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How to make your WordPress blog a success?

There’s no magical key that leads to a flourishing website. Creating and implementing a perfect strategy to promote your blog website can be more rewarding.

Blogging is no longing perceived as just a hobby. If anything, people are taking it up as a career option and also making a living by writing about things they are great at doing.

In one of our previous posts, we’ve discussed how you can create your WordPress blog website from scratch.

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This post is dedicated for bloggers who are looking for ways to invite traffic and increase popularity of their WordPress blog in their niche. Let’s get started:

#1- Create interactive content

It is easier to engage your audience if you know what you are writing about. There are plentiful blogs on the internet that are either meaningless or have too much information. To make your blogs for engaging, it is important to strike a balance.

Explore what your writing style, the tone that reflects best in your content. Besides developing your own writing style, there are certain suggestions that you can follow to make your content more interactive.

  • Start with a powerful headline to arrest your reader the minute they read it. Constructing an engaging headline will eventually land a reader on your blog. You can’t expect a user to visit your blogs without knowing what inside.
  • A powerful headline will be incomplete without creating urgency. While you need make sure you have the reader’s attention, it is also important to ensure that you create a sense of urgency. This will urge them to click on your blog instantly.
  • We mentioned that your content must be unique, not merely for your readers to relish but also from the point of SEO. Google gives more preference to exclusive content than plagiarized one.
    To avoid writing copied content, you can always use a plagiarism tool. You’ll find a handful of them on the internet.
  • People always look for valuable information. Avoid writing blogs that are repetitive and irrelevant. Your blogs should be short and snappy. Include ideas that the readers can actually implement in their lives.
  • Will you be happier catering to a smaller audience with precise blogs or larger audience with a broad range of blogs? If you are looking for popularity, then it’s always a good to come up with an assortment of articles that everyone can relate to.
    Categorize your blogs and make it easier for readers to browse through the ones they are really interested in. This way, you will be able to stir together a mix of good blogs without confusing your audience.

#2- Be more consistent 

Besides maintaining a regular touch with your readers through regular blogging, you can also be more discoverable on popular search engines. Time and again, it has been proven that posting unique content regularly on your website is the amongst the best strategy to gain visibility in the eyes of Google.

You can’t expect a reader to connect with your blog over a short period. The key is to keep them in the loop by becoming a part of their lives. If you don’t consider blogging as merely a hobby, then it’s important to consistently blog.

Moreover, you will notice a surge of traffic on your blog if you simply follow consistency. Like we said, this is one of the most lucrative practices to get noticed and attain higher ranking on Google.

The advantage of boasting WordPress blog website lies in using all the tools at your disposal. With this CMS platform, you can easily optimize your blog by adding Meta Tags (Title + Description). These tags work well in briefing your readers about what’s inside and are also preferred by search engines.

Blogging frequently is also a great way of convincing your readers and search engines that you are actively operating.

#3- Put keywords into use

A well optimized content can be recognised from a couple of things, keywords are one of them. Search engines recognise content and help people find what they are looking for with the help of keywords.

You have more chances of being found through search results if your blogs include keywords that people are using to find relevant content.

If you are not sure what keywords to include in your blogs, think from the perspective of the reader. For instance: imagine what you would type in on Google if you were looking for “cooking recipes for dinner”, that’s a keyword right there.

Include these keywords in your blogs in a way that they make sense. You don’t want your blogs to be grammatical incorrect or sound unprofessional.

Make sure you use an acceptable ratio of keywords in a piece of article. Normally, you can use 2% keyword ratio in your entire article. Being overambitious by stuffing in keywords can be detrimental for website’s ranking.

#4- Leverage social media 

From a total population of 7.9 billion globally, over 3.9 billion people are on social media currently.

So after putting extensive efforts and time into creating perfect blogs, why not leverage social media and get the word out? Social media is the best platform to become popular.

Whenever you post a blog, make sure you share it on all social media channels you’ve registered to. Join relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and post your new blogs in these groups to increase your viewership.

Reddit is an excellent platform to publicise your blogs too. Just be careful of not over promoting or abusing Reddit, they are very prompt at flagging spam users. Make sure you’re simply just adding value for the users, nothing else.

#5- Enable commenting

If you are thinking of the negative consequences of allowing people to comment on your blogs, you will never know the reader’s feedback.

Welcoming people to comment on your blogs will create a more positive environment and keep people coming back for more interactions.

Obviously, there will be readers who post negative comments on your blogs but that will also help you improve them.

#6- Build an app

We know this may seem huge but this in real sense is expanding. If you are not moving with the trend then you are slowing down your success.

Mobile app industry has evolved, there is a solution for almost everyone. Businesses with lower budgets can also build a dynamic mobile app with a WordPress mobile app builder.

AppMySite is great platform to convert a WordPress site into a full-blown mobile app in a code-free environment. These WordPress mobile apps are high-performance and yet affordable.

The best part is that you don’t have to wait for months to get an app delivered. You can spend an afternoon building an ap end-to-end. Check out how you can create your mobile app using AppMySite.

Wrapping up 

A little of everything will contribute to the success of your WordPress blog. Start with the basics and keeping exploring options to elevate the popularity of your blog.

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