offer them an easy, familiar-looking and effortless experience.

Design the platform’s UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) elements in such a manner that each progress automatically guides the users to the next step.

Customers should not feel challenged or lost.

Additionally, you should try to motivate them to take the desired action and go forward. Design smart action buttons and back them up with relevant content, media, etc.

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3: Ample help resources & assistance

FAQs and Feedback!

These are the two most important pillars of success if you wish to capture the undivided attention and absolute loyalty of your customers.

Write content and descriptions in such a manner that it leaves no room for doubts or questions, and still back the content with relevant FAQs.

List all the frequently asked questions and cut the queue to your support channel.

Additionally, add a chat support button for extra curious and concerned users and address all their queries and concerns.

Plus, collect and showcase ample social proof. Add testimonials, ratings, reviews, important & informative statistics, and more.

You can also add customer generated content, real-life use cases of your products, and more.

Use chat or other channels and methods to collect feedback and to earn new customers’ trust easily and effortlessly.

Boast the positive reviews and work on the negative ones to emerge as the real consumer resolution champions.

4: Lucrative offers and deals

Nothing will keep your users engaged if they do not feel benefited and rewarded on your platform.

There is ‘low prices, lucrative discounts, referral rewards, loyalty points, gift coupons’, and tons of other options that you can implement to keep your customers’ interests spiked up.

It is only going to decrease your chances of abandonments.

In fact, FREE SHIPPING is one of the most tempting and successful offers, that customers feel inclined to. It can help you close more deals than you can imagine. So is express shipping for the last minute buyers.

Tap into every opportunity like season special sales, clearance sales, festival sales, and more. For instance, you can go with the classis Black Friday sales for the upcoming season.

List out all the USPs and benefits of your products and also add a compelling story with description.

Give your customers the motive to buy more products than what they actually intend to. (Hint: Try upselling and cross-selling).

Creating urgency and scarcity is also a tried and tested technique. Add stock meter and use phrases like “Only n left”, “Hurry, this is selling like hotcakes”, and more.

This strategy creates a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in customers and inspires them to take the desired action.

It can also turn the indecisive visitors into intrigued and interested customers.

List all details like prices, descriptions, discounts, return & refund policy, instructions, etc., and let your buyers make an informed decision.

5: Equally tempting mobile app

girl browsing products on shopping app

How many apps do you open in a day?

And how many websites do you explore in a day?

Let’s admit. Mobile apps are the future and have already become mandatory for the wholesome success of any business.

So, complementing your eCommerce website with an equally (or more) tempting mobile app can take you places.

Thanks to DIY technology, you can easily create premium and affordable apps with WordPress and WooCommerce app builders available online.

Just make sure that you match your website theme and features with the app, and offer a consistent experience to your users.

Add prominent links to the app stores on your website and facilitate easy download for incoming visitors looking for a mobile-friendly option.

Motivate users to use apps with “app only offers”, and leverage mobile device features of your customers to collect and analyze data.

You’ll be able to make informed business decisions with this data and unlock door to many new opportunities that are a part of the mCommerce industry.

Bonus Tip: Be visible & valuable

Now we said 5 but we love to over-deliver. So, here’s our bonus tip: Increase your brand awareness and strengthen your image.

Brand awareness is like a probiotic for any brand.

It nourishes your image in the online universe, decides how customers perceive and interact with your brand, and ultimately impacts your sales.

Therefore, it is important that you remain in the sight and mind of your customers anywhere, everywhere and at all times.

This may be complex but not impossible.

Choose your marketing strategies carefully and implement them with absolute dedication and consistency.

You must explore the most helpful and popular marketing & branding platforms and channels. This can include, but not limit to, social media, push notifications, email marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

Find where your potential or targeted consumers are, and be there to get their attention and turn them into loyal customers.

Work on multiple channels to have an omnipresent brand image and leverage each and every opportunity that comes your way.

Also, keep thoroughly testing all your assets like features, designs, buttons, links, media, etc., and enhance as needed or suitable for your business.

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In conclusion!

That was all from our end today.

Now that you are aware of the top strategies, go with all guns blazing and make the most of the eCommerce and mCommerce industry.

Turn your e-commerce website to an app and offer a matchless experience to your customers. Turn every visitor into a customer and every customer into an app user.

Do not forget to explore AppMySite’s app maker and experience the platform for free.

Also share your feedback with us and contribute to making the journey better for your fellow folks and help us do better.

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