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How creating mobile apps can power food recipes to make more money? 

Most millennials are turning to their smartphones whenever they head to the kitchen. With recipes for almost every dish available on the internet, more than half the population in the world don’t enter the kitchen without their smartphones.

Mobile apps are touching every industry we know, and kitchen is certainly a part of it. Professional chefs are invested in the idea of creating mobile to gain appreciation and popularity for their recipes.

Additionally, apps that are a part of the fitness industry are also including healthy recipes as part of their mobile app structure.

People like the idea of reading through a step-by-step guide to micromanage the cooking procedure, especially if it’s for an exclusive event. Imagine if your readers could find all your innovations in one place and treat it as an e-book for recipes. Mobile apps can do just that.

The idea to create a mobile app for recipes was initiated to provide easy access to users to recipes one place. Food recipe apps are next in line to on-demand apps that included food delivery and cab-services.

Mobile apps for recipes can easily be built with WordPress mobile app builder. If you already have a WordPress website that features your popular recipes with text content, images and videos, you can always go with an online app creator. If your app looks and functions well, the chances for tapping larger audiences increases significantly. You can create mobile apps in a shoestring budget within minutes.

Before building an app, it is important you know what industry experts are doing. Let’s take a closer look at mobile apps that did wonderfully in 2019:

Yummly – Cooking assistance 

Recognized as one of the most popular food recipe app, Yummly has been in the limelight even since it was published on multiple app stores. Users find this app extremely user-friendly and resourceful.

The app intuitively curates a list of recipes that you will like, based on your searches. This feature of the app has been a hit amongst people. Considering the app offers a personalized experience to the user, you can set up the flavors and cuisine you like the best.

The app comes quite handy when users are looking to plan an event. It is easier to search recipes and find popular ones in categories you prefer.

There is also a section in the app that allows users to view their favorite recipe in their profile and view it later.

You can find more than a million recipes on this mobile app and save as many as you like on your favorite list. Users love the accessing a mobile app whenever they head to the kitchen and cook from one of their saved recipes.

For someone who loves cooking occasionally or someone who is only cooking to survive, a mobile app can certainly be very handy. You can easily convert your WordPress website into android app or iOS app and help users to find new recipes every day.

The app is free to download but makes money through in-app purchases. You can too, start with letting people download your recipe app for free and earn money through in-app purchases.

Tasty – Quick & easy recipes 

Tasty became viral with the help of social media. People who saw their video on their social media accounts ended up becoming of their pages, eventually drawing a lot of popularity.

People binged watched every video that came out on their social media pages, whether it was a food hack or a quick recipe. With over 3000 recipes, tasty mobile app caters to a large audience base, accounting to more than 5 million downloads.

The app features a step by step guide to all the recipes. Alongside, you find any recipe based on events, ingredients, difficulty level and more, by searching through the smart filter. All the recipes that you see in the past will be saved in the “recently viewed” section.

Push notification enabled on this app allows people to immediately get notified as soon as a new recipe is added. The best feature for this app was customizing the setting of the app as per the user preference. For instance: if you have downloaded the app to check out the non-vegetarian recipes, you can always hide vegetarian recipes.

You can build your recipe app with AppMySite WordPress app builder that features intuitive search option, filtering and sorting.

Why should you build food recipe app? 

In this post, we discussed how big brands like Tasty and Yummly could capture a huge chunk of market through a simple yet effective mobile app. There is certainly a lot that you can learn before you actually sit down to build your mobile app through an online app creator.

If you put in a little effort, your mobile app too can attract millions of downloads and create an alternate channel for you to earn money. Let’s see why people will be inclined towards downloading your mobile app:

  • Easy access to all your recipes, instigate people to download mobile apps than browse responsive website every time they look for a recipe.
  • 59 percent people prefer using smartphones for searching recipes than stationery devices for more convenience.
  • Push notifications will help in promoting recipes that are newly added on your mobile app.
  • Know your audience by checking the analytics of your mobile apps. You can always upload recipes that people love and show them in recommendations.

The demand for mobile apps has grown over years and is here to stay. Restaurants, café and food delivery chains are already embracing the idea of developing mobile apps.

It’s time for professional chefs and foodtech entrepreneurs to start looking for options that can help them come up with a mobile app in an affordable manner.

Like we said, your mobile app will play the key role of making your recipes available to your readers within a click.

How to build your mobile app for food recipe? 

The market for food recipe app is picking up slowly. With over 250 apps on Google Play store, there is still has a lot of scope for your app to do well among millennials.

The first question you should ask yourself is the platform that will suit your requirements the best. There are three options that you can go with:

  • Custom app development: The process is probably the first in line in terms of development but involves heavy investment. If you want to start small and see how well your audience responds, this may not be the best option. The entire app development process may take months and a minimum investment of USD 10,000.
  • Mobile app plugin: This is a good option for people who understand app development in detail. You can convert your website into a WordPress app by integrating a suitable plugin. However, you will need help if you don’t understand technology too well.
  • Online app creator: People who already own a website and simply want an app that fits their budget can go with this option. You can create a mobile app yourself in minimum 15 minutes in an absolutely code free environment.

Wrapping up 

Mobile apps are probably the best platform currently to increase viewership and readership of your food recipes amongst a huge audience.

Don’t wait for your website to do well on popular search engines and land your website. Rather invest time in building your own app to be more accessible.

Get in touch with AppMySite to know more.

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