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Now establish connectivity on AppMySite with WordPress Application Password support

AppMySite has now added support for WordPress Application Passwords. You can now connect your website and app using an application password from your website.

Establishing connectivity using WordPress Application Password will enable you to port more functionality from your website to the app.

Here are some of the features AppMySite now supports through Application Password support:

  • Login & Signup for all website types: Earlier, only WooCommerce website owners could show login & signup screens within the app. Now, login & signup screens are enabled for all website types, including blog and CMS pages.
  • Support for custom taxonomy: You can import custom post types and taxonomies to the app. By adding custom post types to your website’s primary menu, you can show them in the app as well.

Support for these features is available through Application passwords for both WordPress and WooCommerce users.

Support for Application Passwords is available for plugins with version 3.0.0 and above.

Additionally, support for features associated with Application Password like login & signup for all website types & custom post types will be available on apps with code version 1.11.0 and higher.

Check out our release notes and blog to learn more. Also, read our support article to learn how to establish connectivity using Application Passwords.

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