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Get complete control over app user onboarding with AppMySite

AppMySite subscribers are the smartest app builders in the world. They do not need to learn coding languages, spend a fortune on laying down the creative or technical infrastructure or wait for ages to finally get an app that does justice to their brand or business.

Any one subscribing to AppMySite can build premium native Android and iOS apps without writing a single line of code. You can create feature rich WordPress and WooCommerce apps within minutes.

The amazing app builder comes with amazing features that enable you to create the best apps. You get complete customizability and control as you define your users’ journey on your app.

Effortless and customizable features enable you to offer the best onboarding experience to your app users. Stay tuned and read the article till the end to know more.

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Control mobile app user onboarding with AppMySite

AppMySite is not just a drag and drop builder that gives you a vanilla app for your website. In fact, it enables you to create dynamic and powerful apps with absolute control over many features.

This includes the ability to define, customize and control the process of user-onboarding in your app. AppMySite caters to all kinds of businesses and brands. Hence, it also aims to meet the varied needs and demands of its customers.

This demand of varied features and in-app settings may include different aspects like appearance, onboarding, home screen layout, customized app browsing permissions, and more. AppMySite offers it all to the customers who create app with the no-code DIY app builder.

Today we will tell you about the different options available on AppMySite, that you can use to customize and control the users’ onboarding and browsing experience. You get the following options in terms of user onboarding:

#1: Customize onboarding screen design

Customize onboarding screen design

You can design and customize the layout of various app screens, including the login and signup screens. Subscribe for free and login to your account. Enter the basic details and start. You can customize the login and signup screens under the “Appearance” section.

Here, you can either design your screen from scratch using the resources available on the app builder, or upload an existing artwork that matches your brand, website, and app theme.

As you design and customize the login and sign up screen on AppMySite, you can do the following:

  • Choose a background image from the free library, fill it with a color or upload your own artwork
  • Add a tint color to the background image
  • Adjust the opacity of the background image
  • Add a logo text and optimize its color, font, and size
  • Set the color theme and button color for the screens

#2: Enable or disable user login

Like we assured, you can control the journey of your users and define how they sign up for the app and use it. This option lets you decide whether or not users need to log-in to the mobile app.

If you disable this option, the users will not be required to login, the app will switch to Catalog Mode, purchasing will be restricted and the Add to Cart button will also be disabled in the app.

#3: Prompt user login on app launch

Some apps require users to sign up or login to the app every time they launch it on their device. You can enable this feature to show a login screen prompt every time a user launches the app.

Users will be prompted to log-in, register, or browse as guests when they launch the app. If you disable this feature, users will be directly presented with the home screen upon app launch. They will not be prompted to log-in or register until they checkout.

#4: Enable or disable user registration

You can choose to allow new customers to register for the app and use it, or restrict your app only for registered customers. This can be done by enabling or disabling the user registration feature.

It can be managed under the “App Settings” module on your AppMySite account. 

#5: Enable or disable guest browsing

Most users do not wish to go through the task of signing up or registering for the app. You can also allow such users to access your mobile app as a guest.

If you enable this feature, your guest users will be allowed to browse the app and checkout without signing up or logging in to the app. This can amplify your engagement and attract even skeptic consumers to your app who want to avoid signing up.

#6: Enable social login

Most users prefer to sign up or login to an app using their social accounts. AppMySite customers can also extend this feature to their app users by enabling social login.

All you need is to manage a few settings on your Google Firebase account (refer to the detailed guide suggested below), and enable the social login toggles in your AppMySite account. You can turn the respective toggle button on for the social account login options you want to give to your users. This includes the following:

  • Enable Facebook login & registration: Turn the toggle on to allow users to log-in and sign-up with their Facebook accounts
  • Enable Google login & registration: Turn the toggle on to allow users to log-in and sign-up with their Google accounts
  • Enable Apple login & registration: Turn the toggle on to allow users to log-in and sign-up with their Apple accounts (This is limited to iOS apps only and is mandatory if either Google or Facebook log-in is enabled.)

#7: Show consent form to restrict audience

AppMySite gives its customers the ability to restrict the user-base on their app. You can get the Consent Form add-on and enable a pop-up that will be displayed when users sign up for your app.

With this add-on feature, you will be able to narrow down or restrict your app users to a specific demographic and let users acknowledge or confirm their eligibility to use the app.

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Sign up for AppMySite and get more users onboard

mobile app builder

That was all about the various aspects of the onboarding features of AppMySite mobile app builder. As assured above, it is the most dynamic code free online app creator that enables you to make your own Android and iOS apps.

You get complete customizability and control over the process as you create, design, and test the app for free. It is super easy! You can watch the tutorial video suggested below and make your journey even more effortless and easier.

Suggested Video: How to create an app without coding

Need help managing all the features listed here for your apps built with AppMySite? Refer to our support document and get answers to all your queries with ease.

Wait no more! Go ahead and subscribe to AppMySite now. Build and test your app for free and upgrade your subscription when satisfied. Publish your apps for Android and iOS and reach your mobile-friendly customers at their fingertips.

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