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Explore the salient features of a successful sports news mobile app

The trend started with sports news websites that were launched to keep the fans up to date with latest sports news. Considering the capacity of sports fans to consume content is limitless, online portals that delivered minute to minute updates of popular sports did incredibly well on the internet.

With a gradual shift of customer’s preferences and advancement in technology, mobile apps have become a great outlet to deliver sports news. The comfort of receiving updates through a smartphone is more appealing to the fans than being logged into a personal computer.

There is no doubt that it is much easier for customers to access information through a smartphone in their pocket than an immobile device sitting on a table. In the same light, mobile apps for sports news are making it easier to broaden the range of readership for businesses too.

Think about all the excitement that your app notifications can create by pushing in breaking news than handing it out through an email newsletter. You can easily kill this excitement by asking the customer to navigate through mobile browser.

We understand that building an app requires a huge investment and is an extremely time-consuming process. However, if your website is built on WordPress, you can easily convert your website into app with AppMySite. The solution is pocket-friendly yet delivers native apps that don’t compromise on the performance.

Success Stories

Take a look of sports news companies that hugely benefitted after building an app for their business:

The Athletic: Sports Coverage

This popular sports coverage journalism includes news related to football, basketball, baseball, American football and ice hockey.

The Athletic started its mission to provide ad-free sports news to die-hard sports fans through a subscription-based website. It soon expanded its offerings by publishing a mobile app to offer latest updates to existing patrons, again on a subscription model.

After reaching 500,000 paid subscribers, they are now one of the most successful sports news coverage company. It comes as no surprise that their mobile app has contributed significantly in helping them grow their business.

Bleacher Report: Sports News 

Launched in the year 2011, Bleachers Report is one of the most successful sports news mobile app that is highly recommended by both Apple App Store and Google Play Store under the sports category.

You can simply download the mobile app for free and enjoy the latest news of your favorite teams within a click. The ratings on App Store are a good enough proof that the mobile app is doing extremely well and is here to stay.

Ideal features 

While creating a mobile app for your sports news business can be very exciting, it can certainly dig a hole in your pocket. As an alternative to custom apps, you can always go for WordPress mobile app builder that will help build a robust app in a reasonable budget.

For a sports news app to become popular and deliver uncompromised services and performance, the app builder you go with, must include the following features:

a. User account & profile setting 

Including a feature in your app that allows customers to create a personal profile and manage profile settings can add a personalized touch to your app. The app should allow users to categorize their favorite sports and favorite players.

b. Smart search

Simplify the journey of your app users. A smart search feature will help your users instantly find a piece of news that they are looking for. Instead of going through the trouble of looking for a particular, they can easily look it up in the search panel.

Additionally, an intuitive filter and sort will allow your users to look for a category of news. For instance: you can categorize news based on sports type and allow users to filter news from the sports they are really interested in.

c. Social media sign up & log in 

The presence of social media cannot be ignored in today’s world. Besides allowing users to sign up and login from their social media accounts for that additional comfort, you can leverage their personal accounts to share your app and recommend it.

More importantly, customers look forward to a swift registration and login process these days. Social media integration helps in achieving just that.

d. Complete sync with website 

The whole idea to convert your website into an app revolves around cutting down the capital cost and ongoing cost of building and maintaining an app.

While finding an affordable app builder will not be very challenging, a fully automated tool that helps eliminate unending expenses should be the criteria.

You should be able to automatically sync all your existing data from your website to your app when you build it. Alongside, your app should automatically populate all categories that exist on your website to your app.

Once the app is created, your app builder should help in the transition of new additions on the website to the app. This way, your app will be in complete sync with your website and help save ongoing cost of adding content and making changes.

e. Promotion through push notifications 

The most important marketing tactic of a mobile app are push notification that help in keeping the audience engaged and up to date about the latest sports news.

Look for an app builder that allows you to schedule push notifications in batches and send them automatically. By pushing in notifications, your app users will never miss a breaking news.

f. Integrate e-commerce store with app 

If you ever wish to sell merchandise on your sports news mobile app, your app builder should allow adding a WooCommerce plugin to help set up a brand store within your app.

All the products that you add on your website to sell popular sports merchandise should automatically be populated on your app. This can also be a great medium to monetize your app.

g. Cost Involved 

There are two ways of taking up the project of building your sports news app. You can either knock the door of an app development company or freelancers. If you do that, mentally prepare yourself to spend exhaustive amount of time and money.

If you are looking for a quick yet reliable option, you can always sign up with AppMySite’s free online app maker. This is your perfect solution to build native apps in an affordable apps within minutes of signing up.

AppMySite empowers website owners to build iOS and Android apps and manage it on a user-friendly platform.

The end-to-end design process is customizable. You can go about creating your own splash screen, forgot password, login screen, app layout and dashboard. While you create your app in a code-free environment, we ensure that every change you make can be seen in real time on the app builder.

To check the flexible plans of AppMySite’s app builder, check the pricing here.

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