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Don’t wait for months to launch your shopping app

If you have an e-commerce platform on Woocommerce and you wish to launch your shopping app for Android and iOS, then you do not have to wait for months for a company or in-house team to develop an app for you.

With a Woocommerce website in hand, you can simply turn shopping website into app with the help of quick app development services like AppMySite (AMS).

Here are a few steps you can take to have a shopping app ready in a few days

#1- Choose an AppMySite plan

You can visit AppMySite website to choose a suitable plan to create Android and iOS apps. Whether you wish to make a grocery app or an application for your fashion store, AppMySite is the perfect solution for your business.

#2- Sign Up and Pay

You can provide your business and billing details to complete the order and create your AMS user profile. Pay for the Plan you choose with one of the available payment methods—PayPal, Debit & credit card, etc. The plans available with AMS are very cost-effective and unmatched in value.

#3- Provide your website details

All you have do after instant sign up is provide your website URL and e-commerce account keys to lets AppMySite team do their work of creating native apps for the platforms you chose. AMS team develops native apps within a few days and tests them before sending them to you for approval.

#4- Publishing on app stores

The process of launching an app is made more convenient by AMS launching the app for you on all the app stores that you chose in your plans. AMS team maintains the developer account throughout the subscription period. You can easily renew your plan with AppMySite to continue offering your apps to customers.

Here are some winning features of AppMySite m-commerce apps

#1- Auto menu updation

The menu and product list on your app is in perfect sync with your website, therefore any changes that you make to your products in the website are automatically reflected in your app.

#2- Customized filters

The product categories on your app can be changed with the help of your website panel only. Choose categories that make it easy for your customers to find relevant products easily.

#3- Smart cart

The cart on your app allows your users to continue shopping, check product details or checkout. The cart is simple and effective to enable shoppers to take actions as they prefer.

#4- Easy payment integration

The payment gateway you use on your website is extended to be available on your app, too. This lets shoppers make quick payments through the payment options of their choice.

You can have all the above features in your shopping app and start selling through m-commerce within a few days with the help of AppMySite services where they turn shopping website into app for you quickly.


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