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Building a native mobile app on a shoestring budget

Convert wordpress website to mobile app – AppMySite: The importance of having a powerful mobile app for your website cannot be emphasised strong enough, especially in today’s disruptive and volatile business environment. A native mobile app creates a platform for businesses to connect with their customers without any gatekeepers. However, building a mobile app can turn out to be an expensive affair, if your approach and strategy isn’t right. In this post, we will discuss the existing methods one can take to build a mobile app, and weigh the pros and cons of each. We will also take a look at how you can create an app on a limited budget.

Expert App Builders with Professional Expertise

There is another, but lesser known alternative to converting your WordPress website into a mobile app, and that is choosing an expert WordPress app builder, like AppMySite. These expert app builders automate the technical process of converting a website to an app, but deploy professionals to pay close attention to aspects like design, logo, splash screen, banner image etc. What’s more, dedicated app builders (like AppMySite) also integrate the website’s backend with the mobile app. That means, any time you want to make changes to your app, all you have to do is make the relevant changes in the website backend and the same will be reflected in your app instantly. Another advantage offered by expert app creators is that they create a native app, which is faster, more responsive, and more secure that hybrid and web apps. Apps built with quality app builders like AppMySite also undergo rigorous testing before being published on app stores for your customers.

One might assume that since such app creators offer expert insight, provide a quality assurance, undertake testing, and deliver the app within a week, they must be rather expensive. But most online app builders charge a nominal fee to create a mobile app. AppMySite, for instance, has pricing plans starting from just a few dollars a month and offers discounts on annual packages as well.

DIY ‘Free’ App Creators

There are several online app builders that promise to create and publish your app within minutes, without taking a single penny from you. It is natural to be gravitated towards these ‘free’ app builders that offer drag and drop tools and seemingly give you more control over the process to convert wordpress website to mobile app. Such app builders, available by the dozen, offer to ‘instantly’ publish your app on app stores as well – which make them all the more appealing. But, here’s what the many DIY app creators fail to tell you – the end product will be a hydrid or a web app, you will be responsible for designing the app yourself, the app won’t be tested before being released to the public; and probably worst of all, that you will be locked out of your app and will not be able to edit or update it once it is published.

Now that you know the actual cost of such ‘free’ app builders, they aren’t looking like a very good option, are they? So how do small businesses, enterprises, and individuals go about creating a quality native app for their website under the guidance of expert professionals?

As mentioned earlier, with the right knowledge and information, you can create a quality app for your website, even on the strictest of budgets. Due to lack of awareness and knowledge, many individuals do not realise that intelligent app creators are a simple and cost-effective alternative to the extremes of hiring expensive teams and using a ‘free’ DIY app creator. By using mobile app builders, like AppMySite, to convert wordpress website to mobile app, small businesses and organizations can bring down the costs associated with creating an app for their website. If you want to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app as well, get in touch with AppMySite today.

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