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How to build an app on a sustainable budget?

A mobile app can be an ideal addition to your list of marketing assets. Like a website can help you get visibility, an app can do the same.

They are a great way to attract new customers and retain existing ones. We know this because the most valuable companies you can think of today have a mobile app on the app stores. Extra visibility on popular platforms like Google Play and Apple App Store can also be a great advantage.

While apps can be valuable, they cannot generally be built as easily as websites. Businesses generally end up hiring development teams or agencies to build an app for them. This makes the overall process expensive, and thus unsustainable for small businesses.

Why is custom app development complicated?

When it comes to custom development, you have three options: hire an agency, hire a team of developers, or do a combination of both.

All these options are both complex and expensive for small businesses or individuals trying to get an app off the ground.

Even with ample financial resources, explaining your requirements to developers or an outside agency can be tedious. If you haven’t dealt with developers before, or are unfamiliar with the technical challenges in a typical development cycle, custom app development is not feasible.

Along with the complexity and exorbitant costs, custom app development can also take a lot of time. It is not viable for a small business to wait weeks and months for a mobile app.

The solution is to search for alternatives.

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How can no-code be an alternative to custom app development?

The three main drawbacks of custom app development are cost, complexity, and time.

All these factors together make it difficult for businesses to start and launch their mobile apps. The only solution is to create a mobile app for your business using an alternative solution. This is where we come to no-code app development.

A no-code app creator enables you to create mobile apps without writing a single line of code. These platforms are generally DIY, enabling you to become part of the development process even if you don’t have prior experience with coding.

These platforms essentially automate the difficult parts of app development and boil down the process to a few critical inputs from you, the user. This is a much easier way to create apps compared to custom development which is inaccessible for small businesses and individuals. With a no-code solution, you can build a mobile app in a graphical interface where the process is self-explanatory.

AppMySite is a prime example of a no-code tool that allows you to convert your website to a mobile app. These apps can be published to the app stores – Google Play and Apple App Store.

How to create an app with AppMySite?

AppMySite allows you to convert any website into a mobile app. Since it’s a no-code platform, you can work in a code-free environment with simple point-and-click options to build and design your mobile app.

With AppMySite, you get deep integration with both WordPress and WooCommerce-based websites. This can enable you to convert your WordPress website to a native app. Your website’s content can be synced to the native interface of the app.

So how does the process work? The entire process of creating an app can be boiled down to three main steps:

  • Connect: Start by connecting your website and app. The connectivity process varies depending on the type of website you’re connecting to. WordPress connectivity involves installing the AppMySite plugin and granting access via application passwords. Non-WordPress site owners only need to enter their website URL to connect their site and app.
  • Personalize: Design your app’s crucial assets and screens with easy design features. You can also design your app’s side and bottom menu t make in-app navigation easy.
  • Publish: When you’re ready, download your app files (APK or AAB for Android and IPA for iOS) and submit them to the app stores. AppMySite apps are carefully constructed to be approved for publication on Google Play and Apple App Store.

Some of the powerful features AppMySite offers are:

  • Website-app sync: Ensure all your website’s content is synced to the app automatically, in real-time.
  • Chat integration: Integrate your website’s chat software with the app. This is a great option if you plan to sell products and services on your app.
  • Auto-publish: Publish new versions of your app to the app stores automatically. If you ding the process of app submission tedious, this is a great feature to have.
  • Analytics: Track crucial app data from your AppMySite dashboard and see which screens are viewed most often on your app.
  • Merge apps: Connect multiple websites to a single app with the Merge Apps feature. This is a great way to create one single app for multiple websites.
  • Language support: Allow users to choose from multiple languages within your app with the Language support feature.

In conclusion

If you’re about to create a mobile app for your business, custom development may not be the best option.

No-code solutions like AppMySite allow you to create mobile apps without writing a single line of code. These solutions offer sustainable subscription and lifetime plans that allow you to create mobile apps without coding.

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