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AppMySite launches the performance section: Supercharge your website speed, performance & security

AppMySite has introduced a new performance section that brings exclusive deals from WP Engine and Cloudflare. An improvement in website performance will consequently enhance your mobile performance as well.  Boost performance and security to expedite the growth of your website and app.

The following points provide an overview of the Performance section-

  • You can view the Performance section in your AppMySite account. Simply login and find Performance on the left panel menu.
  • The section is divided into two subsections: web hosting and security.
  • The web hosting section is dedicated to WP Engine, a leading managed WordPress host. You can get exclusive deals to migrate your WordPress website to WP Engine. This will have a marked impact on your website speed and will consequently enhance your app performance as well.
  • The security section is dedicated to Cloudflare, a unified platform that helps you manage your website speed and security from one place.

Checkout the release notes and support article discussing the Performance section to know more about the update.

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