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New Category Management and Display Features

Nothing is built to last.

The best products in the market become obsolete after some time. The greatest and most logical ideas become outdated and irrelevant.

The only way to last is to improve and adapt.

At AppMySite, we are driven by the same principle.

We have constantly tried to give users more control over their app with greater customization options to improve our WordPress to app platform.

This update comes from a similar line of thought.

Why are category sections so important now?

Let’s say a user visits a shopping app to buy a casual T-shirt. The user is not likely to enter the exact name and brand of the T-shirt in the search bar. The most likely course of action is that the user would navigate to the appropriate category and browse through the T-shirts available.

Big ecommerce stores have a large volume of products. For a normal user, such a large volume can be overwhelming. Many people are used to forgetting what they have to buy upon arriving on the dashboard of a shopping app.

A good category section can help in such a situation.

It condenses all the products of an ecommerce store into a manageable number of sections. This vastly improves the user experience and improves general app metrics like user retention and conversion.

Our focus at AppMySite has always been to help users develop an engaging category section. We understand its importance in enabling user experience optimization and an overall increase in conversions and sales.

In an effort to improve the category section further, we are pleased to announce new additions to the category management and display features.

As the best and free Android app maker in the market, we are breaking new ground in helping users optimize their app dashboard.

What are the new additions to the Product Categories section?

This new update brings additions to the Product Categories section. The points below explain the exact nature of these additions.

#1 – Column

The first change you’d notice on reaching the Product Categories section under Dashboard is the addition of the Column option.

You can update the number of columns you want to see your categories in. The new update allows you to choose anywhere between one and four columns.

The old update didn’t provide this customization feature and shackled your ability to display product categories effectively. This is especially true in case you have a lot of product categories. The Column option will now give you the ability to bring out your categories in the best arrangement possible.

You can keep experimenting with a different number of columns. Preview the changes on the live screen and check if the arrangement fits the overall design.

#2 – Shapes

The new Shapes option allows you to change the shape of your category tiles. You can choose either one of sharp, round, or circle as the shape of your category tiles.

This is a simple and powerful addition to add a little more elegance to your app dashboard.

The option can come in handy if the category image you’re using suits a certain shape. You can experiment with different shapes and preview the display on the preview screen on the right.

#3 – Show Categories

The Show Categories option allows you to take control of the categories visible on your dashboard.

Imagine you launch a new category but only have a handful of products to show for it. Is it really wise to put this category front and centre in the app dashboard? Isn’t it better to hide this category until a decent number of products can populate it?

The Show Categories option gives you this option. Take control of the categories your app users see when they arrive on the dashboard. The new update gives you the following options-

  • Parent Categories – This option enables you to display all the main categories on your WooCommerce store on the mobile app
  • Populated Categories – Show categories that contain products in the first place. This option helps you hide product categories that do not have any available products.
  • Selected Categories – Select the categories you want to show on your app dashboard and leave the others out. This is a very helpful option in case you have a lot of categories and only want to display a select few that are showing the most promise.

#4 – Sort Categories By

Having the freedom to choose categories for display is not enough and we get it. This is why we also added the option to sort categories chosen for display. Users can sort categories alphabetically or based on the number of products in each category.

This feature enables you to further optimize the app dashboard and customize it more based on the target audience.

How will these updates help you?

Your app dashboard is the place your users arrive every time they open your app. It must be engaging enough to capture the attention of any visitor.

As you promote your app and learn new things about your audience, you also realize the products and categories your customers prefer. You ideally should use this information to optimize your dashboard and ensure people see the products they’re most likely interested in.

This update gives you more customization options. You can choose to explicitly show the categories you believe your customers will be interested in. No longer is there a need to show your app users all your WooCommerce store categories. This entire update is aimed at giving you greater control of your mobile app.

Besides managing categories, you can also change the arrangement of your category section and other niche factors like shape and sorting order. These extra features when added together can help you optimize user experience and increase conversions as a consequence.

Anyone going from website to APK can grasp the impact these updates can have on a mobile app.

When can you start using these updates?

Now! The new additions covered in the previous sections are now live. Login to your AppMySite account, navigate to Dashboard and go to Product Categories. You will find all the new features that are a part of this update.

In conclusion

AppMySite always strives to provide an optimal app building experience for WordPress and WooCommerce users. As part of this effort, we constantly upgrade our platform and add new features to ensure your e-commerce app development experience is seamless.

The addition of new category management and display features aim to give users more customization options. Users now have a greater say in the categories they wish to display, their arrangement on the dashboard, their order, and shapes.

Need help organizing your app categories? Here are our guides to managing product categories and blog categories on AppMySite. Refer to these guides and optimize your categories effortlessly.

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